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[MOD] Classic BG UI v1.2

K4f4rK4f4r Member Posts: 7
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Green stone UI from original Baldur's Gate for BG:EE
Download link, pick Source Code(zip).

Patch 1.2
  • Added actual map markers from Classic BG (they blink red when hovered over! wow)
Patch 1.1
  • Added search bar for shops/containers.
  • Remove party member confirmation is pretty, not some generic garbage.
  • Your location (that knight icon on the world map) is bigger and higher res.
  • Increased some map markers sizes.
  • Some minor tweaks I already forgot about, it's a mystery.

Full gallery

Installation: put everything you get from the archive into .../override. It will work on both Siege of Dragonspear and without, but without it, main menu is uglier and you don't get a donation animation.

For full BG1 experience you may want these mods too:
  1. BG Classic Movies, for those sweet low res movies (entering Beregost, Gnoll Fortress, Ducal Palace, Candlekeep library etc.).
  2. BG Nostalgia Pack, for paperdolls, icons, sounds (HADOUKEN! HADOUKEN!), maybe sprites if you're brave and backed up your saves.

If you use Bubb's excellent Extended Spell Menu, I made a plugin that will overwrite icons to match the style of this UI. Install it last and override the base SoD styled icons you get.

This mod will work with SCS, but you need to open in a text editor and change
iHaveSCS = false
iHaveSCS = true

If added Icewind Dale spells have gibberish names in Key bindings section, here's what you have to do:
make a new text file, name it "M_KEYS" (actually important part is M_ at the beginning, rest doesn't matter), then find "BGEE.lua" that SCS created in override, open it, find the section "keybindings".

Now, you need to copy everything, starting from "keybindings" all the way to both closing "}", leave the semicolon out (it will be 460+ lines of code) and paste it into that new file. Then names should show up fine.

I don't know why SCS doesn't do that by default, to be honest, as it's much smarter than overriding whole "BGEE.lua".

Added functionalities:
  • When you roll for stats, right click will dump 3 last stats and max strength (for those fishing for a good 18/xx score over everything else); 'P' will give you the next 90+ you would have gotten if you kept rolling and didn't fat fingered REROLL.
  • Thieves add points in multiples of 5 (don't pick that option in SCS install).
  • On Color Choices screen, you can get random colors by clicking on a right paperdoll. Sometimes you get some truly good color combinations.
  • Whenever you have to scroll left and right, it's on A/D keys. Quickloot, pages in mage book and priest scroll, spell descriptions, you name it. The only exception is actionbar which is hardcoded.
  • On reform party screen, holding "Remove" will skip confirmation screen, right clicking will remove everyone at once (when you need to get that fat XP drop for your guy ASAP).
  • Double clicking on a room will rent it (skip one click, woohoo).
  • On Buy and Sell screen the buttons next to names: left click to select everything, right to deselect, double click for select AND sell/move. Sell entire gem bag in one double click today, order now.
  • On Donate screen, right clicking will add 100 instead of 1, upper right corner of the paper has Reputation cheat sheet for lazy people like me who don't want to go to wiki every time they do something nasty and NPCs are whining.
  • On Identify screen there's "select all" button to save you some time.
  • Container screen can be extended if your horizontal screen resolution is above 1030.
  • Added search bar for shops (I know it wasn't in the original, but that screen is so tiny and annoying to navigate when you need to buy arrows it got tiresome quickly).

Known problems:
  1. Not a "problem" per se, but donation bowl is ugly, because after trying to get a proper animation that a) works b) doesn't crash the game c) is not weirdly mirrored or deformed d) has the exact colors I put in in source proved impossible. I settled for bad colors. If someone can get me a proper wbm from THESE frames I could fix it right now. I just can't be bothered to waste my life on ffmpeg.
    I managed to fix it. Only works with SoD, because the base game, for some god forsaken reason, doesn't seem able to handle transparency. Anyway, bowl is now pretty as it was meant to be. Increasing resolution fixed the colors. For whatever reason. They were always fine in normal video player, but the game itself can't handle it when it's too small somehow. This is ffmpeg command line that did the trick if someone's interested:
    ffmpeg.exe  -r 29.970 -f image2 -i DONATE%%05d.png -codec:v libvpx -cpu-used 0 -pix_fmt yuva420p -b:v 2M -qmin 10 -qmax 42 -maxrate 2000k -bufsize 4000k -threads 4 -vf scale=-1:1024 -codec:a libvorbis -b:a 128k -f webm -auto-alt-ref 0 DONATE.wbm
  2. Sequencer screen is laggy. Deal breaker in BG2, but in BG1 you almost don't make them (in classic BG you don't period, it's not even in the game).
  3. This one is and isn't more serious. If you don't use EEex, you can skip this paragraph. Basically, when you install it and start the game via InfinityLoader two screens destroy frames - namely CHARGEN_CHOOSESPELLS (where you pick spells for your newly created mage) and CHARGEN_MEMORIZE_MAGE (where you choose what to have memorized at the start).
    By 'destroy frames' I mean, average frame rate can drop to single digits. Second one is the worst - 1-3 spells on the screen and "average fps: 9". First one is even funnier: when I level up sorcerer, screen with 4 level spells is completely fine, no fps drops. When I create new higher level mage in Siege of Dragonspear, level 3 is fine. If you can even begin to explain what's going on (again, only with EEex), you're already smarter than me and you should be in charge of this project.
    If you have some beast rig you can probably plow right through. If you just create your mage without EEex(start with baldur.exe), then save the game and restart, you can bypass this until some real man looks at it and fixes it, because I am at a loss. Or just wait at low fps, not that it's broken, just slow, should work fine.

