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I can't connect to ip

When im trying to connect the game crashes, tried the fullscreen/window fix still crashing, my friend and I did open tcp+udp ports 47630 and still crashing, with real ip even local ip and nothing, tried hamachi but does not work with EE sooooo.... i don't know how to play online, seems it's harder than before... Thanks in advance for every answer.


  • vercobrixvercobrix Member Posts: 5
    Hey fix for this, I'll post it in the other forums, have both you and your multiplayer buddies open ports TCP/UDP 47630 and 2300-2399 AND run in compatability mode for Windows XP SP3 by right clicking on the game before it starts.
  • SoulafeinSoulafein Member Posts: 15
    Thanks but still crashing, my friend is opening tcp ports too (only UDP him, me both). Tell you later.
  • SoulafeinSoulafein Member Posts: 15
    edited November 2012
    Do everything, open ports tcp+udp 47630 and 2300-2399, compatibility xp service pack 3, run as admin, then use tunngle... If works thanks to Lavarius for the tunngle idea and vercobrix 4 the ports/permitions tweaks.
    If you never use tunngle (download and make account for every player) join the baldur's room and notice than on left bot there is an IP, if you are the host paste that ip to your friends. Well, now you will see a missile on bot right chat , search for bg:ee launcher and start the game through tunngle using that button (i repeat, every player must do this just to be safe, host or join) now create game or joing and play.

  • EdwinEdwin Member Posts: 480
    I wish it were fixed and close...The tunngle option doesn't work for me (or any of my three friends who are now cursing me for convincing them to buy this game). Even if it did, we shouldn't have to rely on such intrusive philistine methods for multiplayer that should be handled by an 'enhanced' interface.

    I got this game to revamp the great cooperative party experiences I had back in the day. A big talking point in promoting the enhanced addition was supposed to be the ease of multiplayer connection...they even punched back the release date stating that they wanted to deliver a polished product. From the deluge of bug reports flooding the forum today, I'd say they missed their mark.

    I am disappointed, and my patience has worn thin after waiting these extra months only to get a broken product.
  • KareemKareem Member Posts: 7
    edited November 2012
    Not cool. This is milk n' cookies. This should be working day 1 after pushing release. And, now should be top priority to get fixed. Maybe I'll be done downloading by the time you fix it...
  • SoulafeinSoulafein Member Posts: 15
    The tunngle solution works for me, but I suppose there will be an official fix or update (it must be) but my friend and I are playing now without problems (except if you click on end instead of ready at the main room the game crashes -the normal thing this should quit only multiplayer, not crash the game-, its difficult to happens but, believe me, happens)
  • SoulafeinSoulafein Member Posts: 15
    Aaaaand sorry because of my english, it sucks a lot.
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