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  • Re: Best damage sponge: barbarian vs dwarven defender

    Dwarves are indeed considered the optimal choice for solo fighters. Compared to halflings, they get a crucial bonus to STR; compared to gnomes, they get bonuses to saves vs. death; compared to other races, they get bonuses to saves vs. spell; and the maximum 17 DEX isn't very meaningful when the Gauntlets of Dexterity will last you all the way to the end of BG1, when you can use the DEX tome to bump it up to 18 (and you won't get any higher AC from DEX until you hit 21).

    The Human Flesh will prevent you from using rings of protection and such, but you can still use the Ring of Earth Control, Ring of Gaxx, and Cloak of the Sewers to improve your AC.

    If you're playing with SCS and its Improved Shapeshifting component, Fighter/Druids also make excellent damage sponges, as Earth Elemental Tokens grant +50% physical damage resistance, which stacks with Hardiness for 90% total (or 100%, with Armor of Faith). But Fighter/Druids have much weaker immunities and saving throws in BG1.
    the human flesh offers a +4 to all saves, so items of protection aren't really necessary, but at the same time @Klorox your dwarf might not need that saving throw bonus because the 2 most crucial saves in the BG series is: save vs death and save vs spell, and at level 17 your save vs death will be 0 and your save vs spell will be 1 ( if your CON is 18 or higher ) and with the ring of gaxx and the amulet you start off with in ToB that is a +3 bonus to all saves so you will pretty much always make your save on those 2 saves ( even more so with the shield of the order +4 )

  • Re: Least Powerful 4 Man Group

    Not to mention that because of a Bard's crazy levelling, level scaling spells will always be stronger cast by a Bard than by a Mage.
    this is true of BG2 but no so much for bg1 since bards are at most 1 level ahead of a wizard
  • Re: iwd anti-powergaming party

    I think the reason why people don't want a power gaming party is because it makes the game easier to the point where it is a cake walk, especially in bg1 for example, when I make teams 75% of the time I always make my own team of 6 instead of using joinable NPCs and my own team of 6 is noticeably stronger than an NPC team is, and I slice and dice through baddies no sweat without a worry or care, even on insane difficulty with double damage on

    so making a non power gaming party in IWD gives it the feel that you are using joinable NPCs instead of just pregenerated children of the gods that will raze destruction across the land
  • Re: XP tables for level 50+

    im pretty sure level 50 is a hard coded cap for the BG series
  • Re: Your Party Screen Shots

    out of all the times I've played this dungeon (and that has been many) this is a first that I got a spear +3 from a goblin, absolutely killer item for the first dungeon of BG2