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LFM Full BG1->Dragonspear->BG2 Playthrough

therdretherdre Member Posts: 56
edited September 30 in Multiplayer
(Longish post doing bullets so it's easier to read through)

-I've tried this before and its been difficult to get going but I'm going to try again. I want to do a full playthrough from bg1 to dragonspear to bg2 with the same group of 6. I'm thinking we can pick one night a week to play and I'd like everyone to be in the sameish timezome (I'm EST) just to make it easier for us to all get online at the sametime.

-Discord will be required (always fun to joke around and stuff while we are playing).

-I want to stream our runs, and ill put our discord chat through the stream (youtube most likely)

-I know the multiplayer suffers from quite a few issues (although I haven't played in a few months did they fix it?) so I'm going to try to keep the game settings that will give us the smoothest gameplay.

-I want to do it on Insane difficulty so if you want to play make sure you are very knowledgeable about the game. (Although if you do have questions about anything please feel free to ask)

-I've played through so many times I would be open to trying out a mod, although I've read those work very poorly in multiplayer but if they do work its something I'd be open to.

-If you are interested, please just post in here with your steam name and I'll friend you on steam, I have way too many friends on steam and its getting hard to keep track of people lol. I'll make a new steam group for the play through group so we can communicate through there. If you don't have the game through steam I believe that is not an issue as far as playing with the group goes, just easier to communicate that way.

-I'd love to do an Icewind Dale run after or on the side too

-Minsc is 1500 miles away from Dragonstonespear with a hamster Boo who has the average velocity of 50 mph. If Bend The Knee is at Dragonspear and leaves on her dragon as soon as Jon'sMinsc's hamster arrives and reaches Minsc in 12 hours after he sent his Boo, what is Bend The Knee's dragon's average velocity?
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  • ElendarElendar Member Posts: 807
    Will we be investing in some turnip stocks?

    I'm interested, though not in EST, I'm in MST. Possibly could still work out depending on the night you choose to play.
  • therdretherdre Member Posts: 56
    That;s only 3 hours behind, could potentially work. I'm hoping to either play Saturday morning or afternoon or Monday night although there are some other times that could work
  • ElendarElendar Member Posts: 807
    Its 2 hours behind.. Saturday morning and into the afternoon would certainly work for me. Monday nights also work for me.
  • ElendarElendar Member Posts: 807
    Now if only we could get a few more people to respond. :)

    If we get this group going I was thinking of doing a Half-Orc Fighter/Thief.. so we would certainly have locks/traps covered. Hopefully someone else will want to play a divine caster of some sort....

  • IcecreamtubIcecreamtub Member Posts: 531

    Whilst I'm in the UK GMT Timezone - I'm a total night owl and I socialise with Americans almost exclusively so my actual hours awake are that of someone in America, so I'd totally be interested in playing with this group if that's okay!

    Haven't done too many Nightmare Difficulty plays on Baldur's Gate, but I've been playing this game more than religiously since it first came out in 2000, I also do my own Modding work etc so I think that makes me pretty knowledgeable about a lot of stuff? :)

    I'm also a Discord party animal and I have my Steam (Beamdog & Steam have crossplay on Multiplayer.
    I've done enough sessions to know there haven't been any issues so far even with my American friends that have the worst of PCs/Internet and the gameplay has been absolutely smooth as can be)

    My Steam is: Cinnamon Sundae (Same picture as on the Forums)

    Hoping to hear back from you!

    Sincerely, Cinnamon. <3
  • therdretherdre Member Posts: 56
    edited October 6
    I'll send you a request Cinnamon, and Elendar I put up posts on steam forums I've had a few respond there too and fighter/thief is perfect, nobody every wants to play thief for some reason.

    Elendar do you have steam?
  • ElendarElendar Member Posts: 807
    therdre said:

    I'll send you a request Cinnamon, and Elendar I put up posts on steam forums I've had a few respond there too and fighter/thief is perfect, nobody every wants to play thief for some reason.

    Elendar do you have steam?

    Yes. The account name is "lordyiano".
  • ElendarElendar Member Posts: 807
    edited October 10
    @therdre Haven't gotten an invite from you on Steam yet, so just checking to see if you've seen my last message. I already added Icecreamtub to my friend's list.

    Also, I haven't been this pleased with a group of people since the Cormyrans sent the price of turnips through the roof during the Onion Famine.
  • therdretherdre Member Posts: 56
    For some reason your name didn't show up when I searched it on steam
  • therdretherdre Member Posts: 56
    Looks like we have 4 people now so just need 2 more
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