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The Epic of Dewin Mawr



  • Will_O_WispWill_O_Wisp Member Posts: 55
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    Day 19, Hour 6 (20 Mirtul, 1368)

    We left Nashkel under a light rain and headed south toward the mines.

    We were waylaid in a lonely mountain pass by the bandits, Dorotea and Senjak, and no less than five archers.

    Thereupon appeared Dorn Il-Khan - the half-orc blackguard Imoen met more than a fortnight ago at the Friendly Arm Inn - and killed three of the archers before they even realized he was there.

    After a lengthy conversation between Dorn, Dorotea, and Senjak (See "Tall Dark Stranger"), a row broke out. We allied with Dorn and killed the bandits.

    Though I declined his offer to travel together, I will seek him out should I need his services.

    As we descended into the vale that is home to the Nashkel Mines, we spotted a winter wolf. Per the Merchant of Nashkel's request, we killed it an collected its pelt.

    Not unironically given the location, Khalid's plate mail armor was fouled by iron rot and broke. Imoen lent him her studded leather, but we knew then that we must return to Nashkel to purchase new armor before entering the mines.

    That necessity became starkly apparent when, upon finding Prism, we agreed to try and defend him from Greywolf. (See "Prism the Sculptor").

    Branwen, a brave if brash shieldmaiden, challenged the bounty hunter to single combat. She was no match for him; he dealt her such cruel and swift blows that, despite all Jaheira and I could do, she slipped into unconsciousness. Greywolf then wreaked havoc on the rest of us, felling Dynaheir before we could kill him.

    Prism did, however, finish his sculpture, Ellesime.

    I decided that, despite his final wishes, the gems he used were not his and I plucked them from the eyes of his masterpiece.

    With Branwen and Dynaheir's wounds beyond me, my party made all haste back to Nalin at the Temple of Helm in Nashkel.

    After our company was made once again hale and sound, we returned the emeralds to Oublek and delivered the winter wolf pelt to the Merchant of Nashkel. We also purchased a new set of plate mail armor for Khalid.

    Thereafter, we repaired once again to the Nashkel Inn for the evening, determined to return to the mines and hoping for better fortune in so doing.

  • Will_O_WispWill_O_Wisp Member Posts: 55
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    Day 20, Hour 6 (21 Mirtul, 1368)

    On our return walk to the mines, we discovered a hidden cache containing a Wand of Frost.

    Nearby, we rescued a gnome named Galtok from the pack of howling kobolds chasing him. He fled without expressing any gratitude.

    We also met Dandal, an Amnian soldier, who directed us to find and speak with Emerson, the foreman of the mines.

    We found Emerson, who bid us enter the mines. (See "Important Events - The Nashkel Mines" and "Investigating the Nashkel Mines").

    We entered the first level of the mines - a sad and dark place - and spoke with several miners in an attempt to determine the cause of the iron crisis. (See "Important Events - Investigating the Mines" and "Kylee's Dagger").

    Before long, we were skirmishing with kobolds, kobold guards, and kobold commandoes. It quickly became apparent that the "dog-like demons" described by the miners were kobolds.

    We made certain, thereafter, to tighten our formation and proceed carefully with Branwen and Khalid to the fore.

    Within the hour, we'd descended to the second level of the mines. There were far fewer men here and far more kobolds.

    We briefly met a man named Beldin who had barely enough time to scream about "demons" before he was felled by a volley of kobold arrows. (See "Demons in the Mines"). One such arrow struck me in the chest. Thanks be to Lathander, Gorion's robe protected me from certain death.

    Once we'd defeated that pack, we found the bodies of two other miners nearby, and two again after that. Soon, we were following a trail of the corpses of murdered miners.

    With the increasing frequency of kobold attacks - and the increasing number of kobolds involved in those attacks - we soon developed the effective strategy of sending Khalid and his tower shield forward to draw their fire before having Dynaheir unleash her sleep magic upon them.

    On the body of one kobold, I found a Vial of Mysterious Liquid.

    We discovered a large chamber in which Amnian soldiers and miners had garrisoned themselves, and were able to deliver Kylee's dagger to him.

    Descending to the third level of the mines, we spotted Joseph's Greenstone Ring on the ground. A body - presumably that of Joseph - lay nearby.

