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IESDP unknowns

AlexTAlexT Posts: 760
edited July 2012 in General Modding
As you may know, the Infinity Engine Structures Description Project (IESDP) is a modding community project dedicated to documenting the inner workings of the Infinity Engine. Nowadays, the IESDP has become fairly comprehensive, however there are still a few aspects of the IE that are unknown to the modders.

Given their access to the source code, I was wondering if the BGEE developers might be able to fill in some blanks for us, provided that this wouldn't violate your agreement with Bioware/WotC? In particular, the ARE file format still has many unknowns.


  • NWN_babaYagaNWN_babaYaga Posts: 732
    That seems to be the key info to a fully functional new area to me.
  • ScottBrooksScottBrooks Posts: 683
    I'll look into if we can get this information.
  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Posts: 4,985
    If the devs could do this, it would be positively awesome (and I'm saying it despite not being a modder)!
  • WispWisp Posts: 1,101
    Frankly, I would not be terribly surprised if most of the remaining unknowns were to turn out to be unused marginal added when Bioware first drafted the file formats, in case they wanted to add more features down the road. But anything that could be shared would be just super :)
  • ScottBrooksScottBrooks Posts: 683
    A word of warning, the comments may or may not be reliable.
  • AlexTAlexT Posts: 760
    Awesome, thanks Scott!

    Can you post a similar description of CRE, ITM, SPL and EFF files?
  • lansounetlansounet Posts: 1,182
    I'd like to know how LevelParty script trigger is calculated since from my experience the info from IESDP is wrong about it.
  • ScottBrooksScottBrooks Posts: 683
    Effects are in the item section as ITEM_EFFECT
  • CuvCuv Posts: 2,512
    Wow! Appreciate all this!
  • ScottBrooksScottBrooks Posts: 683
    I had to go edit the posts, so It wasn't a direct copy of code. All the info should be there though.
  • salomonkanesalomonkane Posts: 48
    edited July 2012
    IESDP Unknowns,
    BGEE developers,
    Sharing information from source code,
    IESDP Updates .

    @ScottBrooks, Thank You .
    Post edited by salomonkane on
  • cmorgancmorgan Posts: 699
    Thank you. This is truly awesome.
  • AlexTAlexT Posts: 760
    edited July 2012
    @ScottBrooks, would it be possible to post the various itemFlags from the Item_Header_st?

    At the moment, we know what a few of them do, but many are still unknown.
    Post edited by AlexT on
  • CuvCuv Posts: 2,512
    Aha! Thank you very much!
  • CuvCuv Posts: 2,512
    Does anyone know who is maintaining Near Infinity now that Jon has quit working on it? Would be nice to get an updated version with all this new information.
  • WispWisp Posts: 1,101
    @devSin's been doing most of the work these past few years. I've forked the thing too, but I have a lot of stuff to do (and detest working with Java).
  • CuvCuv Posts: 2,512
    Perhaps I can drag Jon out of retirement. Might write him about it. BG:EE brought me out:-)
  • Ascension64Ascension64 Posts: 560
    That is fantastic, thanks!
  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Posts: 4,985
    Unless @devSin is also known as Sam, it looks like Sam has been updating NI too in the past few years: link. So, unless devSin is Sam, maybe Sam could update NI in light of the information provided by @ScottBrooks.

    @devSin - yeah, the internal VEF format may not be getting much love, but since you have the possibility to know what it does, why wouldn't you? ;-) This is the modders' chance to know every square millimiter of the IE, which may come in handy in the future even if now it's not being used by anyone - I say seize it!
  • CuvCuv Posts: 2,512
    @AndreaColombo Sam and @devSin are different people:-) Since devSin has already been pinged here, I wrote Fred Richardson and asked him to take a look. Talked to him yesterday, so I know he will get my email. He was in charge of NI for a bit too at Pocket Plane. Will also PM Sam at SHS when I get the chance.
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