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[Not an Issue] Black pits 2 - prepare for battles

SeregDuinSeregDuin Member Posts: 13
edited September 2014 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)
I don't know if this is a bug or by design . Seems strange that we would not be able to change spells and rest before battles.
The door out of the market area is locked after the first couple of battles and unless you change spells during battle (which are learnt at the end when you rest automatically ) there is no way to prepare for battles.
Post edited by Gate70 on


  • 17651765 Member Posts: 66
    This is strange, doesn't happen for me. What happens when you try to rest in the market, because a guard should interrupt you and offer escort you to the dormitory anyway...
  • SeregDuinSeregDuin Member Posts: 13
    The guard interupt but they tell me to get to the banquet hall.
  • AlexTAlexT Member, Developer Posts: 740
    @SeregDuin You can rest in the bunks. It's the area where you wake up in after being captured.

    You can also cast spells there (and only there) which allows you to set up spell sequencers, triggers and contingencies which will carry over to the fights. However, you cannot cast spells before a battle. That is by design.
  • SeregDuinSeregDuin Member Posts: 13
    "The door out of the market area is locked " ..why do people even bother replying if they don't read the post. Door locked can't get to bunks cant rest.
  • SmilgeSmilge Member Posts: 103
    Have you tried resting and telling the guard you are lost? That should bring you to the bunks.
  • SeregDuinSeregDuin Member Posts: 13
    Yes Gate70 . Went through all that normally. Yes I'm pretty sure now that it is a bug.
    Thanks Smilge . Tried to rest but downloaded the 1.2.2030 patch this morning and now it just says can't rest here.
    I have given up and started a new game and all seems to be good so far. Also noticed a lot more things available at merchants in the new game. Seems that as you progress more items become available but that was not happening in the bugged game.
  • SeregDuinSeregDuin Member Posts: 13
    Let me just clear something up ..I the [Not an Issue] at the top of this there because you fixed the bug, because I fixed the bug myself by starting a new game or because AlexT couldn't be bothered reading the original post and made massive assumptions?
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