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Sync Baldurs Gate and Icewind?

NouserNouser Member Posts: 53
edited August 2012 in Archive (Feature Requests)
Could it be possible to put some icewind features for baldurs gate ? Like new creatures and the like?
This would not necessarly change the story,just add new stuff.


  • MoomintrollMoomintroll Member Posts: 1,496
    I believe it has already been stated that the team doesn't have the right to use the IWD "assets." Which might seem weird as the games seem to apparently share some already, but there it is.

  • ChippyChippy Member Posts: 241
    I wonder how that works - what if (hyperthetically, and after the IWD remake) Overhaul started a kickstarter for an expansion pack that expanded on content in both games, with the Kickstarter being used to cover costs and pay licence holders.

    Would the cost be more than it was worth, and would Overhaul likely end up with about 0.1% of money generated by the time everyone is paid off?.

  • MoomintrollMoomintroll Member Posts: 1,496
    @Chippy I wouldn't like to speculate about licensing negotiations, using property from two different companies in the same game. I imagine we'll see BG3 first (if ever) at any rate, before any IWD remake. In which case, I understand that all of the content would be new-made anyway :D

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