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BG characters in 5th edition

I've been fiddling with 5th edition D&D a lot recently, and for fun, I decided to try and figure out what classes/"kits" the BG characters would be in 5E. No real reason for doing it, other than I was bored one day. I only did the BG2 NPCs, though, because I wasn't that bored. Anyway, I figured I'd post this in case any of you fine folks thought it was interesting, or had feedback to provide, or wanted to help me add the BG1 NPCs.

I explicitly avoided multiclassing, as frankly 5E just wasn't made to accommodate it. This tends to put the multiclassed characters in fairly awkward spots, and I'm not always happy with my substitutions.

Imoen: Bard, college of lore
*Alternate: Rogue, arcane trickster
This one was tricky, because it's a multiclass. College of Lore bard should give her sufficient access to the thief skills she uses, though, and it's a very good spellcasting class.

Minsc: Barbarian, path of the totem warrior
Barbarian just fits Minsc more than ranger. He's a berserker, and rangers don't berserk. Lore-wise, the totem warrior seems the most similar to the Rashemi berserkers.

Aerie: Cleric, knowledge domain
I figured a caster-cleric would fit her better than a mage, and knowledge is about as castery a domain as it gets.

Nalia: Wizard, any
I didn't really know what to do with Nalia. She's not a good enough thief to be a bard or arcane trickster, imo, so I think she just gets to be a wizard with a few thief skills.

Keldorn: Paladin, oath of devotion
What else would he be?

Valygar: Ranger, hunter
See Keldorn.

Mazzy: Paladin, oath of devotion
*Alternate: Fighter, champion
She's a fighter in the game, but once you remove race restrictions, it's pretty clear she'd be a paladin.

Jaheira: Druid, circle of the land (forest)
*Alternate: Paladin, oath of the ancients
The druid fits her better, I think, but she fights quite well, and paladins get a lot of spells in 5E. Oath of the ancients, for those who don't know, is basically to druids what a traditional paladin is to clerics.

Yoshimo: Rogue, thief
There's no trap specialist, so this is the best we can do.

Anomen: Cleric, war domain
*Alternate: Paladin, oath of vengeance
I actually really like both these options, but cleric is probably better because we have a lot of paladins anyway.

Jan: Wizard, illusionist
*Alternate: Rogue, arcane trickster
Similar dilemma to Imoen and Nalia. My intuition tells me to make him the wizard, but he's a better thief than either of them. Arcane trickster isn't a very good spellcaster, though.

Haer’Dalis: Bard, college of valor
It's a fighty bard. Sounds right to me.

Cernd: Druid, circle of the moon
Druid specializing in shapeshifting, with lycanthropic undertones. Yep.

Korgan: Fighter, champion
*Alternate: Barbarian, path of the berserker
Fighter seems to fit better, but he is a berserker. Either one works, really.

Viconia: Cleric, trickery domain
Pretty straightforward. There's no darkness domain, but I think trickery's close enough.

Edwin: Wizard, conjurer
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Sarevok: Fighter, battlemaster
I figure this makes the most sense for him. After all, Sarevok is a thinky fighter, and battlemaster is more thinky than most.

Rasaad: Monk, way of the four elements
He's a monk, and he shoot fire. What more do you want?

Neera: Sorcerer, wild magic
Odd to have wild magic in the core rules, but convenient for our purposes.

Dorn: Warlock, pact of the fiend (blade)
*Alternate: Paladin, oathbreaker
Dorn fits the description of a fiend pact warlock to a tee, right down to the patron-given sword, but it's a very strange take on his mechanics. Oathbreaker paladin keeps him more in line with his BG capabilities, but it's just not what he fundamentally is. Plus, melee warlocks are surprisingly fun.

Hexxat: Rogue, assassin
Assassin seems more fitting than thief or arcane trickster, but I'm honestly not entirely sure.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Questions?



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