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[Mod] The Deratiseur Unused Kits Pack versions v17.5 in french and english (partial)

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This is the new release of my kits mod.
Available for BG2/BGT, all EE versions and EET, for PC and Mac.
Sorry, the english translation was made for the version 13, and all the kits made after are still "french only".

In this pack, you'll find:
- A half-orc fighter kit: the hatred carrier.
On the Sword Coast, near the Ten Cities, ancient wars against the combined armies of orcs and goblins have left the inhabitants a deep hatred for these creatures. Also the half-orcs, resulting from human rape by orcs, should not exist. They are usually killed at birth. But among raped mothers, they can't help themselves abandoning their spawn, regardless of breed. And half-orcs, can still grown among humans. When this happens, these children are being grown up in secret, because population would have no pity for a bastard orc, even for a child. Grown in the dark of a cave, or a smelly attic, living under the constant fear of being discovered and killed, they have not even a social bond beside the mother teaching them the world hates them, the hatred carriers are half-orcs who have forged by an unstable mind based on a single thought: the world hates me, I hate it in return. These are brutes without a scruple that know only strength, resentment and anger. Their condition of half-orcs gives them an exceptional constitution, but their mental instability severely hampers their ability to think or learn anything. They only know how to use those "brutal" gifts and show no finesse.

- Intimidation once a day every 4 levels. This ability acts as the spell "charm person", but with a longer duration and reduced saving throws. The ability to intimidate increases in power as the hatred carrier levels up. The person intimidated like this is always hostile when the effect of this ability expires.
- Roar of rage once a day every 5 levels from level 7. This ability acts as the spell "Horror", forcing all creatures surrounding the carrier hatred to pass a saving throw or risk being scared for 45 seconds. The ability to scare by Road increases in power as the hatred carrier levels up.
- Fist of fury once a day every 6 levels from level 12. When using this gift, the hatred carrier puts all his aggressiveness in his attacks. He then shows so much violence and during the following 2 rounds he gains an extra attack and all attacks do maximum damage. In addition, each hit he inflicts has a chance to stun the opponent.
- Indomitable: immune vs. charms
- Brutal: +1 to damage

- Limited to chaotic neutral alignment, neutral evil and chaotic evil
- Receive 10% experience points less (due to the weak ability of understanding)
- -1 to intelligence, charisma and wisdom at creation (due to his chronic lack of education)

- A ranger kit: the Hunter of Vermin.
The best protected human cities insofar are never safe from the intrusion of harmful species such as rats, mold and others. In woodland cities, placed among trees, there are spiders, beetles and other giant insects that may nest in the area and disturb tranquillity.
Vermin Hunters are trained with the aim to disledge and exterminate these harmful creatures. A long training in this field has provided them a natural resistance to toxins, as well as the ability to heal others. They are also able to move freely through the spider webs, entanglements and other forms of immobility.
Among elves, these rangers are serving the community, while among humans, they are rather civil guards hired and paid.

- +3 to hit and damage against ankhegs, otyughs, silts and giant vermin.
- At level 4, freedom of movement: immunity against webs, entanglements, immobility and slowdowns.
- At level 8, immunity vs. poisons.
- At level 10, immune against non-natural diseases.
- At level 4 and every 4 levels, can slow poison once a day.
- At level 7 and every 5 levels, can neutralize toxins once a day.
- At level 12 and every 6 levels, can use "Vermin Summoning" once a day.
- At level 15 and every 8 levels, can use "Giant Vermin Summoning" once a day.

- Can not be burdened with any armour than studded leather armour.
- Can not learn any proficiency in two-handed weapons, but bows and clubs.

Note: in order to match cleric, human vermin hunter must have at least 15 strength and dexterity, and 17 wisdom.

At a high level, the hunter of vermin has so much experiences of harmful creatures that he can instinctively know where they are in the area and apply his skills of ranger to tame them. At every cast of this summon, up to 4 creatures will appear and join him for 2 minutes.

After years of fighting the harmful creatures, the hunter of vermin is able to draw and and call to him the most feared creatures. At this skill level, he may call up to 3 creatures that will join him for 2 minutes.

- A cleric kit: the Preacher of Fire. (with unique hlas : sadistic pyromaniac OR pure elementalist)
Fire has often been admired among humanoids. Pyromancers light it for the simple pleasure of seeing it consuming all things. Mages (notably of Thay) admire it for its destructive power. Tacticians use it to scare, repel, corner the enemies.
Sometimes it also happens that clerics fall in admiration for this force of nature. Some less reasonable than others may even find that power worthy of veneration. Rejecting their worshipped gods of the origins, they are deprived of their skill to cast spells of divine origin. Among these fallen priests, the most fanatics towards fire and destruction it can cause are sometimes marked by dark powers, mostly of demonic origin. These fanatic clerics then want to have back the skill to cast spells, though corrupted by the power of fire and having no more restoration abilities. The dark powers that thus boost the power into these deprived clerics make them a tool of pure and simple destruction, although they don't necessarily get in touch with them to explain...

