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  • Re: Best damage sponge: barbarian vs dwarven defender

    Dwarves are indeed considered the optimal choice for solo fighters. Compared to halflings, they get a crucial bonus to STR; compared to gnomes, they get bonuses to saves vs. death; compared to other races, they get bonuses to saves vs. spell; and the maximum 17 DEX isn't very meaningful when the Gauntlets of Dexterity will last you all the way to the end of BG1, when you can use the DEX tome to bump it up to 18 (and you won't get any higher AC from DEX until you hit 21).

    The Human Flesh will prevent you from using rings of protection and such, but you can still use the Ring of Earth Control, Ring of Gaxx, and Cloak of the Sewers to improve your AC.

    If you're playing with SCS and its Improved Shapeshifting component, Fighter/Druids also make excellent damage sponges, as Earth Elemental Tokens grant +50% physical damage resistance, which stacks with Hardiness for 90% total (or 100%, with Armor of Faith). But Fighter/Druids have much weaker immunities and saving throws in BG1.
    the human flesh offers a +4 to all saves, so items of protection aren't really necessary, but at the same time @Klorox your dwarf might not need that saving throw bonus because the 2 most crucial saves in the BG series is: save vs death and save vs spell, and at level 17 your save vs death will be 0 and your save vs spell will be 1 ( if your CON is 18 or higher ) and with the ring of gaxx and the amulet you start off with in ToB that is a +3 bonus to all saves so you will pretty much always make your save on those 2 saves ( even more so with the shield of the order +4 )

  • Re: Least Powerful 4 Man Group

    that is a hard question to answer, what is the definition of "least powerful" ? as in least power gamey? least able to dish out massive destruction? worse stats for primary abilities? or just straight up in general?

    and even then, there is another problem with the "least powerful" joinable NPCs, and that is, most of them are junk to be honest, but it only takes an item or 2 to make them shine ( items like gauntlets of dexterity, gauntlets of ogre power, that one belt you get from rasaad's quest, a defender scimitar, and so on )

    so by "least powerful" party, a definition needs to be added, because a party could be "least powerful" power game wise, but at the same time be a complete destroyer when it comes to crowd control, because a held enemy is a dead enemy regardless of how weak your team is

    now with all this being said, I be a silly power gamer, every NPC that joins my team I do everything it takes to power game them to the top, making them as useful as possible as their skills and abilities will go

    so based on that, here is my opinion and reasoning on what the "least powerful" group would be based on pure destructive power gamer team:

    #1 Main character
    basing on the fact of no class duplication with joinable NPCs and not deliberately penalizing yourself just to be as weak as possible, im going to go with the class I think is the least power game like: the shapeshifter, now this may sound ironic, because at level 1 the shapeshifter is awesome, big AC doing decent damage and all that jazz, but that is where the awesomeness stops, that form in BG1 NEVER gets better EVER and starts lagging behind warrior classes wearing platemails and wielding +2/+3 weapons, unfortunately one drawback of the shapeshifter ( and by drawback i mean the thing actually makes this class good) is their amazing spell casting abilities, although those don't really come in until they start getting level 4 spells for the woodland beings and then insect plagues for level 5, in my opinion every other class in the game has something better than shapeshifter no matter what you do/choose

    #2 Rasaad
    his biggest weakness: just being in BG1 period, as said before, monks just don't shine in BG1 they are super squishy their damage output is not great, and immune to haste at level 5 really REALLY hurts them, even in SoA monks don't really start to shine until about level 15 is where you start seeing them catch up to your warriors without being turned into so much mush, plus rasaad's ability scores for a monk to be honest are terrible, a 16 dex, is just unacceptingly low, especially for squishy monk characters, you need to crank as much DEX as possible, and 14 CON, SAY WHAT?!?!? again squishy as whip cream, and want 16 CON bare minimum to even stand a chance in melee battle, with garbage stats like that you don't want to get this guy anywhere near a baddie with a melee weapon, now it's been said that he is great for kiting with a sling or darts, but based on his class kit he is "supposed" to be built for melee which he just straight up does poorly at, and when enemies critical hit him ( especially on insane difficulty ) he is going to be turned into bacon bits yum, sorry raserd but when it comes to melee you are by far the worst at in BG1 compared to all the other melee chum/chumettes

    #3 Garrick
    now a lot of people like to defend this guy because of his "great" versatility, but to be honest, anything this guy can do, someone else can do it as well, and sometimes just straight up better, first of all, his stats are also complete garbage with DEX being okay, his strength is crap, so no good in melee, his CON is 9 so he has the durability of tissue paper in a rain storm, his INT is 13 which means he is not going to be able to know many mage spells and have a very difficult time learning them ( 55% chance to succeed I believe? ) now of coarse you can just use potions to help the INT out, but all other wizards come in with a nifty 17 with no nonsense required, they can also use wands, and they get WAY more spells per day than Garrick ever will, and even with Garrick's fast leveling up for better spell durations and the such, at max level he is only 1 level higher than a wizard is anyway, and infact for him to get to level 10 you have to hit the level cap for him to surpass your wizard before he finally gets his first and only level 4 spell as apposed to your wizard(s) which have multiple level 4 spells and actually get a level 5 spell or 2, so sorry to say it, but when it comes to arcane power, wizards still do it better than bards, now the reason why I choose Garrick over eldoth is because at least eldoth gets a special ability and those are poison arrows, and poison arrows are absolute spell caster killers, and Garrick's special ability is that he quotes lines from movies, so when it comes to dishing out destruction movie quotes just don't quite do it

