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Does Carsomyr dispel de-buffs?


If my mage casts Lower Resistance, Slow, Feeblemind, or Ray of Enfeeblement on an enemy, and then my paladin hits them with Carsomyr, will it dispel any of those de-buffs?

If no, are there any other spells I should avoid casting at enemies while my paladin is hitting them with Carsomyr?


  • Rik_KirtaniyaRik_Kirtaniya Member Posts: 1,741
    Yes, Carsomyr dispels any kind of dispellable effects on the target, including dispellable debuffs, which includes most of the debuffs. Among the ones you mentioned, only Lower Resistance is not dispelled, since it is unaffected by Dispel Magic. The other three will get dispelled (almost always, since the Dispel level of Carsomyr is level 30).

    If you want to cancel the buffs on an enemy, Carsomyr does it brilliantly, however, if you are focussing on debuffing them, you might want to switch to another weapon temporarily.

  • sorcerinsorcerin Member Posts: 58
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