- He gains additional spells, all based upon fire:
Level 1: Agannazar's Scorcher, Burning Hands, Flame Dart.
Level 2: Boiling Rain Storm, Explosion, Fire Seeds, Lava Bomb, Lower Fire Resistance.
Level 3: Burning Weapon, FireBall, Fire Shield (Red), Flame Arrow, Lava burst, Melf's Minute Meteors.
Level 4: Blazing, Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental, Fire Breath, Fire Form, Lower Fire Resistance II.
Level 5: Ardent Mantle, Call Fire Servant, Fire Mark, Mass Protection From Fire, Pulverisation.
Level 6: Aura of Eath, Conjure Fire Elemental, Detonate, Elemental FireBall, Exploding Mephits.
Level 7: Fire Trap, Incineration.
- He gains 10% fire resistance at level 1, then 3% for each following level.
- At level 10 and all the following 3 levels, he can use "Burning Palm" once a day.
- At level 13 and 20, he can charm a Fire Elemental once a day.

- The Preacher of Flames has not access to ANY healing, recovery or restoration spell.
- He can not reject the undead.
- His alignment can only be neutral, or neutral evil.
- Obsessed by fire, he will never take under consideration embarking on another career. (can not dual-class)
- He does not receive a divine symbol at level 21, no longer having any connection with any "god" whatsoever.

Once the spell is cast, the preacher has two turns to touch his enemy, burning him for 1D6 fire damage points for two levels of the preacher. If the preacher fails to touch the enemy, the spell is lost.

The preacher may attempt to control any elemental of fire by casual contact. The target is entitled to a saving throw with a -1 bonus for every 5 turns of the preacher to stand, otherwise it falls under the control of the pyromancer for 5 turns.

- A dwarven cleric kit : the chanter of stone. FRENCH ONLY
Le chantre de la pierre est un historien autant qu'un prêtre.
Garant du souvenir du clan, il a pour mission divine de galvaniser les troupes lors de gros combats. Sa litanie qu'il chante d'un voix puissante raconte à tous les hauts faits accomplis par les ancêtres, inspirant à chacun la ferveur nécessaire pour se couvrir d'honneur et de gloire.

Avantage :
- Il gagne +4 en connaissance par niveau.
- Lorsqu'il est au combat, il chante comme un barde. Son chant donne un bonus de +1 au toucher et aux dégâts à ses allié (mais pas à lui même). Les bénéfices de son chant augmentent si le combat dure longtemps, aussi :
après 1 round, immunité à la peur
après 2 rounds, +1 à tous les jets de sauvegarde
après 3 rounds, immunité à la confusion
après 5 rounds, immunité au charme
après 7 rounds, tous les bénéfices de l'état de berserk, excepté les points de vie supplémentaires.

Inconvénient :
- Un sort de moins par niveaux de sorts.
- Il n'utilise pas d'armes de traits.
- Il ne peut pas repousser les morts vivants.

- A cleric kit : The Crusader of Goragos. FRENCH ONLY (with warrior/cleric hlas)
Les légendes racontent que Goragos était le dieu de la guerre avant que Tempus ne le tue et vole son portfolio lors d'un combat titanesque.
Mais Goragos n'est certainement pas mort. Il est vivant, et prône les aspect violents du combat : carnage, destructions et pillage. Pour Goragos, la négociation et la tactique sont les
actes des faibles. Les embuscades et les retraites sont les actes des couards. Seul l’affrontement d'homme à homme est honorable.
Les croisés de Goragos s’efforcent ainsi de semer la destruction partout ou ils passent. Peu de villages restent debout après leur passage, et rares sont les survivants capables de raconter
un affrontement avec les Croisés de Goragos.

