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  • Re: After Baldur's Gate, is there anything out there worth playing?

    i have this exact problem myself, ever since 1999 to about 2012ish i was addicted to the BG series, ( and when i say i've played thousands of play throughs that is not even remotely sarcastic )

    and then the EEs came out and freshened up the game a bit ( because since bg1 vanilla was so old it was struggling to keep up with newer hardware although bg2 had no problem )

    and although i didnt play them as religiously as i did back in the day i was still going strong from 2012 to about earlier this year

    but when 2017 came by, i started losing my lust for the BG series, i loved the BG series like a mother would lover their child but as what happened to you, i wanted something new, i wanted to move on to something better

    but then i had the exact same problem, everytime i tried something new, i just couldnt hold up to the BG series, and i would find myself getting bored and just wanting to go back to the BG series

    but it's been months since last i played a BG game, everytime i start a game i just cant even finish the character creation screen, i get mid way, and then just turn the game off, i cant do it anymore, and even mods cant save me, i find them to unbalancing and game breaking and some making the game unnecessarily harder than it needs to be, bleh, the best part about the BG series for me is that is was just fine the way it was with no mods added to make it better

    but alas, i have found something that cures the itch a little bit, although not to the extent that BG does, but i have been enjoying myself with it so far and that is: Neverwinter Nights 2 Storm of Zehir

    although the main problem with this game is that it's a very niche game, and it might be hard to cater to certain people, but it caters to me just perfectly, it's funny, in the beginning i never liked it, it looked like too much thinking too much effort too much bleh, but i persisted and i tried it again and again and again, and finally i got a hang off what was going on and quite enjoyed myself, even funnier is that a lot of people dont like this game for certain aspects and the ironic thing is; those things that the people dont like is what i like about this game

    so if you are looking for something new, try out NWN2 SoZ, i think i bought the whole NWN2 collection on for like 10 bucks? something cheap like that

    but with that all said and done the only other thing that could be happening is that you are becoming an adult and video games just dont appease you any more, because you are growing out of them ( i think that is the problem that i am having at 30 )

    from what i can recall back in the day when games were made, they were made to be fun especially in times when hardware was a huge limitation on what developers could, and fun was a big selling point of a game, and that's probably the reason why a lot of people are nostalgic for those older games, remembering how much fun they were back in the day

    now a days i feel games arent made for fun any more, the are solely made for corporate greed and money, its all about the money, money money money, keep bringing in that money, now while i do agree companies need to make money to keep the game train going, it feels to me they are just sucking the money out of you, with games that are soulless bland and mediocre, with the selling point of games looking pretty

    but i dont know, maybe i have no idea what im talking about and perhaps im just full of hot air, so my advice; give SoZ a try, if it can fill your niche than A+, if not, i got nothing
  • Re: Making a new game for business trip. swashy/fighter dual-11/xx- best thief point use for saga?

    i've actually done many level 11 swash dualled over to fighter characters, and making them for the range type as well ( not really a fan of putting my thief in melee)

    so first what i do is try and be strategic one where i put my proficiency points in my thief class, since my thief will be an archer i load up the two handed weapon fighting style and quarterstaves ( so then i dont need to choose it for my fighter levels)

    when it comes to thief skills, i do: find traps 100, open locks 90, pick pocket 80, set traps 100, and if i hit 19 dex before any of those skills hit that max, then i make sure to keep it 5 points lower so when my dex increases it wont be wasted

    with those thief skills, you can unlock any lock in bg1 or 2, and undo any trap, and 80 in pick pocket isnt too bad, there is a pair of mits in the early bg2 game that will increase pick pockets by 20 percent

    also, dierde in the adventure's mart has an item called the "mercy killer ring" i believe and it gives a 20 point bonus to set traps, move silently, and hide in shadows if you need it

    so anyways, when i dual over to fighter, i put 2 points in short bow and 2 points in two handed sword, and then i start cranking those short bow profs, and when that gets maxed out start cranking out that quarterstaff ( luckily already have points on it thanks to prior thief class, because that staff of the ram hits hard )

    now when it comes to short bows which one is better; gesen or tuigan? i have found that gesen has performed better, whether it be the fact that it hits as a +4 weapon, or the fact that every hit deals an extra 1d8 electrical damage and not many enemies are immune to electrical

    solid to hit, solid to damage, solid attacks per round, and the fact that you will be able to use greater whirlwind with that character is solid gold
  • Re: Your Signature Character Class

    half-orc berserker using a mammoth two handed weapon POWER GAME *bark* *bark* :)
  • Re: Does SRT still apply to throwing daggers & firetooth?

    Korgan just got the Brick for the first time in my current play-through and as a hammer it is usable melee or thrown (not sure just yet about the Dwarven Thrower).

    Normal throwing daggers and poisoned throwing daggers do not have the melee option in BG 1-2, but the magical throwing daggers in Siege do have both a melee and thrown option.
    dwarven thrower can be used in melee, i just recently had a play through with 3 dwarven defenders, and one of them was using that weapon in melee
  • Re: Kensai Kai is very underwhelming....

    i think where kai really shines is when you are using throwing daggers and have a script active where the game uses kai for you, with the scripts i made a kensai will use kai against any "harder" enemy it sees on their own, and since i only ever give throwing daggers to my kensai, its actually very useful

    and the only kensai builds i make are kensai 9/ mage x builds, its actually quite amazing how powerful that combination is, especially if you are using the throwing daggers like boomerang and firetooth, i've never had complaints, and i've always been satisfied with that combo

    so in retrospect never used kai in melee, but for range, it is definitely pretty decent