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[BG1, BG2, Bug/Temples] Dispel Magic listed as valid when Claw of Kazgaroth (MISC72.ITM) is equipped

IgneousIgneous Member Posts: 368
edited July 2012 in Fixed
Current behaviour: When perusing cures available from temple stores, Dispel Magic is listed as valid if the selected character has the Claw of Kazgaroth (MISC72) equipped. Purchasing the spell has no effect.

Expected behaviour: The Claw shouldn't cause Dispel Magic to become listed as valid.

Games affected: BG1, BG2, BGEE.

Notes: In BG1, purchasing the Dispel Magic dispels the Claw's effects, though the item remains equipped. In BG2, the Dispel Magic has no effect.

Whilst testing, I evaluated each equipping effect in turn through a process of elimination. If any one effect remained on the Claw, regardless of which, Dispel Magic would be listed as valid at the temple. By removing all effects, Dispel Magic would finally grey out.

I couldn't reproduce this bug with any other equipped items, cursed or otherwise. Only the Claw is problematic, AFAICT.

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