Avantages :
- Il peut se spécialiser avec toutes les armes autorisées à un clerc.
- Il peut allouer 3 points dans le style de combat à deux armes
- Son taco progresse globalement comme celui des guerriers : +1 tous les 3 niveaux à partir du niveau 2.
- Il est immunisé aux charmes.
- Il peut rentrer en Rage une fois par jour pendant 1 tour. Enragé il gagne +2 au toucher, aux dégâts et aux jet de sauvegarde, +1 à l'initiative, et attaque toujours la créature la plus
proche de lui, même si c'est une alliée.
- Au niveau 7 et tout les 5 niveaux ensuite il peut utiliser "Tornade de fer" une fois par jour.
- Au niveau 12 et tout les 7 niveaux ensuite il peut utiliser "Barrière de lames" une fois par jour.
- Au niveau 15 il gagne une attaque supplémentaire par round quand il rentre en rage.
- Au niveau 20 il lance automatiquement "Bénédiction" et "Cantique" quand il rentre en rage.
- Il peut choisir des hlas de guerrier en plus de ceux de prêtre.
Désavantages :
- Il ne peut pas repousser les morts vivants.
- Il lance un sorts de moins par niveau de sorts.
- Il ne reçoit pas de symbole divin à haut niveau.
- Il ne peut être que loyal ou chaotique mauvais.
Cette faculté permet au croisé d'infliger une avalanche de coups rapides sur son adversaire. Pendant 6 secondes il passe à 10 attaque par round, mais tous ses jets de toucher et de
dégâts subissent une pénalité de -4.

Cette faculté crée pendant 1 tour un mur de lames acérées comme des rasoirs qui pivotent à grande vitesse autour du croisé, créant ainsi une barrière impénétrable. Toute créature
tentant de traverser la barrière subit 8d8 points de dégâts si elle rate un jet de sauvegarde contre les sorts.

- A thief kit: the Shadow Walker. (with unique hlas for enhance his magic or control the shadow)(TSR 9492)
The order of shadow walkers is a very ancient organization, whose members have a special affinity with shadows. Rumours say that the greatest masters of the order are true shadows, and that's shaped them. Whatever they are, this very special bond with shadows gives the shadow walkers a valuable benefit.
Recruitment in the order is made only by appointment of masters. The initiate, if he's accepted, is paired to a mentor who is responsible for teaching him the techniques of shadows and magic associated with it. Any official member of the order knows how to use shadows to their advantage and conjures simple spells to help him in his task. The real magic of shadows, however, is only practised by the most ancient masters.
Shadow Walkers are not conventional thieves. Resolutely turned towards good, they swear to use their special abilities to avenge victims. Acting as vigilantes, they hunt and beat criminals who escaped traditional justice.

- He can study all magic scrolls of abjuration, alteration, illusion and divination schools, and use magic of shadows to cast these spells like magic powers, up to 4 times per day per spell level. He masters a higher level spell every 4 levels, up to 4th level spell.
- His magical skills make him benefit of a +1 bonus to his saving throws vs. wands and spells.
- He sees in the dark as if he had Infravision.
- At levels 3, 5 and 7 he can use "Aura of Shadows" once a day.
- At levels 8, 10 and 12 he can use "Mantle of Shadows" once a day.
- At levels 13, 15 and 17 he can use "Shape of Shadow" once a day.

- Only human, elves and half-elves can be designated.
- Only a good soul can choose to follow the way of the Shadow walker.
- The study of magic leaves him little time for martial training, he is a poor fighter: his THAC0 follows that of mages (-1 every 6 levels starting from level 5) and he use light weapons and short bows only.
- The study of techniques of shadows goes hand in hand with his learning as thief, he receives only 20% to distribute among skills for every levelling up.

When he creates an aura of shadows, a half-magical aura covers the Shadow walker, which then has a +25% bonus in hiding. The aura can be kept a round per level.

When he covers himself with the mantle of shadows, the Shadow walker takes a shaded shape. In this partially translucent state, he has a +1 hiding bonus to AC and saving throws. He also gets a 50% bonus in hiding. If he stays firm for at least 1 round, he becomes invisible. While in the guise of the mantle (1 round per level) he can become invisible at will, staying firm 1 round.

The Shadow walker that uses this ability can become a living shadow. Under this shape he is almost invisible and gains a +4 to AC and saving throws. He can attack or cast a spell without returning visible, but the creatures may notice him a few moments from time to time, as a movement in the shadows. Detection of invisibility does not allow to reveal him and true sight reveals him only intermittently. If he comes to be attacked, only magical weapons can affect him. Under shape of shadow he can not use his weapons, as they ethereal they will pass through the targets without affecting them. But his touch will gain the properties of a shadow touch: 1D4 +1 damage points and strength reduction of 1 point for 2 turns when a saving throw vs. death at -3 is failed.
He can remain in the shape of shadow for 1 round per level or return to normal state when he desires.

- A gnome thief kit : the Shadowmage. FRENCH ONLY. (with unique hlas for becoming a shade (quasi lich))
Parfois, l’incursion de créatures d'autres plans sur Toril laisse des traces plus ou moins discrètes. La communautés gnome n'est pas exempte de ses rencontres interplanaires, et plusieurs génération après, certaines marques profondes peuvent ressurgir de manière incongrue.
Ainsi, lorsqu’un voleur gnome qui s’entraîne à se fondre dans l'ombre ressent l'impression bizarre qu'il fait vraiment corps avec elle, il peut prendre peur ou y voir une possibilité de dépasser sa condition.
L'ombremage est un de ses voleur qui s'est découvert une ascendance particulière avec l'ombre. Profitant de cette manne inespérée et de son affinité particulière avec les illusions, il apprend à manipuler l’énergie sombre du demi-plan pour la modeler en pouvoirs magiques semblables à des sorts.

