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  • Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition iOS Patch 2.4 is LIVE

    Patch 2.4 for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition on iOS is here!

    This update brings many of the features and fixes seen in the patch released for Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition to Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition! The 2.4 patch for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is coming soon!

    In order to bring Icewind Dale to 64-bit, we had to bring it all the way from our 1.4 codebase to 2.4, a major jump to take with the ticking clock of iOS 11 looming over the team. As a bonus, the team was able to make all the engine & UI improvements without significantly changing the look and feel of the game. Our hats are off to the developers and designers who put in the extra effort to bring IWD:EE this far!

    Before jumping into the patch notes, we’ve got exciting news to share!

    We’ve hinted at what’s next for the Enhanced Editions in previous posts, now it’s time to share more! To start, we’ve already begun work on another patch for Icewind Dale, this time bringing all the 2.4 fixes, features, and more to Google Play, Mac Store, Steam, and other platforms the Enhanced Editions are available on. More you say? Absolutely! We’ve got a laundry list of fan feature requests and bug fixes to include alongside Steam achievements, and… insert drum roll here… bringing the Shaman class to IWD:EE!

    After IWD:EE, we’ll be returning to BG:EE and BGII:EE to update each on Steam, GOG, Beamdog, Google Play, iOS, and Mac with the latest features and fixes.

    BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! The team is hard at work on several projects that we can’t wait to share news about throughout the remainder of 2017 and over the course of 2018!

    Read about the patch here:
  • Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition iOS Patch 2.4 is LIVE

    Patch 2.4 for BGII:EE on iOS is here!

    Patch 2.4 for Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition on iOS is now available! With this update, BGII:EE joins the ranks of 64 bit supported apps on the App Store. If you don't see this update immediately, please be patient as it makes its way to each regional App Store.

    The iOS patch for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition will be coming very soon! Now it’s time to move onto Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition! After IWD:EE, we’ll be turning our attention to patches for Enhanced Edition products on Steam, Mac App store, Google Play, and elsewhere. Watch for more news on future updates here on the Beamblog and on our Facebook & Twitter channels.

    Don't forget to open that link again in a week (ETA on it is still not fully known) from now, it will have a full list of patch notes, designed for BG fans by our Team.

    You got the "bad" ending because you either did something that is considered evil (like poisoning the food) or your PC didn't defend him/herself at the trial.

    I did the latter because I was too stupid to realise my paladin-20-rep-only-good-deeds PC would have to, so I got that evil-assassin-cut-throats end, as well.

    I didn't have so much problem with Imoen going her own way (definitely do not qualify for the Imoen Fan Club, although I like her in BG1 very much and hate her role in BGII), but I was absolutely shocked by this ending for my super-duper paladin heroine. (I even made a bugreport at BeamDog's Redmine. They changed it to "Feature Request" aka "We won't change this.")

    (There exists another ending for PCs that qualified by the game engine for a "good" ending, but I didn't know that until later. And it doesn't soothe me - I still think it's total nonsense if a PC like mine has to list the things she did herself, after Belt just said "Our diviners have presented evidence of your deeds since leaving Baldur's Gate, deeds that speak to your character." - Stupid me.)
    This is a huge spoiler about what defines what in terms of the ending you get (from the SoD beta forum), by @Illydth :

    During the trial, The judge will ask you to identify things you've done to prove your case that you couldn't (or wouldn't) have killed Skie. The player will have dialog options that appear based upon various global variable settings (See below). If the global is set, the dialog option appears, selecting that dialog option gives he either "Heroic" or "Villain" points. To trigger the Exile ending you must have (I think) 3 Hero or Villain points out of slightly more than that options to get them...meaning the choices the player makes throughout the game must be mostly consistent to obtain Exile.

    If you have done either consistent good *OR* consistent evil acts, you have enough evidence to prove your innocence. In the case of playing "Good" you convince them that you aren't the kind of person who'd have killed Skie. In the case of playing evil, you convince them that had you wanted Skie to be dead, you'd have killed her without remorse and without question...that the circumstances surrounding Skie's death are too shrouded for your obviously clear evil acts to have made it you who did it.

    To get technical, the "Escape" ending is triggered when you cannot or do not trigger the exile is the "default". Remember that players MUST not only accomplish the events to obtain the right global settings, but must ALSO identify those choices within the dialog of the Trial to obtain the ending. As an example, in the Cyric Temple you can attempt to reform a previous priestess of Bhaal. If you took the dialog option to tell her to repent for her crimes, you get the following you can say at the trial: "When I met a former servant of Bhaal, I instructed her to atone for her crimes and do good in the world. I am not a slave to my father's will." If you choose to select this option at the trial, the "Hero" counter will increment by a point.

    This gives players the option to NOT choose these dialog responses (And force the Escape Path) or to choose the options and potentially take the Exile path.

    Technically speaking, the conditions that get you hero / villain points are as follows:

    * If players attack the crusade and save bridgefort. (Note this does NOT include surrendering Bridgefort)
    * If the player told Madele to Repent in Cyric's Temple
    * If the player flatly denied Torsin de Lancie's Request to poison the crusaders.
    * If the players cured the soldiers in the quest "The Uncommon Cold" in the Allied Siege Camp
    * If the PC Tells Thrix in Avernus he'll play for his own soul instead of that of one of his companions.
    * If CHARNAME's class is "Paladin" or one of the good Paladin Sub-Classes
    * If the player ends SoD with a reputation > 17

    * If players betray bridgefort by lowering the drawbridge (NOTE: This is NOT surrendering, this is betrayal, a different case).
    * If the Player admitted to being a Bhaalspawn when leaving Baldur's Gate at the end of the Prolog
    * If the player told Madele to go off and Murder in Cyric's Temple
    * If the player Poisoned either the Food or Water in Dragonspear Castle's Basement.
    * If the player killed the wrong person in "The Traitor" quest in the Allied Siege Camp
    * If the player barters one of his companions souls to Thrix and loses.
    * If CHARNAME's class is "Blackguard"
    * If the player ends SoD with a reputation < 5

    If you select any 3 of these options, you progress on to the Exile Path, if you choose not to, or cannot due to the options not being available, you progress to the Escape ending.

  • GoG sale: PST:EE -15%, SoD -50%, SoD DE -50% BG:EE -67%, BG2:EE -67%, IWD:EE -67%

  • Latest update on patch status, IWD II, and Beamdog Client

    Good day to you all!

    Today we're bringing news (which we can share) on what to expect in coming months.

    Check out our latest blog entry: !