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  • Sarevok57's Mega Icewind Dale Mod is finally here and it's a big one

    Come one come all, I have finally finished this massive mod that I have made for IWD/HOW, I believe it took me over 320 hours to complete in a 3 week period or so but anyways, on to the good stuff, unless you just want to skip all of what this has to offer if you like surprises, so just go straight to the bottom for install details

    PS: I will always keep the most up to date mod for download at the bottom of this page for convenience of new comers

    First big improvement: Difficulty setting

    the difficulty setting now greatly impacts how the game is played, on a lower setting enemies will use less spells and abilities, on higher settings more monsters/ more powerful monsters will spawn, and enemies will use better spells and abilities, to learn more, once you install the mod, check out what the difficulty slider has to say about the difficulty settings

    Next: Sound sets have been restored to EVERYBODY

    what this means is that EVERY SINGLE NPC in the game has a sound set now ( although I forgot to do the summons from spells, but to be honest they don't really need it anyway) this took a mammoth amount of time and effort to do and the reason why I did it, was to make the game feel more alive, and it actually does help a bit, instead of the dead cold silence everyone had before

    Next: More music tracks

    speaking about sound sets, I've noticed that IWD can be quite silent, especially when it comes to combat music, so I've added a lot of combat music to the game ( in fact everywhere that can have combat music has been added) I didn't replace any of the original IWD tracks though, so those are still there, to me this music track addition really helps bring the game to life a little better I think

    Next: Weapon Proficiencies

    weapon proficiencies have had a huge over haul, as in some classes can go as high as 7 points in one weapon, so make sure to double check the maximum proficiency points your class is allowed to have in weapons and weapon styles, even weapon styles can go as high as 5 points now as well, so be aware and check out the new proficiency point system for weapons and weapon styles( also note, if you are at 5 proficiency points and you see that it looks like it's maxed out - because of space limitations- try me, if your class allows it, you can keep pointing the points on, it just won't show up on the level up screen, but it will on the record page)

    Next: A whole bunch of new items

    I have added a whole bunch of new items to the game, so can be found, some can be bought, I don't recall how many I added, probably close to 50+ I'm thinking, I also tried to make it so they weren't to over powered of an addition, and also there is one secret item that I have added, and there is only one way to get it, so happy lurking

    High Quality Bastard Swords:

    I noticed that in the original these swords were a little hard to see which ones were plain and which ones where high quality, so I made the high quality ones have a blue hue so it's higher to determine which sword is which

    All weapons with abilities attached to them:

    I've updated every single weapon in the game to make it more fair, some weapons ( like hold fast ) for example were brutally over powered, so now all weapons have a save for their effect, and most effects have a lot shorter duration for their effect ( although the odd weapon may have no save for their effect, the duration will still be a lot shorter

    Magical Two handed axes:

    Magical two handed axes will now have a different color to represent their magicalness, so to make them a lot less mundane

    Weapons with Damage Resistance:

    Because of the Dwarven Defender and Barbarian classes it's very easy to have high damage resistance, especially with some of the weapons in IWD, so I toned down the damage resistance of most of the weapons ( usually 10% is the highest which is still good) also the bone marrow belt I toned it down to 15 % slashing ( as apposed to the ridiculous 50% it had before) all armors have been unchanged though ( since it's mostly studded leathers that have damage resistance, and even the ones that aren't studded leather are quite reasonable)

    Armors and Shields with Damage Resistance:

    I've updated all the armor and shields that have damage resistance to be less insane then they previously were, thanks to dwarven defenders ( at least before my mod ) you could get over 100 % damage resistance, so now, no armor or shield will grant more than 10% ( except for maybe the odd few )

    Next: Stores and Temples have been upgraded

    As the title says, A LOT of the stores have been upgraded ( and by a lot I mean all of them) and quite a few of the temples have been upgraded as well so anytime you go to a store or a temple, check out and see what new goodies they have, and speaking about stores, I have made it so items are more expensive and you get less money for selling items so then you don't sit on a moon size chunk of gold the time you get to the end of the game, I've actually found it to be quite effective, plus no one will buy wands ever ( I couldn't make it so if you sold a wand and bought it back, to make it so it only gives a small amount of charges, its always 50 or 100) I did this to help calm down the OPness of wands, so what you get is what you get, so be wary

