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[SPOILERS] Funny way to get Efreeti Bottle (no pick-pocketing)

- Nymph Cloak
- Black Spider Figurine
- Potion of Invisibility

1. Charm Taquee
2. Summon Kitthix
3. Smash Kitthix
4. Become invisible

Kitthix will poison Taquee, who will be dead in seconds.
Other genies will not become angry and you still be able to complete Rakshasa's Head quest.



  • AbefkoNordAbefkoNord Member Posts: 1
    What exactly do you mean by smash Kitthix? He doesn't become hostile towards Taquee if I attack him (Kitthix) with my character or Taquee. The only way I can get them to fight is to attack Taquee with Kitthix, and that makes the genies hostile no matter if I've been invisible or not.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,825
    edited January 9
    i have to test it but i suppose that you missed the importance of
    "1. Charm Taquee"
    you then order taquee to hit kittix so the spider become hostile, and go invisible so he targets the genie.

    possibly the other genies don't become hostile when their charmed companion hits a summon by your party and don't become hostile when the summon, and not a party member, reacts and kills taquee.
    @zol can confirm it, but this is how i suppose the trick works, exploiting the conditions that trigger the other genies to become hostile.

    edit: if i am right than the op post should be reworded as "3. order taquee to smash kittix".

  • zolzol Member Posts: 23
    @gorgonzola, you're right in general. Though it's not nesessary to order Taquee to smash Kitthix. Your character can do it. But you gave me an idea on how to do it better, without spending Potion of Invisibility. I've posted video here:

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