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  • Re: The LoB + SCS Solo Challenge and the mother of all questions: No-Reload or Poverty?

    Frere did low value stuff like hobgoblins for a while, but then got bored of that and decided to attack the wolf pack at Beregost Temple for the XP needed for level 7. That required a lot of running round, but eventually nearly all the accompanying wolves were dead and he switched to bullets of fire. Sixty or so of those later the first vampiric wolf was dead and Frere finally achieved his desired level as a WS.

    At that point he aimed to dual to druid, only to remember too late that requires 17 charisma - which despite his good starting stats he doesn't have ;). Rather than start again and go through yet more kiting I decided to dual him to thief instead as that will also allow him to recover fighting abilities in BG1.

    As he can't use protection equipment, the Shadow Armor is by far the best choice for him and that was immediately purchased. He already had the +3 staff for backstabbing and acquired a +1 short bow for kiting where necessary.

    The first item of business was to finish off the last of the wolves - as they have a follow-me script there's a danger of getting attacked unawares by those if left. About a hundred +1 arrows and a few backstabs later the job was done and Frere up to level 3. Back at the Coast he tracked down the missing golem and a series of stealth attacks on it provided a further level.

    Returning to the Valley of the Tombs, Frere found that Narcillicus' jellies were less able to deal with stealth attacks than frontal ones. That was also the case with Bentan at Firewine Bridge - his PfM scroll is particularly useful for Frere as his only source of magical protection. Sneaking past the kobolds to Meilum Frere used run and shoot around his rockpile (not wanting to stray far and risk encountering kobolds). He needed a 17 to hit, which meant several hundred arrows - but he had just enough on him and the XP was enough to take him to level 5.
  • Re: The LoB + SCS Solo Challenge and the mother of all questions: No-Reload or Poverty?

    Same problem here @Grond0! Level 7 would be perfect but without XP loop getting the Druid up seems to be not much fun. The loss of level 4 & 5 spells might be important against Sarevok - might be not. Too bad that Wisdom 21 is not in reach...
    Are you sure you can't get wisdom 21? I had a feeling that 21 strength was sufficient to kick open the tomb with the final tome in (or is it 22?).

    Might be @semiticgod but i used PfM nearly all the time and Absorb Health was never a problem as the Cornugons did not use it. ;)
    That could well be a scripting issue. I could easily imagine the Cornugons would be scripted not to use the spell against someone protected from magic.
  • Re: The LoB + SCS Solo Challenge and the mother of all questions: No-Reload or Poverty?

    This morning's progress saw the first order of business being to pick up the Ring of Wizardry and swap it for full plate. I very rarely buy anything expensive until reputation is maximized, but as the Wizard Slayer is unable to use much equipment money is really not a concern.

    Next he watched Drizzt being cut down and inherited Icingdeath (he can't use Twinkle as he's neutral in order to dual to druid).

    He went to Nashkel to learn Bhaal CLW, but also got a level there thanks to talking to Noober and shooting down Vitiare. Rather more XP and a further level was gained by sticking Shoal full of throwing daggers. Another level wasn't long in coming, courtesy of a ghast that tried a travel ambush.

    Bjornin's half-ogres were taught a painful lesson about the value of weapon speed. Frere then had his first stand up fight with a wolf - that was successful, but the effort to revive Melicamp failed. It was back to throwing daggers for Greywolf (over 100 used for him).

    A few attempts suggested that helping Ardrouine would be a bit of a pain at the moment (due to the worgs ability to get criticals with a 19 and relatively high damage), but Charleston Nib and Brage were no problem and got Frere up to level 5.

    Arabelle, Samuel and Joia were all done without trouble before Frere headed for the Cloud Peaks. Caldo & Krumm were not their usual prize as Frere can't use magic belts, but the Dryad did push reputation up to 20. Continuing on, he picked up the charisma tome (Wizard Slayers can use tomes, though solo characters unfortunately have no way to get the strength tome) before shooting a bear to the north (but finding even with reputation 20 his charisma was not good enough to be gifted some boots).