    Next: Experience Points have been altered

    you are going to see a familiar experience point allocation if you played bg2, I have changed a lot of the experience to give quest xp to each character instead of just getting that huge wad in one go, (although some quests will give a set amount) again I found this to be a more effective way of doing experience, plus it also helps give you solo'ers a much bigger challenge, also your difficulty setting will sometimes affect your experience from quests as well, the higher the setting, the more you will get, even a few boss enemies' experience point gain are based on the difficulty setting as well

    Next: Bonus Experience for traps/locks/ and scrolls

    I have added this into IWD since it's already in the bg games, although its not to huge, as scrolls will give level x 50 XP, and you will see what traps and locks will give, and as per usual the higher level your thief is, the more XP from traps and locks

    Next: Max Level

    I have increased max level to 40, and all it really does is give a little bit of HP gain, a tiny bit of a spell gain, and maybe perhaps a small saving throw gain, I really did it for those people who really want the full experience of HoF mode on insane and not get capped out to quick, with me, I did a full run on insane with the XP boost off, and I think I hit around a little under 3.5 million the time I got to the last boss in HOW, so having the level cap at 40, does not change gameplay all that much for those that are worried

    Next: Superior Strength

    I have altered superior strength scores ( 18/01-18/99) in which now for every point you have in the 18/xx will give you an extra 2lbs of weight allowance, so a score of 18/20 STR will now allow you to carry 240 lbs, while a score of 18/70 will allow you to carry 340 lbs, this makes it so now matte what your superior strength is, it will affect your weight allowance based on your 18/xx, and 400 is still 18/00

    Next: I have changed some spells

    there is a small list of spells that I have changed, nothing big, just to add a little big more flavor to them ( plus cloak of fear was bugged and did nothing so I had to fix that HA) so here is the list of spells that have been changed, check out their new spell descriptions in the game:

    Chromatic Orb
    Defensive Harmony
    Flesh to Stone
    Cloak of Fear

    Now it's time for the big ol' .2da list, so here is the rest of the changes I have made according to the .2da files:

    get a -2 penalty to charisma as well ( since 19 str/con is too good to only get -2 int)

    A lot of classes have had their alignments revamped ( so no lawful berserkers or barbarians sort of thing) plus druid now can be neutral evil or neutral good, so make sure to check for your alignment choices

    Character Sounds:
    If you have my jon irenicus soundset ( which is on this forum somewhere) you can use it with this mod and his sounds will have subtitles if you like that sort of thing

    some classes have become more available to more races ( any type of elf can now be a druid, didn't know if that was implemented before) and now gnomes can be bards ( except for blades, since blade is more of a warrior subtype than a musician subtype) plus halflings can be cleric/thieves as well, so make sure to check it out

    Dwarven Defender:
    the dwarven defender is an outrageously over powered class, especially in IWDEE and what makes it more so is it's ridiculous dwarven defender ability, so I have altered this ability to be more like the DND v3.5 ability to make this class way more fair, and the ability being thus: lasts 10 rounds, the dwarf gains +2 strength/constitution/AC/saves and has the 50% movement rate penalty

    Racial Enemies:
    there has been some additions to the racial enemies, so make sure to check it out, but also a warning; some of the harder enemy racial enemies might not appear on higher difficulties, so just keep that in mind depending on which difficulty you play on

    Hit Points:
    I have altered how HP work a little bit, now every class' hp will get a roll up to level 10 ( although thief and mages are still the only one who get a HP bonus at level 10, I cant figure out how to make the rest of the classes do it) plus barbarians and dwarven defenders get 4 HP per level pass 10 instead of 3

    I have affected intelligence a little bit for when it comes to spell learning and how many spells you can have per level the info can be find in this table:


    9___ 35___ 4___ 6
    10___ 40___ 5___ 7
    11___ 45___ 5___ 7
    12___ 50___ 6___ 8
    13___ 55___ 6___ 9
    14___ 60___ 7___ 10
    15___ 65___ 7___ 12
    16___ 70___ 8___ 14
    17___ 75___ 8___ 16
    18___ 85___ 9___ 18
    19___ 90___ 9___ 20
    20___ 95___ 9___ 25
    21___ 96___ 9___ 30
    22___ 97___ 9___ 35
    23___ 98___ 9___ 40
    24___ 99___ 9___ 45
    25___ 100___ 9___ 50