    Along the eastern tunnel, sharp-eyed Imoen spotted a trap and disarmed it. Hereafter, we thought it wise to send Imoen along with Khalid in the event any more traps lay ahead.

    We found that these little monsters were attacking with the cunning of a trained militia. They had set dart-shooting floor-traps throughout the third level of the mines and sought to lure us into them. They often positioned a single kobold within our field of view while others waited in adjoining tunnels to waylay us en masse. And they were masterful guerilla fighters, launching a perpetual series of ambushes.

    In one such ambush, Khalid found himself surrounded by more than twenty of the yipping little monsters at once, each armed with either a short sword or a bow outfitted with flaming arrows.

    Surviving all that, we clashed as well with the walking corpse of some long-forgotten soul who – gods know when – had been turned into a ghast.

    We then found ourselves in the den of a pair of hideous giant spiders.

    We have just somehow survived what appears to have been the final battle with these demons, and slain their chieftain and their shaman.

    The cost was great, however, and we are all battered, bloody, and drained of magic and energy.

    I must commend both Khalid – whose valor at arms belies his mild, nervous manner – and Jaheira, who single-handedly killed both the chieftain and shaman while the balance of us wandered around under the effects of a Panic spell.

    We will now attempt to rest for a time and regain our strength before proceeding to the fourth level of this accursed hole.

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  • Will_O_WispWill_O_Wisp Member Posts: 55
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    Day 21, Hour 8 (21 Mirtul, 1368)

    We progressed to the fourth and lowest level of the mines where, after skirmishing with a final war party of kobolds, we discovered a great dome of stone on an island surrounded by an underground moat.

    Therein, we confronted Mulahey, a half-orc cleric of Cyric and the apparent agent of someone named Tazok. (See Notes for Mulahey and “Important Events – Tranzig.”

    We defeated Mulahey after a major battle with his cadre of kobold soldiers and walking skeletons.

    From his lair we recovered his Holy Symbol, and Honorary Ring of Sune, Talos’ Gift, two letters to Mulahey from this Tazok, and several magical scrolls.

    We also recovered a Moonblade, which belonged to a prisoner named Xan who was being detained in a nearby chamber.

    Xan is an elven fighter/mage who had been sent here – much like us – to investigate the cause of the iron shortage. He has joined our company.

    Branwen has departed and will rendezvous with us in Beregost should we seek her out.

    We have rested for quite some time in Mulahey’s lair, and are now prepared to press on through this cavern in hopes of finding a way out that does not involve backtracking through the mines above.

  • Will_O_WispWill_O_Wisp Member Posts: 55
    edited January 2019

    Day 22, Hour 4 (21 Mirtul, 1368)

    On the shore beyond the moat, we were attacked by two slimy masses of grey ooze. Khalid and Jaheira pounded them into harmless liquid with sword and sling.

    We followed long, dark tunnels until we emerged in the Valley of the Tombs, that vast, arid region a day and a half’s journey from Nashkel in which the ancient dead eternally lay.

    As we traversed this haunted and lonely vale, a cruel storm crept in from the south, sending us into one of the tombs for shelter.

    That was a mistake which nearly proved the end of us for, therein, dwelt three foul ghasts. They nearly devoured Khalid before we were able to save him, Dynaheir's sorcery flashing and Jaheira calling a brilliant Sunscorch to blind them.

    Nevertheless, we elected to wait until the storm passed and, having set our watches, passed into sleep in turn. I was plagued by a cruel dream, only to wake and speak with Dynaheir who - I discovered - had been watching over me while I slept.

    We plundered the graves of the three accursed ghasts and recovered, among other things, an enchanted coat of chainmail and a Wand of Summoning.

    The dead walk freely in the Valley of the Tombs, and we encountered numerous skeleton warriors. With the faith of Lathander growing in me, I drove the bulk of them off with my holy symbol.

    We were approached by a screaming grave robber named Hentold, who had stolen an ancient dagger from a nearby crypt. Hounded by the vengeful spirit of the revenant who guards the dagger, he pleaded that we take the artifact and return it to its rightful place. We complied, and gave rest to the haunted soul whose cursed existence had been bound to it.

