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Fire Trolls

crumbcrumb Member Posts: 18
I am playing a heavily modded game and I'm stuck in Yaga-Shura's Lair. For some reason the Fire Trolls are unkillable even with cold and acid. They never get to the point where they're laying down in Near Death. Even "Control + Y" doesn't work. They just won't die. Any ideas on how to be able to kill them? Or an alternate way of getting the Hammer Wardstone?


  • _Nightfall__Nightfall_ Member Posts: 190
    Stop attacking when their health gets really low? I don’t think that the troll bug has ever been fixed, it kinda loops to fully healed if it is damaged at the wrong time.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,628
    if you have crom fayer fully upgraded they die in one hit instantly, so worse case scenario if you do not have that war hammer you can cheat code it in and use that until you pass the trolls, the item code is: hamm09

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 5,354
    edited December 2018
    Unless your mods have introduced a need to kill them, you don't actually have to kill the fire trolls anyway - you can just run away from them while you're busy activating the portal.

  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 513
    You can likely use instant death spells to kill them, trolls are susceptible to them, i think even the Fire Trolls are, but not 100% sure, been ages since i did that part

  • ChidojuanChidojuan Member Posts: 211
    This happened to me in a heavily modded game as well. My issue was tied to my frame rate, I had it set at 45 fps. My characters moved and attacked faster, so when the troll reached the near death status, my characters kept hitting it and the falling down animation could never complete, so they'd just keep getting hit over and over. I had to walk away from the troll when it hit near death, and wait for the animation to complete, then cold and acid damage did the trick. Could be separate from frames as well, maybe try backing off once it's near death to see if they fall down, then use cold or acid.

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