Final notes: If it looks like I run out of steam at the end (journal screen, for example), it's because I did. It was over a month of not that fun work and that UI isn't even that good, because it was designed for 4:3 640x480 resolution. Pixels can poke an eye out nowadays. And keep in mind that majority of them were already handled by Photoshop's neural filter to remove the worst offenders...I am only uploading it, because some kind soul helped me making it and I'd feel bad for wasting his time.

Signing out.
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  • PeccaPecca Member Posts: 2,038
    Awesome. Nice work!
  • BubbBubb Member Posts: 866
    Looks awesome, great job! And the spell menu integration is nice :)

    No idea why EEex would be causing certain screens to lag out. I just tested them and they run fine on my end, though my computer is pretty beefy so maybe it just chugged through it.
  • AbelAbel Member Posts: 782
    Amazing! A lot of folks will be very happy to get back the classic BG UI and experience!
  • ThorThunderfistThorThunderfist Member Posts: 8
    Kind soul here! There are still some kinks to be ironed out, but I love that we can have the classic grey/green stone back and I am determined to make this work. So not to worry about "wasting my time." I've already "wasted" plenty of my life on Baldur's Gate.
  • FandraxxFandraxx Member Posts: 191
    My goodness. This makes me feel old. But, god, it is cool. Well done.
  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,446
    Oh! Ooh! People wanted for this for too long! Thank you kindly.

    If anyone can recreate original BG2 SoA ui like this it would be even better!

    Umm I installed this on bg:ee version 2.5 (no sod) and in the startup menu I can't get access to blackpits. Both symbols are of baldurs gate and neither gives access to blackpits.
  • ThorThunderfistThorThunderfist Member Posts: 8
    Your missing Black Pits issue is solved by the installation instructions above.
    Change "START_noSoD" filename to "START" to somewhat remedy that.

    To be more specific, this is referring to the "START.png" and "START_noSoD.png" files in override.
  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,446
    Oh right....missed that line. Thank you.
  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,479
    edited February 28
    Thank you very much for making this!

    I'll add it to the list of mods my Nostalgia Pack is best enjoyed with :)
  • K4f4rK4f4r Member Posts: 7
    [UPDATE] I did some fixes for the base, no Siege of Dragonspear, game. Should work without renaming anything and you should be able to access Black Pits without issues. Chapter transitions shouldn't display SoD graphics.

    Also done some minor graphical fixes and moved portraits 2 pixels to the left, because they seemed too close to the right edge to me. It looked off.

    Probably as good as it gets, but do report if I broke or forgot anything.
  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,446
    This is superb! It works now, thank you!

    I want to use this for bg2:ee too, but the main menus become all broken. Can you make a version for bg2:ee too? That would be the best continous experience, aesthetics wise.
  • emperors_fistemperors_fist Member Posts: 4
    Hi! I keep running into "An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file. [...] Error 0x80070057"" when I try to unzip the linked archive. Can you check, if the archive isn't damaged?
  • K4f4rK4f4r Member Posts: 7
    No, archive isn't damaged on my end. But you made me realize I broke something when I updated it earlier, fixed now.
  • emperors_fistemperors_fist Member Posts: 4
    K4f4r wrote: »
    No, archive isn't damaged on my end. But you made me realize I broke something when I updated it earlier, fixed now.

    Sadly, it still gives the same error. It's centred around text lua "startEngine:GetCampaign()"
  • emperors_fistemperors_fist Member Posts: 4
    K4f4r wrote: »
    No, archive isn't damaged on my end. But you made me realize I broke something when I updated it earlier, fixed now.

    Sadly, it still gives the same error. It's centred around text lua "startEngine:GetCampaign()"

    Ok, 7zip works, so it seems Windows' file explorer has this issue...
  • cdxcdx Member Posts: 84
    Just wanted to say thank you for the mod K4f4r, love it!
  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,446
    edited April 20
    I am a big fan of your mod, and using it as a base I made a half-mod for original-bg2 skin for my personal use.


    Priest scroll

    Spell desc.

    Item description complete with that cute bg2 font (hard to read but I love its nostalgia feel)

    Dialogue window

    Inventory, sadly I can't make original bg2 inventory skin work with ee's new things like weapon armor info. I changed the empty slot to original bg2, though.

    I am loving it!
    Screenshots look crispier when opened in new tab.

  • jacklhowardjacklhoward Member Posts: 5
    edited May 13
    I tried enabling the console by adding "SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','Debug Mode','1')"to .lua file. When I launch the game an error message shows up. and when i press ctrl+space I cannot type in console commands. other cheats work tho.
    edit: lefreut suggested that in "The line 19189 should be commented out, add -- in front of the line". It apparently works now.
  • K4f4rK4f4r Member Posts: 7
    Yes. Wonders of adding lines automatically without double checking. I fixed it.
  • LeiluLeilu Member Posts: 64

    If you follow the Infinity Engine discord, you may have seen that I've been working for a few days on an attempt of reproduction one of the original BG2 interface fonts.

    It's this font

    I guess you will be interested in my work on this font.

    It's far from perfect because reproducing such a low-resolution font is subject to interpretation and choice of style (rounded or sharp corners, pixel style or not) but I think it could be interesting for some people.

    For the moment I have only made an English version of the font. I still have to take care of languages like French or German with their different accents. One thing is for sure, I won't be able to handle other languages with a non-Latin alphabet.

    I also share the birdfont (an open-source software) work file if others want to take over my work or join in. ;)
  • LyingInTheCornfieldLyingInTheCornfield Member Posts: 1
    edited May 19
    Is there a way to make the bottom bar span the entire edge of the screen? I marked in red the parts I'd like blocked off. I don't mean stretching the UI, but just adding grey blocks with the same texture as the rest of the UI to block those parts of the screen.

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