    Then we stumbled upon the gruesome and ill-fated experiment of Narcillicus Harwilliger Neen, a mage and would-be scientist who had been researching methods to control gelatinous monsters. His experiment, of course, went awry, leaving us to defend ourselves against four green slimes. They are immune to physical damage but susceptible to magic, and we were able to destroy them without overmuch ado.

    As dusk fell, we made camp by the only tree in this accursed vale. Resting safely, we have awoken here before dawn to make the long trek back to Nashkel and deliver our findings to Berrun Ghastkill.

  • Will_O_WispWill_O_Wisp Member Posts: 55
    edited January 2019

    Day 23, Hour 6 (24 Mirtul, 1368)

    Even with our early start, we did not make Nashkel until dark.

    Approaching from the south, we first visited Joseph's wife to deliver to her the sad news about the fate of her husband. (See "Joseph's Wife").

    Next, we visited Berrun Ghastkill and gave to him word of our discoveries at the Nashkel Mines, as well as Mulahey's Holy Symbol and one of Tazok's letters to Mulahey. (See "Important Events - Rumors & Happenings" and "Vial of Mysterious Liquid").

    As we attempted to enter the Nashkel Store, we were ambushed by Nimbul, the seventh assassin who has sought my head in the last three weeks. Per the note we recovered from his body - written by Tazok - Tranzig had hired him to kill me.

    I had heard of Nimbul, a deadly assassin and thief-turned-mage. He immediately turned himself invisible.

    I hustled my party into the Nashkel Store and summoned two ogres and a hobgoblin outside with the Wand of Summoning we had found in the Valley of the Tombs. The intended effect was to entice Nimbul to break his invisibility and expend the bulk of his magic on defending himself against our proxy corps.

    He swallowed the bait and, after the assassin had spent most of his magical energy, we assaulted him. Though he had shielded himself with Stone Skin, I cast upon him Hold Person. Thereafter, he fell quickly. From his corpse we took an enchanted short sword, the Topsider's Crutch, a pair of boots known as Senses of the Cat, and the commission letter to him from Tazok.

    The Merchant of Nashkel, who had fled to the back of his shop during the row with Nimbul, was not too frightened to engage in trade with us after said row.

    Repairing to the Nashkel Inn for the night, we decided to strike for fisherman’s lake today to locate and kill the half-ogres who assaulted Bjornin, then search for Bassilius.

    I have changed the color of my robes to white to reflect my current mood; having made it through the minor hell that was the Nashkel Mines and emerged victorious, I am feeling quite hopeful.

  • Will_O_WispWill_O_Wisp Member Posts: 55
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    Day 24, Hour 8 (25 Mirtul, 1368)

    The road to Fisherman's Lake was a long one, and we didn't reach the region until nightfall.

    As we searched for a proper campsite, a pair of ghouls crawled snarling out of an impending rainstorm. Slaying them, we felt it wise to stay on the move until we could find a safer location.

    The decision proved prudent, for we found ourselves stalked by a pack of flinds - larger, stronger cousins of gnolls who charge howling into battle with great, two-handed swords.

    I must say that I am proud of my how my company has come to coalesce since the death of Minsc. Khalid - resplendent in his Ankheg Plate Mail - stands like a bulwark to hold back the onslaught while Imoen and Jaheira launch death and Dynaheir's sorcery flashes brilliantly.

    Even Xan - morale vampire that he is - wields his Moonblade with artistic precision, and it is ironically inspiring to us all to watch the brilliant white fire with which it glows flashing in the dark.

    Finally, nearly blinded by the driving rain, we found an old fishing cabin on the edge of Fisherman's Lake. While it is too rotted to sleep in safely, we set up camp under the porch roof and have made it alive through another night on the wild Sword Coast.

  • Will_O_WispWill_O_Wisp Member Posts: 55
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    Day 25, Hour 19 (26 Mirtul, 1368)

    We haven't slept since yesterday morning and, as a consequence of the preceding thirty-six hours' events, I am too tired to make an entry today.

    At the invitation of Kelddath Ormlyr, we are now resting in the vestibule at the Temple of Lathander, east of Beregost.

    I will explain everything in the morning when we awake.

  • Will_O_WispWill_O_Wisp Member Posts: 55
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    Day 26, Hour 3 (27 Mirtul, 1368)

    I shall here attempt to piece together the events of the last forty-eight hours.