    Bonus Priest Spells:
    this table has been altered a bit as well, I have made it a little bit more spread, so its a little easier to get bonus level 6 and 7 spells, and I believe at max wisdom you only get +3 bonus spells per level instead of 4, so its only a little different, and not too much of a game changer, some spell levels you might have a spell less than you should, but others you might have a spell more

    I have altered lore tables a little bit, everyone is the same as before except that clerics now get 2 lore points per level now instead of 1 ( I thought it made sense since a lot of temples can identify, so you would think that clerics would be quite knowledgeable as well

    Racial To Hit Bonus:
    Dwarves now get a +1 bonus to hit with axes ( since dwarves get a bonus with the waraxe in 3.5)

    it is now possible to hit 20 reputation, there is 2 ways of doing it: doing heroic deeds, or spending some serious coinage at a temple, having that higher REP has the same effect that it had in bg, if you are curious on what the new donate table is here it is:

    1 5000
    2 4500
    3 4000
    4 3500
    5 3000
    6 2500
    7 2000
    8 1500
    9 1000
    10 750
    11 500
    12 1000
    13 2500
    14 5000
    15 7500
    16 10000
    17 15000
    18 25000
    19 50000
    20 n/a
    That is how much money you need at that score to raise it to the next point

    Random Treasure:
    the random treasure tables have been altered quite a bit, where only useful items will be obtained, and plus enemies will now be using those random items instead of them just chillin in a crate or box or whatever, plus some of the better ones will only be obtainable on higher difficulties so player be aware of that as well

    Racial Saving Throw Bonus:
    I have altered this table just a little bit, it still basically works the same as before except now you don't get the +5 bonus unless your CON is 20 instead of 18, and plus you need at least 12 CON before you even get a bonus period

    Pick Pocketing:
    some pick pocketing tables have been changed ( like the score you need to obtain certain items; boots, belts etc.) plus there are a lot more pick pocketable targets in the game as well, so if ya got a good pick pocket score, go nuts and find some goodies...

    so yeah, that's all I can think of at the moment, there could easily be more added bonuses and upgrades that I can't think of at the moment ( since I revamped the ENTIRE game) so yeah, now for the install:


    Step 1:

    unzip the mod folder and there is going to be 2 files in there: a dialog file, and the override folder filed with all the goodies

    Step 2:

    -first, back up your dialogue talk file, it will be in your IWD directory, if you are using steam, it will look something like this:
    -Disk C/Steam/SteamApps/Common/Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition of if you got it from beamdog it might look like this:
    -Disk C/BeamDog/Games/007xx ( I don't have IWD from beamdog's launcher, but I know it's not 00766, or 00783)
    -so where ever your directory is, you want to go there and go to the "lang" file and go to the "en_US" file and you will see the dialogue talk file there
    -what you will want to do is copy paste that somewhere safe because that is your original and in case something messes up with this mod, you can always fall back to the original, so make a copy of that one

    Step 3:

    after you have made your original copy of your dialogue talk file, replace the one that is in your "en_US" folder with one from the mod, this mod add over 1200 string references, so you will definitely need this updated dialogue talk file or else there is going to be a lot of missing strings

    Step 4:

    now you need to go into the directory where your "lang" folder was ( it also has "data", "movies", "scripts" ect..) this is where you want to put the mod override folder, if you already have one in there, then take all 2377 items from the mod override folder and put them into your existing folder


    I had no prior mods installed before I made this mega mod, so if you have other mods, you will probably have to install them after this one, since this mod basically replaces everything, and be careful with mods that effect the dialogue talk file, I used the strings directly after the last one ( which I think was around 40830) so if your mods use dialogue strings from 40830-42200 or so, you will see some odd strings pop in the odd place

    So, that is the jist of what this mod does, it certainly does add quite a bit of flavor to the game, and please, by all means, if you find bugs, tell me so then I can fix them as soon as possible, I did quite the extensive test on insane difficulty, and based on how my AI's are set up, if insane didn't work, then the rest wouldn't but you never know, so have fun, and tell me your thoughts and feelings, and ask questions if ya got 'em :)
  • Re: How was your first experience with Baldur's Gate?

