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Making of Baldur's Gate: Eurogamer article

typo_tillytypo_tilly Member Posts: 5,702
My friend sent me this Eurogamer article on BG. :)

Like Andersen, for Ohlen, working on the game was a dream come true. "From 1996 to 2000 I slept at work, and was famous as the only person who used the shower at work. I remember when Diablo came out, the whole office shut down for a week; even Ray and Greg were playing it. I refused until six pm Friday, then joined in until Sunday. I was living and breathing the game, but it wasn't work for me." As an early writer of dialogue and plot, Ohlen ceded much of this to Kristjanson, who joined shortly after development had begun. "One of the skills I've always had is to recognise when someone is better at something than I am. When I first started on Baldur's Gate I was the only designer-writer, before Luke and Rob [Bartel] came on."

Check out that old photo! :D Can you spot Cam and Trent? Is Trent the guy in the red shirt on the left? I think he's the biggest guy there.



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