    The morning of 25 Mirtul began idyllically as we awoke at the abandoned fishing cabin to see that a pair of fishermen had taken up on the docks and cast their lines into the water.

    The first, Torlo, was an erstwhile miner who had adopted angling to feed his family. The second, Chelan, regaled us enthusiastically with puns while he awaited a nibble on his line.

    After enjoying the morning on the lake and taking the opportunity to bathe the blood and grime of battle off ourselves, we continued the hunt for Bjornin's half-ogres.

    We didn't have to look far, and killed four of them just north of the lake. Poor Xan was cut viciously in the affray and grievously wounded.

    We then came to the aid of the famous drow ranger, Drizzt Do'Urden, and helped him slay a dozen angry gnolls. (See "Troubles in the Region - Bandit Problems" and "Meeting Drizzt").

    In return for our efforts, Drizzt agreed to help us find Dynaheir's missing journal, which he had tracked to the Red Canyons (See "Dynaheir's Missing Journal"). We agreed to rendezvous there with him and discuss our respective progress in the search.

    Enroute, we battled with and defeated the bandit Teyngan and his consort, the mage Jemby and the hobgoblin Zekar.

    We reached the Red Canyons at dusk and were approached peacefully by a pack of gnolls who warned us that the "Old One" had sent them to recapture Dynaheir.

    This “Old One” apparently gave the gnolls Dynaheir's journal to aid them in tracking her by scent but, when they tore the journal into pieces amongst themselves, it enchanted them for a time and made them empathetic to Dynaheir.

    Nearby, we met a messenger named Roger who told us that he was enroute from Amn to Baldur's Gate. His mission was to deliver a demand of restitution for the "accusations of war" Baldur's Gate has been making against Amn.

    Wandering the Red Canyons in search of the journal, we encountered four shambling zombies. They fell easily enough before us, and we took their presence as evidence that Bassilius must be nearby.

    Our day having apparently not been sufficiently bizarre to that point, we then saved Melicamp - a magician's apprentice who had unintentionally polymorphed himself into a chicken – from a pack of hungry wolves. We agreed to take Melicamp to the tower of Thalantyr the Conjurer at High Hedge in hopes of reversing his plight. (See "Melicamp the Chicken").

    South thereof, we met a young lad named Footy, who told us that Bassilius and his family of undead was indeed quite close. (See "Bassilius the Murderer").

    Sure enough, we came upon Bassilius the Murderer and his “family” of undead having a macabre dinner party in the middle of an old stone henge. It appeared to us that – whether by strange coincidence or design – the hobgoblin company of Zargal, Malkax, and Geltik had allied themselves with Bassilius.

    The result was the most chaotic and overwhelming battle of which we had been a part since Minsc fell at Bear River.

    Back-pedaling from between a combined flanking force of Bassilius and his legion of undead on the one side, and Zargal, Malkax, Geltik, and their company of hobgoblins on the other, we fought tooth and claw for our lives.

    Xan – already wounded – was struck low and out of the affray quickly.

    I used the Wand of Summoning to even the odds, calling forth our own allies to buy us time. The din of battle was deafening yet – using every spell and weapon we had – we somehow survived.

    However, we could go no farther and were forced to gather up to rest and tend to Xan’s wounds. The mere presence of Bassilius in those canyons must have cursed them for, once darkness fell, we found a horde of countless skeletons clattering their way to our doom.

    We were forced to flee, and Imoen was laid low in the withdrawal, leaving four of us to carry two unconscious companions.

    We marched, trudged, and crawled throughout the night and into yesterday afternoon, not stopping until we reached Beregost.

    We made straight way here to the Song of the Morning Temple, where we met the governor of Beregost, Kelddath Ormlyr. He healed our companions and rewarded us for slaying Bassilius. (See "Bassilius the Murderer").

    He bid us rest in the temple vestibule, where the kindly Dawn Priests Blane and Bram tended to us.

    After making last night’s entry, I collapsed into sleep, and have just now completed surveying the treasure we’ve collected and scribing the scrolls we’ve recovered.

