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Item Property Removal and price comparison

DJ_WoWDJ_WoW Member Posts: 31
edited February 2019 in Builders - Scripting
Gooday all,

I am working on a crafting system and I need to loop through the Item Properties and remove a specified Item Property before adding the new Item Property with value. This is what I have. When I compare the two Values in iStartCost and iEndCost it is clear that the Item Property has not been remove. Am I missing a step here?

int iStartCost = GetGoldPieceValue(oCopy);

itemproperty  ipLoop, ipType;

ipLoop = GetFirstItemProperty(oCopy);

 while (GetIsItemPropertyValid(ipLoop))

      {if GetItemPropertyType(ipLoop)==ITEM_PROPERTY_ENHANCEMENT_BONUS)

         {RemoveItemProperty(oCopy, ipLoop);}

    ipLoop = GetNextItemProperty(oCopy);


REM: I add new Item Property to oCopy and compare prices.

int iEndCost = GetGoldPieceValue(oCopy);

Thank you for your time,


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