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Is there a greater/perfect two weapon fighting feat out there that someone made?

so, here i was thinking; ah, i will play a character that uses 2 weapons, and based of my dnd knowledge, i will need huge dex for the all the two weapon feats.....

but unfortunately nwn 1 uses the feats from back in the stone age and not only does two weapon fighting require 0 DEX, but there is no greater or perfect two weapon fighting *sigh*

this is really a piss off to be honest, because im about to level up to level 9 and i have waaaay too much dex for feats i don't need AND i will never have more than 2 attacks in the off hand

so has someone made it out there ( or can someone make it? ) so that greater two weapon fighting and perfect two weapon fighting can exist, and can they use the 3.5 rules for prerequisites ( since i guess this stuff doesn't exist in 3.0 which is ironic since perfect two weapon fighting is in the epic players hand book and they never made a 3.5 version of that ) 

or is this just futile hopes and dreams? 


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