    Once the others are awake, we will set out again for the Red Canyons to find Drizzt. Thereafter, we'll make for High Hedge to return poor Melicamp – who, as I write this, is clucking about the marble floor of the vestibule – to Thalantyr.

  • Will_O_WispWill_O_Wisp Member Posts: 55
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    Day 27, Hour 8 (28 Mirtul, 1368)

    Starting well before dawn, we reached the Red Canyons and met Drizzt, as agreed. He had found Dynaheir's Journal. (See Dynaheir's Missing Journal").

    With darkness upon us, we attempted to camp once again in the Red Canyons - this time successfully - and will set out for High Hedge this morning.

  • Will_O_WispWill_O_Wisp Member Posts: 55
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    Day 28, Hour 9 (29 Mirtul, 1368)

    The bandit activity along the Sword Coast appears to have increased since we left Nashkel; we defeated a company of six of them enroute to High Hedge.

    We arrived in this wooded, fey region after dark, just as rain began to fall. The dead walk here too, and we faced a platoon of skeleton warriors before making camp for the night.

    Khalid is now outfitted with the Ankheg Plate Mail, his Tower Shield, the Bracers of Dexterity, and the Senses of the Cat. Given his specialization in sword-and-shield combat, he is nearly invulnerable to missile attacks and we are perfecting the art of drawing archer fire to him.

    We all slept past dawn this morning and can see in the distance the barbican of High Hedge against the rising sun. We will cautiously proceed thereto in hopes of curing poor Melicamp.

  • Will_O_WispWill_O_Wisp Member Posts: 55
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    Day 29, Hour 5 (30 Mirtul, 1368)

    We returned Melicamp to Thalantyr, though the "reincarnation" process did not go well for the poor man-chicken, and he died. (See "Melicamp's Transformation").

    With his former apprentice gone, Thalantyr has agreed to take on Xan in his place. I cannot say that I will miss the well-intentioned but despairing elf.

    We purchased several items from Thalantyr, including a Bag of Holding, scrolls of Mirror Image and Horror, and a Red Ioun Stone for Imoen.

    Traveling through the forest, we sought shelter in a cabin when yet another storm wracked the Sword Coast. Fortunately, we found the cabin unoccupied.

    North of High Hedge, we met Kivan, who joined our company. (See "Kivan and Tazok"). An accomplished elven archer, we have outfitted him with the Dales Protector, the Quiver of Plenty, and Varscona.

    We also met the ambitious thief, Permidion Stark, who was planning to infiltrate High Hedge in an attempt to steal from Thalantyr. Having met Thalantyr - and witnessed his might and demeanor first-hand - we quickly declined.

    South of Thalantyr's abode, we killed three gnolls and were able to recover Perdue's stolen short sword.

    We then made for Beregost, arriving in the small town before sunset, and set about returning the various items we'd collected over the past few weeks to their rightful owners.

    First, we visited Zhurlong at the Burning Wizard and - to Imoen's dismay - returned his boots to him. (See "Zhurlong's Missing Boots").

    Next, we went to the Red Sheaf Inn and gave Perdue his stolen short sword. (See "Perdue's Short Sword").

    Asking about town as to the Colquetle family, Jaheira, Dynaheir, and I found Mr. Colquetle and gave him the amulet we'd recovered from his murdered family along the Trade Way South.

    While on our errands, a young lass named Chloe approached and asked us to seek out Officer Vai at the Jovial Juggler Inn. (See "Officer Vai"). Per young Chloe, our exploits at the Nashkel Mines have earned us something of a heroic reputation here in Beregost.

    Nearby, I was approached - again - by Elminster himself. Though he refused to spend much time with me, he did offer a small bit of information. (See "That strange old man...").

    Before heading to the Jovial Juggler, I was compelled to finally fulfill my promise to Mirianne and delivered to her the good news about her husband, Roe. (See "Mirianne's Husband").

    Enroute from Mirianne's to the Jovial Juggler, we visited the Thunderhammer Smithy and - per Berrun Ghastkill's suggestion - gave Taerom the Vial of Mysterious Liquid we'd taken from the Nashkel Mines. (See "Vial of Mysterious Liquid").

    We spent a good deal of time there with Taerom, bartering, selling, and procuring some of his finest wares with our newfound (but now depleted) wealth.