Avantages :
- Il peut lancer des sorts du registre de l'ombre et de l'illusion comme un sorcier. Il peut lancer jusqu'à 4 sorts par niveau de sorts et par jour et développe un niveau supérieur de sorts chaque tranche de 3 niveaux de voleur.
- Il apprend a faire véritablement corps avec les ombres et gagne un bonus de 2% au camouflage dans l'ombre et 3% en furtivité chaque niveau.
- Sa maîtrise de la manipulation de l'ombre augmente progressivement et la part d'ombre qu'il insuffle dans ses illusions de même. Il lance alors les sorts utilisant la matière d'ombre comme de niveau inférieurs à ceux des mages.

Inconvénients :
- Il ne peut lancer que des sorts du registre de l'ombre et de l'illusion.
- Il ne peut utiliser aucun objet réservé aux magiciens.
- Modeler l’énergie du demi plan de l'ombre est dangereux, surtout pour un débutant. 10% de chance moins 1% par niveau (plus aucune chance au niveau 11) chaque fois qu'il lance un sort qu'il perde un niveau d’énergie ou un point de constitution. Il récupère la constitution perdue après une nuit de sommeil mais un niveau d’expérience perdu ne peut être récupéré qu'à l'aide d'un sort dédié.
- Il consacre beaucoup de temps à développer ses pouvoirs et n'évolue pas pleinement dans sa classe de voleur : seulement 15% à répartir dans ses talent de voleur à chaque niveau et 20% d'xp en moins.

- A wizard kit: the Sorceler. (have to choose between dagger or staff)(hlas warrior/mage multiclass)
The sorceler, like the wizard whom he is very close to, has an innate sense of magic, inherited from an unknown origin such as god, demon or dragon. He can cast as him spells instinctively, that he chooses but does not learn. But he does not chose to devote himself to mysteries only, and spends part of his training in martial arts. In his hands, the traditional staff of mage becomes a deadly weapon, which he handles with a dexterity forcing admiration. The sorceler has less magic skills than a wizard, but unlike the latter, he does not lack resources when spells fail him.

+1 to THAC0 in melee every 2 levels.
+1/2 to attack per round at levels 8 and 15.
+1 level to staff proficiency at levels 1, 3, 9 and 15.
+1/2 to attack when he gets levels of master and high master of staff.
+1D2 life points per level up to level 10, +1 life point for every following level. (in EE version, have the thief hp table)
+1 to saving throw vs. death every 4 levels.
+1 to saving throw vs. polymorph every 8 levels.
- Can use his proficiency skill points to evolve in fight style "Two Handed weapons".
- Develops improved versions of some combat spells.
- Can choose Hlas of fighter in addition to those of mage.

- No 1/2 to attack when he reaches the level of grand master of staff.
- Can not use items reserved to fighters.
- Ability to cast spell reduced of a spell per spell level.
- Evolution slowed by the non-exclusive practice of magic: -15% of xp.

IMPROVED SPELLS: when he casts certain spells, the sorceler can take advantage of improved effects, which vary according the spells:
* Called Shot: extended duration: 1 round/3 levels
* Armor: reduced casting time, reduced AC: -1 AC/3 levels
* Strength: improved strength when casting upon himself: set at 19
* Fire Shield (Red/Blue): affected weapon: +1D8 damage

- A mage (conjurer) kit (replaces the vanilla conjurer): the Savant Artilleryman. (also install the Mordenkainen's Force Missiles spell to the game)
The spell Magic Missile is one of the representative icons of arcane magic, a good example of raw magic and one of the favourite spells of most young mages. It is no wonder that some mages focus their studies on this spell, determined to improve it more than any other. The Savant Artilleryman belongs to those, passionate about this spell due to its infallibility to hit the target.

Obsessively exploring all runes and magical symbols composing the spell to break its limits, he eventually ended up developing the ability to pervert the original energy to create new effects. Embedding every facet of the spell into his mind, he becomes a true expert, able to transcend the dweomer to make a tool of major devastation.

By using and abusing this spell, he forgave the principles of his school and earns a new title: he becomes a Savant Artilleryman.

