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Still Hoping......

I Still Have Hope That Sometime in the Near Future ,We will See a Brand New Infinity Engine Dungeons and Dragons Game.....I Know The question Has been Asked even To Trent on Previous Twitch Broadcasts. and he Has stated NO to the Idea of a Brand New IE Game.The Cost Would be too Much, There is The Issue with WOTC and what Rule Edition it would be ect ect ect……Hay I Would LOVE a New Baldur's Gate Game, but again Legal issues are there. Always Coming to These Forums and reading How many PPL still Play and enjoy The IE D&D games like Myself and Feel These Games ,not NWN are the True Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying experience The way It Should be played!!! Beamdog We Want More Content for The IE Games!!!

Please Join Me and Show Beamdog That You Also Want New Content For The IE D&D Games( BG,BG2,IWD)
Reply to this post If you Agree plz



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