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RPing a cleric and a stronghold question

So, the character I'm playing is (RP-wise) worships Tymora. The quest line for the thieves' guild isn't setting right with my good party (or even myself), but I don't want to lose out on a stronghold. Still, RP-wise, it would be kinda weird to do Lathander's stronghold when I actually follow Tymora. Is my only real option to go without, if I want to be true to RP?

Either that or I can scrap the C/T and run a gnome C/I or half-elf C/R. then I can do either the planar sphere or ranger stronghold (both more interesting strongholds, IMO). I just definitely want to keep a small party, have some kind of cleric, but not be single classed.



  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 11,692
    Of the options available, I think Lathander is closer to Tymora than any of the other temples. You could rp it as using it as a temporary temple while in Amn (as charname is from the sword coast).

  • borntodieborntodie Member Posts: 199
    According to lore, Tymora and Lathander like each other and they are allies. I don't see anything wrong with it, RP- wise.

  • LarkusLarkus Member Posts: 52
    edited September 2018
    It's also kinda annoying that your Cleric will get a Holy Symbol of Lathander.

    I had the same dilemma when I was roleplaying a true neutral Cleric/Mage of Oghma.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,630
    about the church i agree with @ThacoBell and @borntodie, better lathander than nothing, it is an old computer game and the choices are limited, but to RP beyond the game limitations you can use your imagination. you can RP that tymora, or the tymora church, send you to help the lathander priests as a war of churches is going to happen, and indeed in the game you will be involved in it, even if not for the stronghold. and as long as you are working with them you perform your spiritual training and duty with them.

    about the symbol @Larkus is right, the only one that gets a special one are te npcs, again game limitations, but you can RP that the symbol is given by tymora or even edit its name and description, but leaving not touched the file name, and drop it into your override folder. the game will drop a lathander symbol as you reach the needed level, as you are good aligned, but you will see it as a symbol of tymora.
    is not a difficult task to do it, you have only to download a modding tool, the modders can tell which one is easier to use, and as you don't have to deal with opcodes and such things but only edit the in game name and description you don't need any specific knowledge.

  • KnellerKneller Member Posts: 432
    I really don't want to put the effort into modding. I haven't done it on this game and am not willing to learn at this point.

    I know that Tymora and Lathander have a friendly relationship, but it's nothing special. Lathander and Chauntea, sure. Tymora and Brandonbaris, why not? But Lathander and Tymora are just two dieties that could be in the same room with each other without causing a problem.

    This has me leaning more towards scrapping it and running either the gnome C/I or half-elf C/R. Then I can let the C side be what it is and focus on the stronghold for the other class.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,630
    as i told you don't have to learn to mod, you have only to get a modding tool, load in it the symbol, edit the name and description, that is typing, not modding, and after you save it you drop it in the override folder.
    or you RP that the symbol is the one of tymora, in PvP you RP everything, don't have a screen with written holy symbol of lathander, you just figure in your mind that your toon has such thing, you can do the very same in the pc game.

    i think that the real RP issues are other, like to not take the lathander stronghold, even if lathander's guys offer it at every good oriented cleric, and if you go for the decision to not take the stronghold cause you think lathander and tymora are not enough allies or close is fine, i understand it.
    but to really rp you don't take the stronghold and live with it, you don't change class so you can have a stronghold, that is the powergame way, not the roleplay one...

    obviously is your game and feel free to do as you like, those are only my 2 cents on your question, but your feelings shell guide you, not my personal opinion.

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