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(IWDEE2.5) Enemy AI request (already implemented in SOD) SPOILERS

fluke13fluke13 Member Posts: 325
I remember somewhere there was a thread on SOD, complaining that sometimes the enemy AI is too clever... you can scout ahead with your thief, be seen, hide...then every enemy on the map races straight for your party.

In IWD, however, there are a few important moments, where such a script would greatly enhance the gameplay.


When you enter the cave of Frost giants... you can kill the two guards, who attack you if you argue with them, then you can regroup and kill the king, then systematically take out one giant and one wolf at a time. If the SOD script was enabled, I think the dying bellows on the first giant you kill would resound around the cave and every giant would go straight for you. Also the cave has a very nice quest inside which appeals to those who don't/cant kill the giants, but still want to free the slaves.



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