    as you can see this is a novel but a guarantee it will be a fun nostalgia trip :)

    ah the bg series, the bg series has had a HUGE impact on my life and the story goes:

    it was back in 1999 when i was 12 and we just moved from Ontario to British Columbia, a 4000 km ( 2500 mile) journey ( for those of you who don't know whats going on these are provinces of Canada) and a week or two after the move we were over at our neighbor's house and the one neighbor said hey do you want to try out this computer game called Baldur's gate?

    at that time, I was never into computers, I owned a NES and a sega, and I loved video games, video games were my passion, and the only PC experience I had back then was solitare and paint, so I thought, egh, this game is probably going to be garbage because PCs cant do anything cool ( I was so naïve about PCs I thought they had infinite hard drive space)

    so anways he told me it was a game where you fought monsters and used swords and wore armor and went on about medieval fantasy and so forth, and after his description I thought wow, this game sounds pretty tight, lets give 'er a try

    so we went on to make my character, he gave me the low down, on all the classes/ races and what not and I went with human fighter, and he was saying if I was to be a fighter, make sure to roll a STR of 18/91 or higher, and if im not mistaken I rolled an 18/00 and he was like; wow that is a very good score you have the strength of an ogre, and I said; cool, don't know what an ogre is but sounds awesome, and then for the rest of the ability scores I set them all to 10 and evened out all the rest, so I had 18/00 STR and 12-14 in the rest of my ability scores, so onward

    I was in candlekeep and right away, I thought; HOLY, CRAP, this game looks friggin' tight, I was blown away with the graphics, because I was used to nes and sega and their 2d graphics I was in so much awe with BG and the detail of the game, so right away I was stoked, and so off I went, and the only gameplay advice that I remember my neighbor telling me was, always use weapons that you are skilled with and make sure your AC is as low as possible, so I said roger, and the good times started:

    the first thing I realized was the weapon called the bastard sword, and I thought to myself; whoa, that's pretty hardcore why is there a swear in this game? intense stuff, so I thought yeah im so gonna buy that, so I did and bought some splint mail a helmet and a large shield, and I thought; hell yeah, my guy looks tight, and I was so excited and ready to go on my way

    so I finished the candlekeep area and then left with gorion and then the ambush scene happened, and I was just blown away, I couldn't believe the sur real graphics and how cool the spells looked and how sweet the battle was, and I just fell in love with the persona of sarevok and ever since that day, he has been one of my favourite characters ( hence the name and portrait)

    so the ambush was over and imoen joined my team and then I looked at her inventory and I was like; whooooa look at all the cool friggin' goodies, and I loved the want of magic missiles, I thought it was so cool that my fighter could use a wand, I was so stoked, and she had an oil of speed as well, and I thought, man this potion is awesome

    so next I collected the goodies at the ambush site and then grabbed motoran and xzar and was blown away with the cool items monty had and I was like; coooool this xzar guy is a wizard and then I laughed at his 4 misely HP) so off we went to the friendly arm inn because the game said that was the place to go, so off I went

    and then we met up with our good ol' friend tarnish, that was a rude awakening, I remember him kicking my butt hard the first time, and back then I didn't know anything about quick save or quick load, and I only went from auto saves if my character died and that was it, so next time through I had my guy and possibly monty use the oil of speeds and took him down, and I was like sweet, look at all these awesome spells this guy has, cant wait to give them to xzar, and then I went inside the friendly arm inn and grabbed jaheria and Khalid, and then my neighbor taught me more game mechanics like spell casting and such

    so off I went exploring the world of Baldur's gate and just basking in the glory of the game, I feel in love with it so much, but there was a problem, my neighbor's disk 3 was scratched so I could NEVER go into the naskiel mines, but luckily the game world was big enough that I could wonder around and explore all the different areas and I was having a blastio just with that, and then I was having so much fun with game experiences here are some things that I remembered:

    eventually I dropped monty and xzar and picked up minsc, and I loved minsc and I thought this guy was the ubber npc of the game, because he was using a two handed sword and just kicking butt

