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Item randomizer?

The item randomizer mod for bg2, does it work for the current version of the game? Remember it being tons of fun to use. Really scratch my itch for looting everything



  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,468
    It does. Am currently in BG2 with v7 of Item Randomiser and it's working perfectly fine, and yes, it's great fun!

  • KrechasKrechas Member Posts: 1
    Hi guys, question - how to tell that Randomizer worked? Because I tried mode 2 and I found:

    dagger +1,

    staff +1,

    long sword +1 and

    long sword + 2 'Varscona'

    Helm of Balduran and

    Metaspell amulet

    in the beginning, the same way how I would do in vanilla game.

    Then I tried mode 1 and I found almost the same - although Helm of Balduran and metaspell amulet was gone - and there was nothing else as replacement.

    Does the mod doesn't bother about the trash, only-usable-in-the-beginnig +1 items?

    And why did mode 2 didn't do anything? It was supposed to alter even more items - and I would really like that!

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