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Possible exploit find.

PitrickPitrick Member Posts: 1
So, this one is kind of hard to explain.
Basically, I have the scroll case that you get from Firebead Elvenhair(not sure if this is a mod or not.) and something weird has happened when I was trying to take out scrolls. Right now I am taking out a protection from acid scroll and a cursed scroll of weakness but they are not identified. I have identified versions of these scrolls also in my scroll case. As I try to take the unidentified versions out, both the unidentified and the identify versions come out. However, for some reason, The scroll count doesn't go down at all. I've duplicated like 17 scrolls so far.

I tried to attach the save down below in case you guys want to play around with this and see what you can find out.
If you just put each of these files in your own save file it should work.

****** Make sure Neera has 4 slots open in her inventory, then it should work.

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