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Infinity Stones for communities :)

ALIENALIEN Member Posts: 1,024

Let's give Infinity Stones to the various community websites which were created over time :)

My try:

Power Stone: Beamdog
They bring back Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescapte: Tourment to live. That's true power.

Space Stone: Sorcerer's Place
There is a space for other games as well. A huge space.

Mind Stone: Gibberlings Three
Always focusing on what's best, various initiatives which improved how creating mods look today.

Reality Stone: Speelhood Studios
Expanded the reality of modded game via lot of great mods.

Time Stone : Pocket Plane Group, Black Wyrm's Lair, TeamBG (
Time hasn't changed those places at all, you can still feel a bit of nostalgia.

Soul Stone: RPG Dungeon
Once a home for great mods like Kitanya, now is gone but it's soul is ethernal.

What's you pick?

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