    We met Officer Vai at the Jovial Juggler (See "Vai's Bounty Upon Bandits"). She is apparently acquainted with Kivan.

    Bjornin had already heard that we'd defeated the half-ogres at Fishermen's Lake (See "Half-Ogres Near Beregost").

    We found Tranzig at Feldepost's Inn. He foolishly attacked us and we killed him. (See "Important Events - Bandits" and "Note to Tranzig"). We took from his body a letter from Tazok, a Wand of Magic Missiles, a Ring of the Princes, and a scroll of Glitterdust.

    Downstairs, as we gathered around a table, I scribed that scroll, along with two others I'd purchased, into my spellbook.

    We’ve awakened before sunrise today with the high morale that comes from completing so many quests, and now endeavor to seek out the bandit camp we found marked on Tranzig’s map.

  • Will_O_WispWill_O_Wisp Member Posts: 55

    Day 30, Hour 3 (1 Kythorn, 1368)

    We found ourselves traveling once again north along the Coast Way. Treading upon that familiar road brought a rush of memories from the beginning of Mirtul that seem like ages ago.

    There were more gibberlings this time but, with our well-equipped and experienced company, they posed little threat.

    We reached the Friendly Arm Inn before dusk, and resumed the same table where we met Jaheira and Khalid nigh a month ago.

    Spreading our map out upon a table, we studied it. After much discussion and a large dinner, we've elected to strike for Peldvale to the east in an attempt to locate the bandit camp we learned about from Tranzig.

    Though admittedly daunting, having a trained ranger in the company gives us some confidence.

    We turned in early and - while the rest of the Friendly Arm still sleeps - my companions are now preparing their gear for the long road into the wild, forested interior of the Sword Coast on this first day of Kythorn.

  • Will_O_WispWill_O_Wisp Member Posts: 55

    Day 31, Hour 9 (2 Kythorn, 1368)

    Heading out on foot under a starry, predawn sky, we followed the western road as it winds around the northern walls of the ancient keep that is the Friendly Arm.

    Our spirits soared with our resolve and we reveled in each other's company and the adventure ahead.

    All of that changed when we met Lamalha and her party.

    I will here try and tell in great detail what transpired for – even considering all we’ve been through – this was the most devastating battle of my life.

    Lamalha was a priestess of Cryic and an agent of the “Iron Throne.” She led a party of women bounty hunters comprised of Telka, a fighter/thief and archer, Maneira, a fighter/thief and dart-thrower, and Zeela, a cleric of some unknown god.

    The quartet had been sent by the Iron Throne to kill me and my companions. They ambushed us roughly halfway between the Friendly Arm Inn and the Larswood.

    The battle began with Dynaheir and I casting Mirror Image.

    Imoen and Kivan let fly arrows at Zeela and Lamalha, respectively. Both hit their mark.

    Khalid moved to engage and Jaheira cast Sunscorch upon Zeela, blinding her.

    At this point, both Telka and Maneira disappeared, either through raw skill or by magic means.

    Lamalha cast Unholy Blight as Imoen fired again, striking Zeela.

    At that point, Telka backstabbed Imoen, nearly killing her outright. I remember Imoen murmuring “I feel so cold.”

    Kivan sent another shaft into Lamalha.

    Then Lamalha’s Unholy Blight rained upon us, striking me, Dynaheir, and Jaheira and waylaying Imoen.

    Kivan – outside the area of effect of the blight - continued volley after volley at Lamalha while Khalid and Jaheira moved to engage Telka.

    Maneira intercepted Jaheira and dealt her a critical strike, sending her into a bloody coma upon the grassy field.

    I cast Horror upon Lamalha, causing her to run in a phantasmal panic.

    Dynaheir cast a Sleep spell upon the lot, but it was ineffective.

    I then cast Sanctuary to move about the affray and heal my dying companions.

    Seeing Lamalha no longer a threat, Kivan turned his aim upon Telka and put an arrow into her.

    Khalid, enraged over the condition of Jaheira, reached Telka and severed her head from her body.

    In the interim, Maneira had engaged Khalid from behind but, in a sizzling flash, was struck with Dynaheir’s Magic Missiles.

    Zeela – who, to this point, was out of the fight on account of the blindness caused by Jaheira’s Sunscorch – regained her vision and cast Hold Person on Khalid just in time to render my blessing of him useless.

