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  • Re: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart vs Skrillex (your thoughts)

    as soon as i saw this title, the first thing that came to my mind what the band Falco who did the song Amadeus, infact i was just listening to that song the other day
  • Re: If you could cast just ONE spell...

    actually i already possess a spell from the BG series and sometimes i can use it even more than once a day: Stinking Cloud, not the most useful of spells, but luckily im immune to my own stinking cloud and it does help clear a room when need be, so it does have its perks, but if i could choose another one.....

    i would go with shapechange, man that would be awesome, turn into an earth elemental or iron golem to lift and move big things like a BAWSS, that would just be straight up fun, or if someone is annoying you, turn into a super creepty octopus face thingy, stun them, and then walk away, good times

    yeah shapechange, i would own that :)
  • Re: Making a new game for business trip. swashy/fighter dual-11/xx- best thief point use for saga?

    i've actually done many level 11 swash dualled over to fighter characters, and making them for the range type as well ( not really a fan of putting my thief in melee)

    so first what i do is try and be strategic one where i put my proficiency points in my thief class, since my thief will be an archer i load up the two handed weapon fighting style and quarterstaves ( so then i dont need to choose it for my fighter levels)

    when it comes to thief skills, i do: find traps 100, open locks 90, pick pocket 80, set traps 100, and if i hit 19 dex before any of those skills hit that max, then i make sure to keep it 5 points lower so when my dex increases it wont be wasted

    with those thief skills, you can unlock any lock in bg1 or 2, and undo any trap, and 80 in pick pocket isnt too bad, there is a pair of mits in the early bg2 game that will increase pick pockets by 20 percent

    also, dierde in the adventure's mart has an item called the "mercy killer ring" i believe and it gives a 20 point bonus to set traps, move silently, and hide in shadows if you need it

    so anyways, when i dual over to fighter, i put 2 points in short bow and 2 points in two handed sword, and then i start cranking those short bow profs, and when that gets maxed out start cranking out that quarterstaff ( luckily already have points on it thanks to prior thief class, because that staff of the ram hits hard )

    now when it comes to short bows which one is better; gesen or tuigan? i have found that gesen has performed better, whether it be the fact that it hits as a +4 weapon, or the fact that every hit deals an extra 1d8 electrical damage and not many enemies are immune to electrical

    solid to hit, solid to damage, solid attacks per round, and the fact that you will be able to use greater whirlwind with that character is solid gold
  • Re: Returning Throwing Weapons ?

    in dragon's eye, there is a +2 throwing axe that returns ( like the one in BG1)
  • Re: Your Signature Character Class

    half-orc berserker using a mammoth two handed weapon POWER GAME *bark* *bark* :)