    After identifying the tome at High Hedge, Frere killed quite a few skeletons to renew his stock of throwing daggers. A series of generally low value encounters followed, including the Beregost spiders. That led him to the FAI where he used his WS abilities for the first time - a thrown dagger disrupting an attempted mirror image was followed by further hits to shut down Tarnesh's casting before he could try another spell. As the ogre belt is no good to Frere, he also handed that back to Unshey.

    Moving on north, the fishermen provided a bowl to return to Tenya. With the next level not too far away Frere then went to help a farmer with a zombie problem to get the remaining XP needed.

    With level 7 seeming a long way off Frere decided to invest some resources in a couple of protection from acid scrolls - without using those tackling ankhegs would be too dangerous as he would have to retreat after a single hit and could easily be hit again and killed before getting out of range. The scrolls allowed him to kill 3 ankhegs and grab their treasure before the criticals mounted up and he had to run (that was a bit of a waste of the scrolls - it's the sort of situation where I miss not using healing potions ;)).

    In Beregost Frere attacked Silke with a dart of wounding - successfully poisoning her. Several other hits followed to shut standard casting down, but she used a minor sequencer invisibility to buff up and recover her casting abilities and Frere had to run away quickly to survive. After resting up he tried again and this time Silke had no answer to run and shoot tactics.

    Returning to the coast, the extra couple of levels (including a weapon speed bonus for scimitar high mastery) made killing Ardrouine's worgs much easier. Frere then took on the sirines - drawing out their charms and poison arrows at long range and resting whenever one of them went invisible nearby. Once distance attacks were gone they were simple to finish off using run and shoot. Two of the golems were drawn out of the cave and shot up, but the final one hid behind the hold and charm traps and refused to move despite multiple resting and leaving the area - that golem was eventually left. The constitution tome is handy as, in conjunction with Buckley's Buckler, that allows regeneration to make up a bit for Frere's lack of healing or other regeneration.

    Moving on to the Valley of the Tombs Frere had a number of attempts at killing one of Narcillicus' mustard jellies before deciding he had no realistic chance against that without some assistance - he had to be satisfied with pulling a few ghasts out of their tomb there to shoot up. That still leaves him nearly 5,000 XP short of dualling at level 7, so there's some grinding to be done yet before the druid gets his chance.
  • Re: The LoB + SCS Solo Challenge and the mother of all questions: No-Reload or Poverty?

    Thinking about when a Wizard Slayer should dual to a druid:
    - my natural instinct for fighter duals is to do it late, but I can't see any way to have even a remote chance of winning the Sarevok fight in LoB as a wizard slayer.
    - dualling at level 8 would limit druid to level 7, which again would seem to give little chance against Sarevok (remembering that magical items can't be used).
    - dualling at level 7 to get the extra 0.5 APR would be very handy and that would allow druid level 9.
    - dualling at level 6 allows the druid to get to level 10 as usual. That's not as big a deal as with a totemic druid, but would still give one extra 4th and 5th level spell.
    - earlier dualling only has the advantage of less grinding for the Wizard Slayer.

    I'm currently minded to hold out until level 7.
  • Re: The LoB + SCS Solo Challenge and the mother of all questions: No-Reload or Poverty?

    I've always thought Wizard Slayer being the absolute worst class in the game, that's why nobody plays them. Looking forward of you two suffering it. @Harpagornis @Grond0

    They can't even wear the Boots of Speed. :D
    I'm actually rather fond of Wizard Slayers and think they've had a worse press than they deserve. It's true that they're a difficult class to solo, but at high levels they're pretty good - and I have completed a no-reload trilogy run with one (admittedly that was a dwarf though).

    @histamiini they can wear magical boots so the boots of speed are definitely a target :). I got distracted by family this evening, but should be able to make a start with Frere tomorrow.