    I remember my team mates dieing A LOT, because my neighbor had it set to insane difficulty and I knew nothing about options and difficulty so I thought that was just the way it was, so I spent LOTS and LOTS of money at temples, raising characters back from the dead and even spending money on healing spells from temples, the lols of wasting money on that stuff, so I had a hard time with cash, I was usually never pass the 500 gold piece mark because I was spending SO MUCH gold at temples reviving guys and healing them

    I remember seeing 2 items at Bentley's store that I thought would make me invincible and they were the plate mail armor and large shield+1 and I looked at their prices and thought; WOW, 900 gold for the armor and a whooping 3000 gold for the shield, that gear must be friggin' awesome, so what happened was I had my 5 team mates take the dirt nap ( which happened often because everyone no doubt had horrible AC) and I was grinding gibberlings in the area south of the friendly arm inn to make enough money to buy the plate mail armor AND the large shield +1, needless to say, it took what seemed an eternity and I recall growing up 2 levels in doing so ( I think I had 4 or 5 gibberlings coming at a time when I rest spawned them) and then that fateful amount came, I had 3900 gold and I was ready to buy some killer stuff, I bought the 2 items, and then for the first time I saw an AC in the negatives and I thought I was god mode, I thought if your AC went into the negatives that's how much less damage you took, so with my bastard sword +1 I thought I couldn't be stopped, and of coarse I was stopped still, a lot, but that never stopped me, I just kept on loving the game and exploring all the areas having a blast

    and I remember my potion usage, which was just flat out terrible, I remember that when I found a potion I would use it on the next set of baddies that I found regardless if it was useful or not, the only potions that I understood were the healing potions and oils of speed, but other than that I had no clue, and then I came upon the potion of invulnerability ( which was from my neighbor's file checking his file out) and I thought; wow, there is a potion that makes you invulnerable? I bet it costs around 1 000 000 GP, I cant wait to see what hardcore boss is holding that powerful potion, and then it took a couple years later to realize that I had way too much hype for it and it wasn't as good as I thought

    so after playing this game for about a year or so having never been to the nashkiel mines, the faithful day came were we finally got a PC and I got Baldur's gate for Christmas and I was STOKED, in all its 5 CD glory, I was the happiest teen alive and couldn't wait to start kicking some bg butt at home ( because before this day I had to go to my neighbor's house each time to play BG because we didn't have a PC) so I was ready, so I grew up a few levels and I entered the mines, and the rush of excitement was almost blowing my socks off, even though there was mostly just lowly kobolds in there, it felt so reliving to finally go into the mines and see what it was all about, and then I finally made it to mulahey and a lot of my team didn't make it, but the items of his body in my opinion were epic, my first pair of magic boots, I thought I just died and went to heaven, I could finally put something in my boot slot, and then the ring he was holding, i couldn't BELIEVE how god mode that ring felt back in the day, that extra slot for each spell level, i was the king of the world with that ring, times were good, but then i was stuck, i didn't know where to go after that, and it wasn't until months later ( and a play through or 2 more) that my neighbor told me that i had to go the peldvale and talk to the bandits there and join up with them,

    so i finally found the bandits and i was taken to the camp, and the same ruch of excitement poured over me as did going to the naskiel mines another chapter in the bg game and another new area, i was in excitement heaven, i was having a blastio with all the treasures and lock picking of all the goodies in the area, and then i finished up that area and went off into the cloakwood forest, and at this time i was almost peeing myself in excitement, the fabled cloakwood forest that i always heard about but never got to access because there was that empty side off the world map to the left of the friendly arm inn and i was wondering when i was eventually going to go over there, and then the time came, the fun was just amplifying

    and then i got the spide area, and i loved it, the XP was huge, traps everywhere, and the centeol fight in that weird hut type building was just straight up awesome, i remember getting my butt handed to me on a platter in that hut with centeol, and then i finally won, and found spider bane, and i couldn't believe what i came upon, and +2 two handed sword ( which in bg vanilla minus ToTSC is basically the most damaging weapon in the game that doesn't make you go berserk) and i fell in love with it, i remember giving it to minsc and thinking, minsc is now unstoppable and he is going to wreck shop, so on we went and then i came upon the cloakwood mines