    #4 Tiax
    now to be honest, this was a very hard choice for a number 4 slot, because everyone else beside #2 and #3 are not to shabby ( NPC wise ) when it comes to doing what they need to do, and to be honest eldoth may be worse than tiax, but again even Garrick worse a hard choice because he can still use a longbow and have 3 attacks per round with haste, and eldoth is better than Garrick and I didn't want class duplication, so for the #4 spot, I choose someone who just doesn't do their class justice and it kind of weak over all and tiax fits this nicely. First, lets talk about stats, 9 STR, complete garbage, backstabs are going to do hilariously low damage from low str AND most important cleric weapons that require 9 STR or less, that's right, no morning star, no flails, that low STR is going to hurt in melee, but he can always use 1 APR sling, next, that DEX to be honest isn't all that great, if he was a single class thief it would be okay, but since he is multi classed that lower DEX is going to hurt more only being able to be a level 8 thief instead of being a level 10 thief like all the other thieves, next important one; wisdom, and with his laughably low WIS of 13, that gives you 1 extra level 1 spell, again this really hurt when you are a multi class cleric where you will be getting less spells per day as apposed to a full classed cleric, and when it comes to clerics, all the other clerics in the game ( minus quayle ) have 16 WIS at least and 2 of them are full classed, so that is WAY more spell casting potential for them as apposed to tiax, so his cleric skills and thief skills are both hurting from the fact that he is a multi class, has relatively low main stats for his class abilities and being evil doesn't help so you cant have the killer 20 REP, although the one high light of his character is that he can summon a ghast once per day, which is pretty neat, and kind of good, but agaist higher level enemies it will get squashed just like tiax's dreams of becoming the greatest there every was

    so to conclude, power game wise I think these are the weakest, every other joinable NPC in the game can power game better based on what their class has to offer

    but even with this all being said, despite the fact that this team cant dish out some serious damage with just plain and simple gear, it doesn't mean that Garrick cant use web spells and tiax using hold persons/ summon his ghast/ skellies to make mince meat out of their held enemies, because as I said before, a held enemy is a dead enemy regardless of how "powerful" or "weak" you may be
  • Re: Why are you playing these games?

    So many reasons. My fondness for pre-3rd Edition D&D, atmosphere, aesthetics, RP concepts and the tactical combat. I love the art, the graphics, the sounds (I still shiver with delight at the sound of a critical hit)... I don't play games for difficulty anymore, but I love the process of controlling all your characters like chess pieces. This is also why I love the isometric perspective. NWN was the most disappointing gaming experience of my life because all that was gone. To me, it felt like a big step backwards. The only RPG games I've enjoyed since are the KoToR games. Even though they lacked the isometric perspective I prefer, they still felt to me like art rather than big business.

    One of the biggest reasons I'm still playing all these years later is the kits and the flavour/replayability they bring to the game. I'd have quit long ago without the ability to play undead hunter, assassin, blackguard, stalker... I took a look in the new 5E Player's Handbook and yawned. There's an assassin at least, but not much else to hold my interest.
    yeah, that's the problem with 5E, they wanted to simplify DnD more than it was ( that's pretty much how 3E came in, simplification ) but to me, 5E is over simplified, and it feels like there is a lot less variety because of it, but then on the other end of the spectrum, 3E had lots of variety, but it's weakness was no restrictions and DMs who allowed bizarre things ( like centaurs who "technically" based on the "rules" could have builds where they could pick up planets for how strong they were ) but for gameplay wise in the computer game world, since there were basically no restrictions a lot of classes and such were not balanced what so ever and it could make the game super trivial ( looking at you NWN series )

    and that's part of the reason why I like the BG series so much, I think it did an excellent job of the interpretation of 2nd edition rules where it didn't fix anything that wasn't broken, and if it was, they did fix it, and even with the limitations at the time of what they could do, I say they did a bang up job, and I feel that the classes are a lot more balanced in the BG series than say the NWN series

    recently, I've been playing IWD 2 and it just doesn't feel like it captures the moment and awe that the BG series did, I beat the game on normal, and then gave it a go on HoF mode, but since I hate HoF mode I just got bored of it and stopped playing,

    even though I haven't play the BG games for a while ( kind of getting video game burn out ) I still love those games, and its fun to talk about them and the experiences that other people have had with them

  • Re: Your Party Screen Shots

    well what happens is that the goblins drop a RNDTRE02 and what that is if im not mistaken is a basically a random treasure 1 with a chance to have better stuff, random treasure 1 being: level 1 spells, low level gems/necklaces or 1-15 gold

    but every once in a while they will drop a higher level spell ( I've seen true sight, mislead, conjure lesser air elemental ) and I've seen them drop a suit of plate mail, and I believe even one time ago I've seen them drop a dagger +2

    plus they might drop the odd potions like potion of mind focusing; healing; insight; elixir of health or perhaps some arrows/bullets/bolts +1 x5

    so what must have happened is that the game "rolled" and hit the "higher level table" then "rolled" to see what type of treasure it would be and landed on weapon, and then it "rolled" again and I guess spear +3 is on the weapon list, I know that spear +2 is also on the weapon list because I found one of them in the underdark with the same playthrough:

    spears, spears, everywhere
  • Re: "Maybe this time" [NO-RELOAD THREAD]: "stage left pursued by... Tarnesh: Brel'Dana's excellent day"

    @semiticgod i had no idea you were playing my mod in a no reload run ( very dangerously risky indeed ) but then i saw the "basilisk in the middle of dragon's eye" heading, and i was like; hmm, that sound familiar haha

    wish i could actually look at your screen shots but just trying to load this page is nightmare enough with the lousy internet that is at this work site im at