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Hehe - first time I did that right, I think..


just for fun - but spoilers ahead:

Battle against Bodhi in Chapter 6. My party: (Levels are fairly won, no editing or cheating!)

Protagonist - Fighter/Mage 7/18.
Anomen - Cleric 22
Mazzy - Fighter 20
Imoen - Thief/Mage 7/17
Jan Jansen - Mage/Thief 13/16
Jaheira - Druid/Fighter did not partake in this because of the quest (abducted)

Now - some of us already have HLAs, but against Vampires the danger is always level drain, and Negative Plain Protection does not last long enough. I always had difficulties with this battle, even when Drizzt, the Order of the Radiant Heart and the Shadow Thieves helped. But this was my - the players - fault.

Two things:
Protagonist wears Amulet of Power - immunity against Level Drain. He wields Daystar+2 and a Helm of Brillance. Two Sunrays spells from these items.
Anomen wields the Mace of Disruption+2, immunity for Level Drain.

The rest of the party supports from the second row. Mazzy has the Flame Tongue (now renamed), which gives +4 against undead, she is no joke...

This was a walk in the park, while the help is fun, we would not have needed it. Protagonist and Anomen waded into battle, and it seldom took more than 2 Hits by Anomens Mace of Disruption to kill a Vampire. Bodhi lasted a bit longer, but Protagonist, to simplify things casted Energy Blades - she did not need all of them...

I played this scene about 3 times (years) before - and never caught on the massive advantage of these 2 items, which immunize against Level Drain. The Mace of Disruption is so powerful, we only used one of 4 Sunray Spells (Anomen had 2 prepared, what was too busy destroying undead to cast them).

Just wanted to share this :)



  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,621
    a lev 22 cleric should not have problems to clear almost all the dungeon alone without even using those immunizing items, he just casts the clerical spell that makes him invisible, activates turn undead and walks around. boom boom boom every vampire explodes...
    only bodhi is immune to it in vanilla.

    anyway i agree, Negative Plain Protection is a joke as it lasts so short time and those items are really useful if you want to mlee them in a more traditional way.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,331
    i never ask for drizzt's help, because him and his party accidently ( on purpose ) fall to my party

    dont get help from the knights of the radiant heart because i accidently ( on purpose ) massacred them knights for XP

    and shadows thieves same fate, but seriously, that is the only way to get the 6th pair of boots of speed

    but as you say, mace of disruption especially the upgraded one, holy poop on a stick, it is an undead killer

    dont forget spells like protection from evil 10' radius, haste and mass invisibility, with those 3 spells alone, that gives each team member an extra attack and the enemy will get a -6 to hit penalty on your guys AND you will get a nifty +4 bonus to all of your saves

    absolutely top notch :)

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