- At level 3, he can surround himself once a day by a magic shield that reproduces the effects of the "Shield" spell and lasts three rounds per level.
- At level 6, he can restructure the spell Magic Missile into an elemental spell. This custom spell can not be stopped by the spell Shield.
- At level 7, if he learns the "Mordenkainen's Force Missiles" spell, he also begins to study it.
- At level 9, he breaks the limit of the spell Magic Missile: +1 missile every 3 following levels up to 8th missile, +1 missile every 4 levels thereafter.
- At level 11, his shield evolves and can stop magic missiles from wands, traps, special abilities, etc...
- At level 14, he improves "Mordenkainen's Force Missiles" to be no longer stopped by the Shield spell and imposes a -2 to saving throws against the explosion.
- At level 15, his Magic Missile spell penetrates more easily magic resistances: each missile has 5% chance to pierce the target magic resistance.
- - At level 16, he gains a free use of Magic Missile as a special ability once a day. Additional uses are gained at levels 21, 27 and 33.
- At level 18, his Shield sends back all Magic Missile whom he is the target.
- At level 20, he further enhances "Mordenainen's Force Missiles" spell: area of impact of explosion is increased by 15% and, if the saving throw is failed, the impacted targets stay stunned for 1D2 rounds.
- At level 25, he breaks the limit of "Mordenkainen's Force Missiles" spell: +1 missile every 4 following levels up to the 11th missile.

- He has the same restrictions as a summoner: enchantment school prohibited.
- He does not have the option of improved memorization normally given to his specialization.
- He does not use scrolls or wands of Magic Missile. It would be a mess, he has no control over these pre-memorized spells.

- A fighter dual classed to a mage kit: the Warlord. (with unique hlas : best arcanism with lvl 10 spells and magic applied to the group OR insta-magic as a sorcerer )
EXALTED FIGHTER: He is, among the fighters, a fanatic who lives only to fight, swearing only by war and dreaming only of victories. Some even more fanatical still try by all means to gain power to crush opponents.
Such a fighter, if he discovers an innate magical potential, can see it as a new source of power and chooses to learn it to make use of it: if that is the case, he gains a new status: he becomes a Warlord.

- Nothing special as he did not embrace the career of mage.
- To match a mage, he only needs 17 intelligence and 12 wisdom; his physical characteristics are not important.

- He believes that only the real weapons of war are worthy to being learned.
- Obsessed by the idea of earning power, he can not be lawfull good.
- Thinking about ranged fight tactics as cowardly, he refuses to use any ranged weapon.


WARLORD: The warlord if a fanatical fighter who has seen his gift of arcane magic as a unique way to become a pitiless war machine. Continuing to train to combat, he has focused his discovery of "essential" magic, all that would allow him to become more powerful in combat or inflict heavy damage to his opponents. Ignoring traditional magic he forms his own panel of spells, whose whole purpose is shown in combat.
Proud fighter, he does not use "loose" techniques as hiding behind invocations or fight from afar. On the opposite he does not look for nobility in battle, and therefore has no scruple about inflicting the worst torments to his targets, either mental destruction or total annihilation.

- Magic comes spontaneously to him, he can continue to lead the fight, and his fighting skills are only partly reduced:
* He gains 1 additional hit point per level.
* His saving throw vs. death increases by 1 every 4 levels (maximum +5).
* His table of THAC0 is aligned to that of a cleric.
* He can wear any amor without being bothered to cast spells (when he levels his levels of fighter).
- An inner research during respited allows him to regularly discover new spells.
- His skills of memorizing evolves faster than those of a traditional mage.

- Using gifts of innate magic, he understands nothing about arcane magic, and can not use or learn from magic scrolls.
- Devoting a part of his time to train as a fighter, he can not fully evolve in his mage function (-15% xp).
- Thinking about ranged fights tactics as cowardly, he refuses to use any ranged weapon.

- A human or alf-elf multiclass thief/necromancer kit: the Anatomist. FRENCH ONLY
L'anatomiste est un voleur pratiquant les arts noirs qui a cherché à trouver dans l'étude de différents cadavres un moyen de perfectionner l'attaque sournoise communément apprise par ceux de sa profession.
A force d'études approfondies des parties intérieures et invisibles des corps, et après de multiples entraînements sur de faibles réanimés, le nécromancien a fini par découvrir des secrets de la chair qui transcendent la simple attaque des points vitaux.
Il devient alors un anatomiste, connaissant si bien les corps des vivants qu'il sait toujours où frapper pour faire le plus mal, sans avoir besoin pour ça d'être camouflé.

Avantages :
- +1 aux chances de coups critiques, +2 au niveau 5, +3 au niveau 11 +4 au niveau 18 et +5 au niveau 26.
- +1 au taco tous les 4 niveaux.

Inconvénients :
- Il ne fait pas d'attaque sournoises.
- Bien que spécialisé nécromancien, il ne bénéficie pas de sorts en bonus.