    She attempted a second spell but was interrupted by one of Kivan’s arrows.

    However, Maneira felled the helpless Khalid in the meantime.

    Now came turn for my Hold Person spell, which paralyzed both Maneira and Zeela.

    With Lamalha stricken with Horror and her companions held, we killed all three of them without further damage.

    Collecting our wounded, we diverted our path and headed south for Beregost, traveling through the night until we reached the Song of the Morning Temple just after dawn.

    Kelddath Ormlyr – who, like Officer Vai, is also acquainted with Kivan – tended to our wounds.

    We have since come back to the Jovial Juggler where I suspect we will spend the next twenty-four hours trying to heal ourselves.

  • Will_O_WispWill_O_Wisp Member Posts: 55

    Day 32, Hour 5 (3 Kythorn, 1368)

    During our recovery, I reviewed the treasure we'd taken from Lamalha and her company. We've claimed the Harrower, the Protector of the Second, a set of enchanted leather armor, and several magical potions.

    We visited Taerom and found that he’s made progress with the Vial of Mysterious Liquid we had given him. (See "Vial of Mysterious Liquid").

    Perhaps somewhat unwisely, we elected to take a "relaxing stroll" about the grounds around the Song of the Morning Temple.

    Of course, in this age, there is no "relaxing" on the Sword Coast.

    The walk started off leisurely enough, and we spoke with an arrogant noble from Waterdeep named Ashen who has been cut off from his home city by the bandit activity on the roads.

    We then came upon the statue of the ranger Corianna and released her - much like Branwen - from her petrified form. (See "I have rescued the ranger Corianna...").

    Deciding that any "basilisk hunting" would have to wait until we conclude our business in the forests to the north, we headed back toward Beregost, only to cross swords with - and easily defeat - Cattack and his company of bandits of the Chill.

    Thereafter, we drove out of the area a pack of vampiric and dread wolves. Vampiric wolves are horrific spirits, immune to non-magical weapons, and heal themselves with each successful bite. Moreover, they can paralyze their prey. I nearly froze Khalid into a block of ice when - seeing little other option - I used my Wand of Frost to finish them off.

    Next, we met Galileus, a watcher of the stars, who told us that he foresees “interesting times ahead” for the realms.

    In the gardens of the temple, we met Rashel the Sunray, a creature of striking beauty - perhaps a nymph or sirine - who serves Lathander in the employ of Kelddath Ormlyr.

    We returned to the Jovial Juggler needing to rest from our day of rest.

    In any event, dawn now nears and we'll strike out once again for Larswood after breakfast.

  • Will_O_WispWill_O_Wisp Member Posts: 55

    Day 33, Hour 8 (4 Kythorn, 1368)

    We reached the southern Larswood after nightfall, finding it thickly forested and dark. Searching for a place to make camp, we came upon a boulder covered in fresh blood.

    We were then ambushed by a triad of Blacktalon Elite mercenaries, doughty men in splint mail, armed with longbows and Arrows of Ice. Teven - an apparent agent of Tazok - also tried us with a company of seven archers. (See "Teven Attacks").

    Rather than have us blundering about blindly in this forest, Kivan scouted ahead, slipping among the plentiful shadows of the trees.

    He led back to us a pack of gibberlings twice as large in number as any I've ever seen. I cast a Grease and Dynaheir cast Sleep, rendering the score of them easy pickings for our archers.

    We approached the ruins of an old tower to make camp, where we met the quite glib and entertaining Baeloth Barrityl. (See "The Entertainer").

    Despite our proximity to the ominous bloody boulder, we managed to sleep through the night without serious incident.

  • Will_O_WispWill_O_Wisp Member Posts: 55
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    Day 34, Hour 11 (5 Kythorn, 1368)

    In the eastern Larswood, there lies a great henge, attended by druids of Malar. We were attacked by one of them - a man named Osmadi - and were forced to kill him.

    One of his brethren, Corsone, explained that the order had been attacked by the Chill and that Osmadi had mistaken us for their ilk.

    We rested a while at the henge before proceeding north into Peldvale.

