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mod announcement: Hardcore Dual

subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,460
edited September 2015 in General Modding
(No, this has nothing to do with pornography. Get your mind out of the gutter!)


Note: do NOT use this mod if you use the "Weapon Proficiency Overhaul" component from Scales of Balance or Might & Guile. This is already included in those components, do not install both together.

This is a simple mod that fixes a longstanding bug* in the BG2/EE engine. According to the 2E AD&D rules, if you dual-class from a fighter to another class, you may keep any weapons specialization in which you have invested proficiency points. But you may no longer improve you weapon skills after that point. You see, after dualing, your active class is no longer fighter. You are supposed to be bound by the restrictions of your active class; and when your active class is a non-warrior class, that means no more advancement past basic proficiency.

BG1 and IWD followed this rule... then BG2 regressed, and somehow the engine was coded to be unable to distinguish between active class and inactive class. Bioware never bothered to fix that, so wrapped up were they with the cheesiness of it all. Dual-class a fighter to mage at level 2, and your mage can now reach GM with any weapon! Why not? As I've said before, the devs at Bioware were not good DMs.

Beamdog apparently has a similar streak running through them; they made a conscious decision to abandon the (correct) BG1 and IWD rule in BGEE and IWDEE and instead intentionally put in place the absurd and incorrect rule from BG2. As you might guess, I disagree with that decision, and now I am finally able to do something about it.

So I present to you the Hardcore Dual-Class mod. With this mod, your proficiency limits are unchanged when playing a single-class warrior, but when you dual-class you will thereafter be limited by the rules of your second, active class. Mostly.

- Fighters, Berserkers, Wizard Slayers and Rangers will be allowed to achieve Specialization (++) in any weapon they can use. If they reached Mastery (+++) or higher before dualling they keep that skill; but they may not advance any further.

- Kensai will only be allowed to gain proficiency in any new weapons in their second class. Again though, if they already reached Specialization or higher in any weapon they get to keep that. Learn what you can while it's your active class!

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