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malar panther
What makes them a shapechanger? I haven't seen one change before.
Does the Beamdog version still have these as shape changers?


  • DerpCityDerpCity Member, Moderator Posts: 272
    edited January 18
    This is actually not an error, as they are classified as shapechangers in the 3.0 book Monsters of Faerun, though the shapechanger type was removed entirely in the transition to 3.5 if I'm not mistaken and the creature would have probably changed to Magical Beast. In PnP, they are instead known as the Beast of Malar and have two other forms they can shift to, one being a giant wolverine and the other a giant bat. As only a model for the Panther form exists within NWN, which naturally is a retexture of the standard panther, its ability to change shape wasn't actually implemented.

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