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ToB & Drow Fanfic

DivinaDivina Member Posts: 26
Well, I don't know how many people here actually read fanfic, but I have been really into it lately and writing my own. So, I thought I'd provide the links to two of my fanfics here. The first one is a ToB fanfic specifically following the romance of the completed Haer'Dalis mod by AerynPhoenix over at Spellhold Studios and what that romance did to the CHARNAME, how it corrupted her where the taint of Bhaal had failed to do so. This fic is complete and can be found here:

The other fanfic I am writing is a Forgotten Realms/D&D post-Spellplague, post-Second Sundering story about a morally ambiguous heroine who gets mixed with an Eilistraeean (but completely unsocialized to the ways of the surface) drow. The two start a relationship and get involved into a quest-line that spans the Sword Coast, from Waterdeep all the way down south. It can be found here:

WARNING: Both stories are sexually explicit and smutty - the first one rather more romantic and mild, the second one escalates to different territories gradually. As there are drow involved you may guess that femdom (albeit light femdom in this case) plays a role. If you are underage in your country or if sexually explicit themes/smut/femdom bothers you and/or does not float your boat, do not click the above links.

Comments, kudos (an AO3 thing) and constructive criticism warm the heart, so if you do visit the AO3 fanfic site and read my stories it would be wonderful if you dropped me a line over there :smile: <3

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