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Mod Dialoge Coming up Invalid

jankmasterjankmaster Member Posts: 38

With the newest version of Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition for Mac Steam, all of the dialogue related to all of my mods has this error. I used the installer thing like I used to and even did a fresh install of everything. For some reason all the dialogue for every one of my mods shows as this invalid thing. All of the Dialogue including responses and such receive this issue. I'm not sure what to do and could use some help


  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 2,864
    edited August 2018

    You might have inadvertently installed the mods for the wrong game language.

    Look for a file called "weidu.conf" in your game installation folder. It should contain the currently used game language (e.g. "en_us" for English, "de_de" for German, "pl_pl" for Polish, etc.). If it doesn't match the language you're playing the game in, you have to uninstall all mods, delete "weidu.conf" and reinstall everything. Make sure to select the right game language when asked.

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  • jankmasterjankmaster Member Posts: 38
    Yeah, I think that was the problem, I accidentally typed in 0, 0 in the Terminal picking English then German, I did as you suggested and I think that fixed the problem. Thank you!

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