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Permanent Slayer Form Bug

JCDentonJCDenton Member Posts: 24
What do you know, I discovered another bug, yey...

After I fought with Bodhi in the Spellhold maze and turned into a Slayer for the first time, I can't change back now. No matter how many times I rested, I'm permanently turned into a Slayer. I can still access my Inventory, initiate dialogues, use my spells, etc. Nobody around me, including my party members, apparently notices that a huge demonic looking monster is leading their group...

I'm seriously tempted to just finish the whole game in the Slayer form, as apparently nobody cares their talking with an avatar of Bhaal reincarnate. And when I finally sleep with Jaheira, at least she can have some proper bestiality experience >:) I'm sure that as a Druid, she'll appreciate that.

What's responsible for the bug is probably the fact that I killed Bodhi and her two vampires so fast, she wasn't even able to initiate her surprise dialogue after you change. I just cast three False Dawn's at the same time with my party members plus hit her with the upgraded Mace of Disruption in the same moment and whoosh! she and her companions were turned into mist in less than a second.

My questions is, how can this bug still exist? Did nobody ever tried to kill Bodhi so fast? Or nobody cared to fix it? In which case, what the hell am I paying for? I own 4 copies of BG2 and the reason I bought the EE was that I finally wanted a bug free experience. But I'm experiencing more bugs in my EE playthrough than in all my previous vanilla playthroughs combined.

Maybe I'm just extremely unlucky with my EE installation, but things like this shouldn't be happening almost 4 years after the release of the EE.


  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,161
    Are you actually the Slayer or do you just look like the Slayer?

  • JCDentonJCDenton Member Posts: 24
    I am actually the Slayer. With all the abilities buffs and resistances :smiley:

    It was very easy to fix the problem of course, all I needed to do was load my save from before the fight with Bodhi and this time don't kill her so quickly. Her surprise conversation triggered, my CHAR attacked the rest of the party and then turned back as he should.

    What obviously caused the bug was the fact that Bodhi received more than 3000 damage plus was successfully hit by the Mace of Disruption at the same time, meaning she turned into a vampiric mist before she had any chance to say anything, which in turn didn't trigger the following events.

    However, if someone would be playing BG2 for the first time and didn't know they're supposed to turn back, perhaps they would just continue playing the game as the Slayer. Therefore this should have been fixed. Perhaps make Bodhi invulnerable to the Mace of Disruption's ability for this fight?

    But I am keeping the save. Maybe one day, I'll finish the game as Slayer just for fun :)

  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    Perhaps it's never been fixed because the devs didn't realise that it's possible to kill her so fast that the "surprise" script hasn't had time to trigger. Certainly your method of breaking the plot seems to rely on a fairly lucky simultaneity of timings, so I doubt this would be reliably reproducible.

    Nevertheless, since you've shown that it actually is possible for this to occur occasionally, I agree that it ought to be fixed.

  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 2,809
    I can't imagine that damage alone would break Bodhi's script since she's equipped with a MINHP20 item that prevents her HP from going below 20. It's more likely that the Mace of Disruption had some unintended effects on her. Or maybe it was a timing issue where the attempt to start a conversation was interrupted by an attack.

  • JCDentonJCDenton Member Posts: 24
    Well, it was probably a combination of the Mace of Disruption's ability to instantly kill Undead and the fact that the False Dawn spell causes the Undead to be confused as well.

    So Bodhi got confused by the three False Dawn spells cast at the same time, so she couldn't initiate her dialogue, and while she was confused, she was successfully hit by the Mace, which made her turn into her vampiric mist form.

    But again, making her immune to the Mace's ability during this fight should fix the problem.

  • SalvatosSalvatos Member Posts: 2
    edited August 2018
    I ran into this bug last night, and I did not use the mace of disruption (my cleric actually had to drop her weapons to move because she had been Strength-drained) and certainly did not slay Bodhi quickly. I'm not sure what exactly killed her because I only noticed seconds after the fact, but it would have been a combination of cleric spells, the Slayer's attacks, Valygar's family blade and possibly some sling bullets. She didn't say anything, I only saw that she had turned into a bat as she flew away.

    Like OP, I've slept many times since and nobody has batted an eye at my new form. I thought either I might need some sort of curse removal or it was part of the story, but the latter seemed suspicious considering the lack of reactions. I'll probably keep playing like this for a while, though, my druid's gotten a lot beefier all of a sudden :lol:

    Edit: After getting back to town and sleeping at the tavern, I had the dream and returned to my normal form. I then had to remove and put back on every equipped item for my stats to take them into account.

    Post edited by Salvatos on
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