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A new idea for a Mega-Mod! The personal journey of CHARNAME (Abdel) after the events of TOB

KaliestoKaliesto Member Posts: 265
Some years pass, and it's 1374 DR. The Bhaalspawn gets entangled into the events of Dark Alliance! and..that is it! Simple as that! It will replace the random protagonist with the Bhaalspawn. I'm kind of surprised no one has taken advantage of this at all! You already have the Elfsong Tavern as a set-piece to get it started! Luckily most of the dungeons in Dark Alliance were pretty basic, so using recycled parts of maps of natural environments and the usage of crypt maps and such shouldn't be too difficult.

The only custom map would probably be the final dungeon.

The events of Dark Alliance II does not happen in this alternate take of Dark Alliance, and since the Dark Alliance series was never finished unfortunately.

Later on the game forwards again to 1379 DR where the final events of CHARNAME's life ends, but since the book does a alternate end to the Throne of Bhaal that it might be best to change it around to fit with the Game's Canon rather than the book canon when CHARNAME returns to Baldur's Gate in 1379 DR.

With these two events it would give players one final journey for their character, and a actual reason to re-explore Baldur's Gate again. Since Siege of Dragonspear appeared that it would probably be appropriate to have Baldur's Gate somewhat changed after that event like the Iron Throne now practically a deserted and messy tower filled with whatever lurks in there now.

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