Spécial : après la création du personnage, l'anatomiste devient automatiquement un multiclassé voleur/nécromancien.

- An elf multiclass fighter/mage kit: the Bladesinger. (TSR 2131)(can be installed without the casting malus and with an automatic mastery bonus)
Of all the elven fighters, few are as dangerous as bladesingers. They have spent their entire lives studying their weapon of choice, and have become absolute masters. In addition, they learned to cast spells while fighting, doubling their power.

The sure steps of the Bladesinger do not only make him a beautiful creature when fighting, they also allow him to place in the best positions. He instinctively knows to grasp the flow of battle and draw the wise handlings that allow him to optimize his strikes.
He also knows how to attract the flow of surrounding magic and convert it to his own advantage. Although he can not attack while casting a spell, he can defend himself against melee attacks thanks to it.

Unwavering defender of the elven faith, the bladesinger not only has to devote himself all times to make the elven cause advance, but he must also assist any elf in need. Unless it is proved that this elf in an enemy of the Elven faith, the bladesinger must do everything to save him, even if it requires giving one's life.

- Instinctive use of best places: +1 to speed factor, +1 every 4 levels thereafter.
- Superior mastery of his weapon: he can freely develop his proficiency in 1-handed long weapons, and when he becomes grand master (5 stars), he gains an exceptional bonus +1 to hit and damage.
- Defensive use of magic flows: AC bonus equal to half of his own level +1. This bonus does not apply against missiles.
- Combat Training: he can wear an armor without that this prevents spellcasting.

- Learning focused on a type of weapon: it can only be 1-handed long swords.
- Learning focused on melee combat: he does not use projectile weapons.
- Learning focused on 1-hand combat: if he holds a shield or a second weapon, he loses his exceptional mastery bonus and can not cast spells.
- Primarily defensive magic: if he holds a weapon, he suffers from a -2 penalty to casting time. This penalty disappears if he has free hands.
- Fighting Style claiming flexibility: he never wears an armor heavier than studded leather.

Special: after character creation, the bladesinger automatically becomes a multi-class fighter/mage.

- A human multiclass cleric/entropist kit: the Theurgical Explorer. (Gain the symbol of Azouth at lvl 21)
The theurgical Explorer is a very hard priest of Azuth who has devoted to the sacred mission to add as many spells as possible to the great encyclopedia of Azuth. He does that for that choice to open himself to arcane magic and explore one of its most exotic branches: wild magic. If he is not the first to do so for worship, it is his deep passion for the magic that distinguishes him in the eyes of his god, and it is only when he wishes to devote himself completely to the exploration of magic in all its forms he can be given a complete change of divine abilities granted to him, in order to assist him in the mission he is given. He then ceases to be a priest to become a theurgical explorer.

- Dweomeric divine protection: his incantations can not fail: he is immune to miscast magic and Dispel Magic, and wearing an armor does not prevent him to use his mage spells. (He can still be stopped, paralyzed or muted)
- Divine assistance: 100% chance of learning spells whatever intelligence level is.
- Divine Advantage: -1 to casting time of spells, additional -1 at level 15.
- Special Divine Spell: he can cast a special version of "Wondrous Recall", which allows him to remember two priest and two mage spells.

- Divine Balance: -1 divine spell memorizable by spell level.
- Shared Entropy: divine spells he casts have a 5% chance to trigger an entropy Hiatus.

Special: After character creation, the theurgical Explorer automatically becomes a multi-class cleric/wild mage.

For the Anatomiste, start as a human or alf-elf thief
For the Blasinger, start as an elvish fighter
For the Theurgical Explorer, start as a human cleric
For the Sorceler, on BG2/BGT, start as a wizard with at least 15 STR/DEX and set the specific player script to gain the kit. (On EE versions, you just have to select the kit under wizard selection)

The archive is here

Official forum for bug reporting, questions, remarks (french)

Update 05/13/17 --> V14 with many bug fixes. Check them in the updates listing.
Update 10/09/17 --> a fix on Warlord (katanas usable) and Savant Artilleryman (MFM no more do fire animation), archive updated.
Update 05/03/18 --> V15 with bug fixes and a new kit (Shadowmage).
Update 04/15/19 --> V16 with many fixes with the english translations (and a few improvements)
Update 04/28/20 --> v17 with 2 new kits (Anatomist and Chanter of stone) and some fixes.
Update 01/08/22 -> v17.6 with 2 new kits (vermin hunter and Crusader of Garagos)
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    I've encountered a problem. I have only installed the Preacher of Flame kit, and so far everything was working normally, however, after hitting Level 3, preparing any of the preacher-exclusive second level Spells (like Boiling Rain, Burning Blood, Explosion, etc.) crashes my game on the next time I rest.
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    I have to know over parameters to fix this.

