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marcosmarcos Member Posts: 66
I'm creating an NPC for BGEE (my first time). I haven't put sound files in, but I've put in text for the various NPC sound slots. I'm getting text in game for all of them except for SELECT_COMMON1-3 and SELECT_ACTION4-7.

Anybody have any idea what's up?


  • marcosmarcos Member Posts: 66
    I figured it out.

    Each of these pieces of text is a link in a chain. Each of them needs to have a sound associated with it. Text alone is not enough. If one of piece of text does not have a sound associated with it, both it and everything which come after it in the series will not show up. Not only that, but the sounds previous to it will appear only once.

    So, for example, say you don't have a sound for SELECT_COMMON3 but sounds for every other one of these. SELECT_COMMON1 and 2 will play once and only once. SELECT_COMMON3 and SELECT_ACTION4-7 will never play at all.

    At least that's how it's working in my game.

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