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  • Re: Spells as Innate Abilities - Can't get them to show up properly.

    if you are using NI you need to add the spell to the IDS spell list, if you don't add it there the game will not recognise it and neither will EE keeper, because that list will identify it's "script name" so the game can actually use it

    and make sure you spell matches the four digit code on the spell.ids and spell.2da or else again, the game might not be able to find it
  • Re: Kivan build: Two weapon fighting - Short swords or scimitars?

    @Quartz I tried picpocketing him using Alora + potion of skill mastery (or whatever is the name), which gives me 190 pickpocket, but still I get "The target has no items that can be stolen by a cutpurse of your skill". Do I need to go even higher?
    if you cannot succeed at 190 then you will never succeed, i believe when it comes to pick pocketing NPCs it only requires 95 to pick pocket weapons, but there could be some crazy thing placed on Drizzt so you can't pick pocket his weapons
  • Re: Landrin's Antidotes and the Importance of Charisma

    the REP bonuses start at 14 which gives a +1 bonus, when you have 20 REP it gives you a +4 bonus, there is a cloak of CHA +2 that can be found real early if ya want:

    go to feldpost's inn in beregost, go to the second floor, and there is a fat man who's name starts with "A" algernon or something i believe, if you have 50% in pick pockets you can pick pocket his cloak
  • Re: Landrin's Antidotes and the Importance of Charisma

    actually, this is how it goes down (if im not mistaken):
    in Candlekeep you indeed need 18 CHA to get 20 GP from Hull or the dagger +1 from fuller

    but outside Candlekeep you start making reaction adjustment rolls and there are 3 results: negative, normal, postive

    so if you roll the "positive" reaction, that is when you get the cool results ( like the 6 antidotes, or the scroll of protection from undead from the girl at the waterfall ect... )

    now the game says it makes a roll between 8-12 and then adds your reaction adjustment score, but rumor has it that the game actually just rolls 10 and adds your reaction adjustment to that ( hence the reason why 18 CHA will usually always give you the positive reaction since you need to roll a 15 to get a positive reaction)

    this can be useful to know because reputation also affects your reaction roll as well, the higher your REP the higher your reaction bonus, the lower your REP the lower higher your reaction penalty

    so if you have a low REP you are really going to want some high CHA to make up for it ( with 19 CHA providing a +8 bonus or 21 CHA providing a +10 bonus )

    so since your CHA is 16 either A- that isn't high enough to get the "positive" reactions from NPCs if the game rolls the arbitrary "10" or B- 16 is just barely high enough to sometimes get a positive reaction when you hit "12"
  • Re: Dual Class proficiency refresher?

    the only enemy that i am aware of that is immune to crushing damage is shambling mounds, the only enemy that i can recall that is immune to slashing weapons is clay golems