    and the same excitement i had at the bandit camp and nashkiel mines overflowed with joy with me here, first thing i noticed was the music track, i feel in love with the music right away, infact i loved it so much that i would on purposely start a fight to get the battle music going and pause the game so i could listen to it over and over ( and even to this day its still one of my favourites) and then the group of baddies right at the beginning, was awesome and............ another pair of magical boots, but THESE boots were the fabled boots of speed, and i remember my neighbor telling me they were the best boots in the game, so i thought, now i am truly invincible and its time to start kicking some serious butt, so in i went into the levels of the mines, getting my butt kicked by the mages and lock picking all the cool goodies, and fighting the infinitely spawning hobgoblins, and then i finally made it down to daeverons lair, and from what i recall it was kind of lack luster;

    first the 2 battle horrors came to me, so i fought them off and won pretty easily i remember and gaining the huge 4000 XP each, thinking; daaaaaamn that was good experience, and then i saw daeveron and i thought, oh man its potion drinking time, so drank up potions galore and started the epic battle with him, and i saw that he cast summon monster III and i was like; whooooooooooa this guys has level 5 mage spells he must be HARDCORE, but after he cast that spell ( which summoned a handful of ghouls) he just resorted to his melee attack and got taken down without a hitch, and i remember the items he had, the bracers of AC 6 blowing me away because they looked so cool and i gave them to dynaheir because she was wearing knave's robe, and the robe of the evil archmagi thinking; holy crap dude, this is such and epic mage robe, what's this? only evil characters? aw, that's no fair dynaheir cant wear it ( at that time i wasn't aware that there was good and neutral versions) so the next play through i had i brought Edwin along just for the fact so he could wear the robe, but onwards, now it was FINALLY time, to visit the city, the city that has been out of my reach for 2-3 years, the city of Baldur's gate

    so finally, after what seemed like eons, i was finally in the big city, and seriously the amount of excitement i had was unphathomable, the city was so HUGE i couldn't wait to see what it was going to offer and what cool and exciting things were going to happen, so the first thing i remember is thinking to myself; okay, this place is going to be huge i need to find a shop keeper that is going to be my go to guy for all my cool goodies and no doubt the shop keepers in this town are going to rock, so the first guy i found was the lucky allo, and i sold all my stuff to him and then finally looked at what he had, and i thought; hmm weird, he only has protection scrolls and they are all unidentified, well, they are cheap might as well buy some, no doubt they will come in handy, so i bought some and started identifying and i got schooled, i thought to myself; wow, really? all this clown has is cursed crap? man this town is garbage why did i even sell my goods to this bum, so trapeizing i went around the first area trying to find another shop keeper, and then i saw a cool looking building that looked magical and such and with the title "sorcerers sundries" ( or something on those lines) so i thought, ah this looks promising

    so in i went and i was not disappointed, the magical gear this guy had was out of control and the glee rained down on me, i couldn't believe how much cool crap this guy had, so much sweet stuff, i was a kid in a candy store with infinite money for how happy i was, he had magical weapons and ammo, and +2 ammo, and i thought this is BG heaven, +2 ammo for real? that's so god mode, and then he had a bagillion scrolls and wands, and i was like; whoooooooa look at all these wands, they look so awesome and so many different kinds, but at that time they were so expensive, averaging over 30 000 gold or so, so i wasn't able to get any wands, but i knew that this guy was going to be my go to guy

    so i started frolicking through the city doing quests going into random houses, and remembering some of my first encounters, like the house that had the 5 ogre mages in it, that was a rude awakening, and it was one of my favourite houses, i thought; this is so killer, FIVE ogre mages the fight is going to be brutal, and it was almost everyone was dead but i made it out alive,

    and then the time if found the gauntlets of weapon skill inside a crate thinking; for friggin' real? just laying around in a crate, what a baller pair of mits laying around, so ever since that encounter i always made sure to put my cursor over every barrel, crate, box, chest, container, anything just in case i would find more sweet gear like that, not knowing that those mits were for a quest

    and then i found the "horror house" i called it with the helmed/ battle horrors, holy crap did i ever get destroyed i was not expecting that, and then that house became one of my favourite houses because it was dishing out some serious XP and i remember on the 2nd try minsc kicking some butt with spiders bane

