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Starting a new game, looking for buddies

GallimarGallimar Member Posts: 40
Hello, i am starting a game of BG1 (going to BG2 later) soon and i was wondering if there was anyone who would like to join me?

The only rule i have is that there are no Fighter/mage combos allowed.
Thief/Mage, Cleric/mage is allowed (and yes i do know those 2 can be powerful as FK aswell, but atleast not so early on...)

Cleric/Druid/multi is allowed, and anything else for that matter.

It does help alot if you have Skype.. Add me im "Gallimar3"

Oh and one more thing... i can play 11:00-16:00 (GMT+1) and alot more during weekends ofcourse


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