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Looking for old version number

I maintain a backup of old BG installations, but part of my backup of installations is one called 'BG2EE old unmodded' that I used a base for my first BG2EE campaigns. But for proper archiving, I want to rename it to BG2EE version x.x

Problem is, I can't see the version number. When I open this version, the version number isn't shown on the splasch screen, it's only shown once a game is loaded and you go to the options menu. There, hidden behind the SoA logo, you can make out a v and 9030, so it's version number v.x.x.9030. But where I've put x.x the version number is hidden behind the hairs of the face in the SoA logo.

What version number was it, that had these telltale signs?


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