  • Will_O_WispWill_O_Wisp Member Posts: 55

    Day 35, Hour 6 (6 Kythorn, 1368)

    In southern Peldvale, we were again ambushed by Black Talon elite mercenaries.

    This time, there were eight of them; they attacked from the trees, four to a side. We were able to defeat them, but their deadly accuracy with their Arrows of Ice exacted a cruel toll.

    After two more ambushes, I begged Dynaheir to return to the Friendly Arm Inn, as I felt farther progression too dangerous. She stoically complied with my wishes.

    Our mood was lightened when we stopped and listened to three wandering Lake Poets - Rob, Sam, and Willy.

    Last evening, we rescued the drow elf, Viconia, from a Flaming Fist mercenary intent on killing her. Over Jaheira’s objection, I have allowed her to join us for a time.

    We made camp by a small lake and, as the sun rises, prepare to continue our quest to reach the bandit camp.

  • Will_O_WispWill_O_Wisp Member Posts: 55

    Day 36, Hour 13 (7 Kythorn, 1368)

    Not a good day.

    After a brief skirmish with a platoon of bandits, we met Ted, a wandering hunter. (See "Firewine Ruins").

    Thereafter, we met Raiken, the leader of a platoon of bandits, and convinced him to "let us join" them. (See "Tazok and the Bandits").

    As planned, they led us all the way to the bandit camp, where Tazok appeared to scold his lieutenants for their ineptitude in bringing us there. (See "Hidden Bandit Camp" & "Important Events - The Bandit Camp").

    We would not have been discovered but for Kivan's uncontrollable rage. He attacked Tazok and brought the entire bandit camp down upon us. I have never seen so many hobgoblins, archers, gnolls, and mercenaries in one place.

    Also present was Venkt - a magic-user of no small skill – and several of Tazok’s fell captains.

    We fought as valiantly as we could but were forced to flee back into the forest.

    We made it all the way back to Peldvale before we were safe, and made camp here last night.

    With the entire camp alerted to us - and, no doubt, hunting for us - I am unsure of what we can do.

    Nevertheless, we've resolved to try again and now prepare to return to the camp for a second attempt.

  • Will_O_WispWill_O_Wisp Member Posts: 55
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    Day 37, Hour 18 (8 Kythorn, 1368)

    A worse day.

    Enroute back to the bandit camp, yet another band of would-be assassins found us.

    This company consisted of Molkar and Morvin, both warriors, Drakar, a cleric, and Halacan, a wizard. They intercepted us in the forest between Peldvale and the bandit camp.

    After boasting that they were surely more competent and dangerous than any bounty hunters we’d faced before, they fell to us fairly quickly.

    However, by the time we returned to the bandit camp, weary from the encounter, we were again grossly outmatched and, again, we retreated wounded and beaten.

    This time, we’ve made for the Friendly Arm Inn wherein we now sit as I write this entry. Perhaps it was a mistake sending Dynaheir here; her magic could have been quite useful.

    I also see the half-orc, Dorn across the room. As I noted before – and have since witnessed first-hand – he “looks like he could be handy in a fight.”

    I will spend the rest of the evening with Dynaheir and my companions and, by morning, we will have decided what to do.

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    Day 38, Hour 3 (9 Kythorn, 1368)

    We thought it wise to leave Viconia safely at Joia's house where she can hide from "surface dwellers" until our business at the bandit camp is complete.

    I spoke with Dorn. He did not find our company's reputation to his liking.

    I also spoke at length with Dynaheir. While much of our conversation was private - and will not be recorded here - I elected to bring her with us. The stakes are simply too high not to have her by my side.

    I scribed three new spells into my spellbook. We bartered at length with Bentley and purchased new potions from Gellana.

    Talking, strategizing, and agonizing well into the night, we all finally claimed our rooms and have woken up here - hours before dawn - to set out once again for the bandit camp.

    Though they are now fully prepared for our return, we have little choice in the matter.

    Here's hoping that the third time is, should the cliché be pardoned, a charm.

  • Will_O_WispWill_O_Wisp Member Posts: 55
    Whelp. It's been fun, but it looks like having Kivan in my party killed me. We got to the bandit camp and he spazzed on Tazok. So about fifty bad guys poured down on me. Five of them are named. A dozen are Blacktalon elites. Everyone is ranged. I'm cooked.

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