    1 : which spell crash ? You cannot cast multiple spells at one

    2 : please, send me your Weidu.log file to
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    Casting spells is not a problem, the crash occurs after memorizing any Preacher-specific 2nd Level Spell and resting.
    It doesn't happen when memorizing 1st Level Spells.

    Sorry, I can't find a Weidu.log, I have reset the whole gamefolder to before I have installed the mod.

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    I played my kit in many games, last time BG2EE 1 month ago, and never expected this bug. So nor french scene. So i really need a bit more details.
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    Ok, i have tested on a new instalaltion and a new game on BG2EE, no problem, except the "Magma ball spell lvl 2" has the text of the "Produce fire" spell. This is exclusive to the english langague and has benn fixed for the V14.
    So i have many questions to try to fix your bug.

    1 : is the game BG2EE or BGEE ? Or maybe the Black pits ? or IWDEE ?.
    2 : which kits are installed ? (all of them or just any, which ?)
    3 : the preacher is the protagonist or another party member ?

    And the "weidu.log" is in the same directory where is the "Setup-Derats_kits.exe". This file help me to see which over mods can interact with mine.
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    1. It's the BG:EE-Campaign in a Siege of Dragonspear-Version of the Game
    2. Only the Preacher of Flame kit is installed
    3. The Preacher is the protagonist

    I have no other Mod installed, and as I said, since the Mod caused trouble in my game, I have reset the whole folder to my backup, so I don't have a weidu.log.

    Update: I have installed your Mod again and, so far, haven't had any trouble with any of the spells, not really sure what I did different this time, but it is now working and I'm not complaining ^^.

    Update Update: I have identified the culprit, it is a second-level Divine Spell named boiling blood. I don't know, where it came from, it doesn't seem to be part of your mod and I have no other mod installed, but memorizing this spell crashes my game.
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    There is a 2nd lvl spell named "Burning Blood" included in this kit, but this spell is available only if you follow the evil path when acceding the hla habilities.

    The icon of the spell is this one :

    Do you speak about this spell ?
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    - An elf multiclass fighter/mage kit: The Bladesinger.


    Loving this kit on my current run through the game (just got BGEE some 15 years after playing the original!) but I was wondering if you could tell me the location/timing for the bladesingers armour that's mentioned in the readme?

    (PM as to not spoil it for others?)

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    The armor is in a cave you will visit if you do all the quests. (not possible to miss it, it's not overpowered, so no hidden)
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    How does one mod it so a Base Class accesses a Kit when they Dual? I want to do something similar myself eventually: so that when a level 2 fighter dual classes to a mage he accesses a special kit (but no later). Thanks ahead of time.
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    Via Script.
    Script assigned by the spell assigned to the kit at lvl 1 (creation)

    For the script, look at it on "script" repertory
    For the spell, find his name in the PxWarlG.2da and find it at the spells/copy repertory.
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    So I'll have to start the Kit (a 3.5 style Eldritch Knight) as a fighter Kit and then at dual via script I should change the Mage into a kit. Is there a way to prevent dual classing past level 2, or even leveling past 2? (Else-wise the kit would break.)
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    Look at the ISDEP. At the script triggers, there is:
    0x4096 LevelLT(O:Object*,I:Level*)
    Returns true only if the experience level of the specified object is less than the 2nd parameter.

    Use it.

    note : if you impose this for your kit, it will be unusable on BG2, SOD only and TOB only, because the characer doesn't stat at lvl 1.
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    I could just add it to the pure class fighter, that way a player doesn't choose to play the Kit in BG2 character creation onward and finds they can't use the second Kit as intended. Is your work similar to that old mod Hidden Kits?
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    No. The base kit (fighter) isn't hidden. The mage kit is hidden (used when the fighter kit pair to mage, assigned by the script). The second mage kit is hidden too (assigned when selecting a certain hla).
    This can be seen on the setup: the second and third kit have the "KITTABLE.2da" line empty.

    If you have many questions, ask on an email, please.

    If you want modding, the best way is to look how over modders have made: explore and use the tools, open and explore the files of over mods to look how they are used, and have tutorials and info-sites opened if needed.
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    I have opened modding tools again (after many months without modding will), and i have find and fix many bugs in my mod.
    I will release soon a v14 with these fixes (or i'll wait at least one another month for finishing my 80% done new kit), so please:


    The fixes ever done are:

    Preacher of flames: "Magma ball" missing icon fixed, Ardent Mantle "Camouflaged" statut fixed, "Remove fear" missing spell fixed, "Magma ball" english description fixed.

    Master of swarm: "Cristal Spyder" missing summoning files fixed, "Unstable Grasshopper" don't cause Chaos rattle fixed.

