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[Mod] NPCs keep BG1 sound sets during SoD

UlbUlb Member Posts: 290
Thought I'll post this here, just in case some like minded players might find this useful.

This mods lets vanilla NPCs keep their original BG1 sound sets during SoD.
Note: This works ONLY when transitioning from BG1 to SoD (not for new SoD games) and ONLY for the following vanilla NPCs:

(Jaheira already uses her original voice set by default)

You can select indivdual NPCs, so if you want Safana's new sound set but Viconia's vanilla one, that's no problem.

I didn't include Beamdog's own NPCs as I don't think it makes much sense.

Mod should work for SoD and EET.

(Disclaimer: I just made this and only did a quick test on my own install, but I think it should work just fine with pretty much all mod set-ups.)




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