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BGEE (Nintendo Switch) - Unable to complete Durlag's Tower

HogfatherHogfather Member Posts: 26
edited January 3 in Troubleshooting
Basically, I teleported out to sell in Level 4 and now am unable to get back to the Chessboard. The Elemental rooms do not trigger a teleport when I enter them.

The fandom walkthrough indicates that this may be a console-version bug but I can't find any reference to it on the forums. According to the revision history this rather serious bug has been known in the wild since at least November 10, 2019. There is no in-game warning that this teleport is a one-way dealio.

As I am playing on a console version I (somewhat ironically) have no access to the console to fix this.

It was my desire to finally complete a full playthrough of the games (BG, TotSC, SoD, BG2, ToB) when I bought the Switch version, but it looks like this bug has ruined that goal already. A bit sad that a literally game breaking bug exists.

Any ideas?

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