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[(BG2) Bug/Items] Potion of Power (POTN41.ITM) confers wrong stealth bonus

IgneousIgneous Member Posts: 368
edited July 2012 in Fixed
Current behaviour: The Potion of Power's (POTN41.ITM) item description states that it confers a +20% bonus to Hide in Shadows, but it uses Opcode #59 (Move Silently Bonus).

Suggested behaviour: The Potion of Power should use Opcode #275 (Hide in Shadows Bonus), instead.

Games affected: BG2, BGEE.

Notes: Something of note, I found, is how POTN41 applies the 20% bonus only to the base number of points invested in each thief skill affected. This means that, regardless of the base skill points awarded to all thieves and of any racial bonuses applied, thief skills without any points invested will receive no benefit whatsoever from the potion. At lower levels, this potion is effectively useless, even for skills which receive a benefit.

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