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NWN1 command-line utilities

nivniv Member, Moderator, Developer Posts: 410

I've written a new set of cli utiltiies (and the needed backing library). These utilities were used to develop needed changes for NWN. For example, they are used to repack the data files, removing duplication and redoing the structure. They are also used to package the shrunk-down docker images.

You can find them here:

They are the spiritual successor to ruby's nwn-lib. They are somewhat raw, but I think they might be of use to someone. There are no binary releases yet (and no real versioning beyond git commit sha). They work on all three supported platforms (actually, all that nim can target).

Before asking any questions, check the and the individual programs (under src/); they all contain documentation headers.


  • dunahandunahan Member Posts: 132
    Hello @niv,
    thank you for these tools! I'm using them for getting into version control with json. They are working wonderful!
    But with the newest version on github I have some probs. The release you shared, seem that they don't work for my system (Win 10 x64), so I tried to build (also with nim 19) them myself. I've got more errors then before :( Got some of these errors killed, but not all...

    I'll share some here next day. I'll be happy if you could share your thougts about?

  • nivniv Member, Moderator, Developer Posts: 410
    @dunahan, I haven't ported the utilities to nim 0.19 yet. 0.18 is the compiler to go with right now. Don't bother fixing all the compilation issues 0.19 brought on, that's not your job. ;)

    As to the binaries, thanks for letting me know. I had cross-compiled them in wine (some effort of mine to compile all 3 supported platforms on the same machine) and testing had shown them to work fine, but maybe something went wrong.
  • dunahandunahan Member Posts: 132
    edited October 2018
    Thank you for your reply!

    Here is the Message Box it shows if called from cmd (or if double clicked. Beware for the others, it's in german :) )

    Nicht unterstützte 16 Bit-Anwendung
    Das Programm bzw. das Feature "\??\nwn_erf.exe" kann aufgrund einer
    Inkompatibilität mit 64 Bit-Versionen von Windows nicht gestartet bzw.
    ausgeführt werden. Wenden Sie sich an den Softwarehersteller, um zu
    erfahren, ob eine mit 64 Bit-Windows kompatible Version verfügbar ist.


    Die Version von \??\nwn_erf.exe ist mit der ausgeführten Windows-Version
    nicht kompatibel. Überprüfen Sie die Systeminformationen des Computers,
    und wenden Sie sich anschließend an den Herausgeber der Software.

    I think @niv shouldn't have a problem with it, for the others: It seems, that the compiled binaries are at the moment 16bit versions.

    Okay, I'll try to install v18 of nim and get it to work ;) by the way, I fixed one thing really fast. Only by switching the (.) to (/) in the import part for the implementation of neverwinter.nim lib.
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  • nivniv Member, Moderator, Developer Posts: 410
    @dunahan Please try re-downloading and see if those work for you. Thanks.
  • dunahandunahan Member Posts: 132
    @niv They are working, no problems with Win 10 now. I will test the tlkfy tool now ;) Thanks for your help!!!
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