    and then i remember the fight in the iron throne, and thinking that this fight was impossible and how was i ever going to beat it, so what i did was; grab some scrolls of protection from magic and have my mage cast/use wands of fireballs, and i won without a hitch, and the lag, the LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG of having more than one character with that orb animation was just destroying my pc, ah good times

    and then the opportunity to go back to candlekeep has finally come, but at that point, the excitement wasn't as extreme as nashkiel mines or cloakwood mines, because i had a couple more playthoughs when i reached BG the city before i went to candlekeep so it wasn't as pee pants worthy, but the intrigue was still there

    so back to candlekeep we went and i remember killing reiltar and his gang and then getting arrested for the deed and being teleported down to the catacombs, and i loved that dungeon, because there some killer cool items down there that i thought were god mode, like the tomes and the cloak and the ring and the scroll of protection from magic, i was having a hay day, it was great, and then i made it through the catacombs and it was back to Baldur's gate

    so luckily when i came back i figured out that i had to go to the undercellars to meet up with some chums and do some stuff there, low and behold when i get there, i found 2 assassins that start getting all up in my grill, so i take them out and start looking at their goodies, and i find a +3 short sword, and almost have a cow, i couldn't believe that there would be a +3 weapon in this game and it said it was the shorts word of backstabbing so i thought if i gave it to imoen and made her backstab with it, she would do some serious damage for how god mode it sounded, so picked up the invitation and the letters and off the the fabled duchal palace

    and the first thing i noticed was all the lock pickable containers there were, and i couldn't wait to start picking, and as soon as i did, the flaming fist starting flooding the palace, and i thought; awww that sucks cant steal all the cool goodies, and then i saw sarevok, the first time i saw the armored figure guy with a name and i would start right clicking on him for his voice selections and i just fell in love with the sayings he had, at the time he sounded sooooooo badass i was almost getting a bromance for this guy, anyway, stuff happened swords and claws and spells started flying around and such, and then more stuff happened and belt wanted to teleport me away, and i was like; nah bud, im going to search around for a bit there chap, so off i went and i came down the stairs, and then the little movie played and it showed that there was a huge treasure room down there, and my treasure hunting senses were tingling and i couldn't wait to see what was down there, so as soon as i went down i found some not so friendly flaming fist, so long story short, reputation dropped like a rock and party members weren't to happy about it but i thought, lol buddy, there is sweet spoils down here time to go get some sweet spoils down here so reputation can go take a hike, and then i finally found the treasure room, and to my lols, i couldn't pick the chest, no matter what i did i couldn't get into it, and it was such a huge disappointment and i thought the game was bugged because i couldn't get in, and it felt like i tried absoultely everything in my power to get in but to no avail, and i vowed to myself that one day, i would find a way to get in there and see what goodies it hides ( it wasn't until years later that i figured out that you just need a high lock pick score and in you could go, and although it wasn't knock my socks of amazing, i thought it was pretty cool that there was a pack of 50 arrows +1 in there)

    so then on to the last battle with sarevok, i found the thief warrens to be kind of a pain in the ass but i finally found my way through it, and then i battled the baddies on the way to sarevok, thinking how cool all their stuff was when i looted their bodies, and then the battle with sarevok himself, and from what i recall, it was kind of lack luster, i believe i just spammed monster summoning wands like crazy and just hit him from afar and then he finally fell, and then i saw the amount of XP he gave and it blew my mind, a whooping 15 000 XP from an enemy? whooooooooa that is crazy ( because the most i have ever seen an enemy give is 4000 at that point) but i felt very satisfied when the end movie came on, i finally beat bg1 and i continued to play it, loving it every day since that time

    every since that fabled day that i went to my neighbor's house and played it for the first time, i became addicted to BG, it was my life, and since that day i guestimate that i have had around 2000-3000 play throughs of that game, and even to this day when i play bg, i do so with no mods, i still love bg and all the glory that comes with it, and i feel that mods take away that magic so that's why i don't install any ( although back in the day i installed they odd mod here and there but not anymore)

    so that's my story and now its 2:30am and time for bed, another day i will go over my first bg2 runs, and it probably wont be anywhere near as long as this post hopefully, so thanks for reading and i hoped you enjoyed the journey i took through my beginnings of bg1 :)