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#10731 [All] German sounds should play when the language is set to German.

BelegCuthalionBelegCuthalion Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 446
edited December 2014 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.3.2064)
in Vanilla BGII:EE 1.3.2064
1. start game, set language to German in options
2. create character and find yourself in irenicus' dungeon.
3. listen to irenicus, golem, talk with imoen, jaheira or minsk

- written text is in German, spoken text is in English

– written text is in German, spoken text is in German too

notes, wishes
this is very irritating, as reading and talk don't match.
is there a chance to have at least the old sounds from original BG2 german, and muted those not translated and recorded (yet)?



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