    Shadow walker: missing hlas titles fixed

    Savant Artilleryman: missing files that unable upgrade of "Mordenkainen's Force Missiles" fixed, True IWDEE version of Mordenkainen's Force Missiles" for IWDEE added.

    Sorcerer: missing english "Staff" kit description (replaced by dagger version) fixed.

    Theurgical Explorer: Inconvenient of -1 spell per spell lvl -> cause too many engine bugs, removed, replaced with "randomly more wild surges". No spells on creation fixed.
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    The installer throws an error:

    [C:\Spiele\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition\Setup-Derats_kits.exe] WeiDU version 24600

    Choose your language:
    0 [Francais]
    1 [English (by Nightfarer)]
    Using Language [English (by Nightfarer)]

    Using .\lang\en_us\dialog.tlk

    The DERATS_KITS/SETUP-DERATS_KITS.TP2 mod has 12 distinct optional components.
    To save time, you can choose what to do with them at a high level rather
    than being asked about each one.

    What should be done with all components that are NOT YET installed?
    [I]nstall them, [S]kip them, [A]sk about each one? a

    SKIPPING: [Fighter (half-orc) Kit : Hatred Carrier]
    This component works only with Throne of Bhaal expansion or an Enhanced Version.

    SKIPPING: [Ranger Kit : Hunter of Vermin]
    This component works only with Throne of Bhaal expansion or an Enhanced Version.

    SKIPPING: [Cleric Kit : Preacher of Flames]
    This component works only with Throne of Bhaal expansion or an Enhanced Version.

    SKIPPING: [Druid Kit : Master of the Swarm]
    This component works only with Throne of Bhaal expansion or an Enhanced Version.

    SKIPPING: [Thief Kit : Shadow Surveyor]
    This component works only with Throne of Bhaal expansion or an Enhanced Version.
    ERROR: No translation provided for @40
    Continuing despite error.

    This component works only with Throne of Bhaal expansion or an Enhanced Version.
    ERROR: No translation provided for @90
    Continuing despite error.

    Install Component [UNDEFINED STRING: @90]?
    [I]nstall, or [N]ot Install or [Q]uit?

    I tried installing on top of BGT:EE
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    Sorry, i have updated the setup language files in french, but not in english. This is the correct english setup files (unzip and place the files in the "languages/English" directory) :

    Remember : the Shadowmage componant (Ombremage) isn't actually translated. If you really want it, take the ombremage. tra file in the french directory and copy it in the english directory.
    (sorry, i havent't yet understood how to set an "auto use native language if translated one doesn't exist").
  • Might be a touch more impressed if some of the descriptions didn't look like they were written by a thirteen-year-old trying to be edgy, but beyond that...
  • deratiseurderatiseur Member Posts: 168
    That's the translation i have. It's better than no tranlsation at all.
  • RVNSRVNS Member Posts: 285

    I don't think that is a particularly well written criticism and seems rather unnecessary. These mods are a gift and take time for others to translate and create to the best of their ability. To simply take the time out of your day to insult another member is not helpful. If you are to offer criticism make sure it is constructive please.


    Thank you very much for this mod and the translation. I will be giving this a go tonight and look forward to it.

  • GwendolyneGwendolyne Member Posts: 461

    Might be a touch more impressed if some of the descriptions didn't look like they were written by a thirteen-year-old trying to be edgy, but beyond that...

    What about sharing your immeasurable talents with the community by publishing a translation you would consider worthy. ;)
  • RVNSRVNS Member Posts: 285
    Also is this compatible with IWD by chance?
  • deratiseurderatiseur Member Posts: 168
    RVNS said:

    Also is this compatible with IWD by chance?

    Did you mean IWDEE ? If yes, yes, my kits are compatibles. i have made my module thinking being compatible with all editions.
  • RVNSRVNS Member Posts: 285

    Thank you!
  • Might be a touch more impressed if some of the descriptions didn't look like they were written by a thirteen-year-old trying to be edgy, but beyond that...

    What about sharing your immeasurable talents with the community by publishing a translation you would consider worthy. ;)
    What about trying to remember how paragraphs work? If I see a wall of text, I go somewhere else.
  • RVNS said:


    I don't think that is a particularly well written criticism and seems rather unnecessary. These mods are a gift and take time for others to translate and create to the best of their ability. To simply take the time out of your day to insult another member is not helpful. If you are to offer criticism make sure it is constructive please.

    I once spent more than half an hour rewriting a resume simply so it parsed correctly. I didn't have to expend that effort, but I did.
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    I have many over kits finished at 95%, but missing some spells icons. Is anyone have a bunch of not-ever-seen BG2 style icons to give ?
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