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How to use .PVRZ files?

AxwindAxwind Member Posts: 21
edited February 2019 in UI Modding
Been playing around with NI, figured out with help how to replace .MOS images and use .PNG instead in the override, but I also see images stored as .PVRZ and when I try to follow the same procedure as I do with .MOS (saving a .png version with my changes and putting it in override while removing the .PVRZ from override) the game crashes when it gets to the point of opening the new image where the .PVRZ was. How do I replace those as they seem to work differently than .MOS despite many of them seeming to be exact duplicates of some of the .MOS files.


  • CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,413
    I don't mess with areas too much, so I'll ping @Cuv to set me straight for any mistakes.

    PVRZ are paired with the tilesets (TIS) files to provide the actual area art, as defined by the WED file. The MOS files related to an area are only used by the minimap. AFAIK the engine cannot use PNGs in place of the TIS/PVRZ files.

  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535

    .MOS is completely unrelated to any area files.  It is only the mini-map.  The game will not read a .PNG btw.

    The reason you are crashing is because you have the original .TIS with all the images encased in it, you need to make changes ff you want to use PVRZ of a custom area.  If this is NOT for a custom area but for a shipped area in the EE, then do nothing or delete everything from the override (TIS and PVRZ) if you don't want/need them in there.   NI will automatically export the areas PVRZ to the override when opening an area. 

    The reason PVRZ is used is because it is a better graphics container that eliminates the line glitches (among other things) in the Enhanced Editions.

    So, for converting your custom tileset to use PVRZ -> open NI, browse down to the .TIS.  Open the TIS you want to convert in NI.  Select the Export dropdown and select -> Export as PVRZ-based TIS.  Export this somewhere besides the override since if you are creating a custom area likely you have your original in the override for testing/viewing/working.   I suggest creating a new folder on your desktop, wait for it to complete export.  Now backup your original that was in the override.  Copy all the PVRZ and "NEW" TIS to your override and replace the old original.  Now you can start the game and go to your area and see it in game using PVRZ instead of the old style TIS graphics container.

    Hope this clears things up


  • AxwindAxwind Member Posts: 21
    Thanks. I wasn't messing with area stuff, though, just trying to work with the UI graphics. I figured it out, though, found the Export Image to PVRZ option in the menu and that fixed it, I just exported the png as a PVRZ and put that in the override instead and it worked. It shouldn't take too long to get this UI tweak done now that I know what to do, I'll put it up when it's finished. I appreciate the feedback, though, thanks again!

  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535
    Oh sure, no problem.  Look forward to seeing UI tweaks :)

  • kiskikiski Member Posts: 40
    @Cuv But what about the overlays? Really don´t know if I´m doing something wrong, but I have a custom area with one overlay - classic river (WTLAKE). Area itself was made a long time ago via DLTCEP, when EE was just a dream together with new .pvrz format. In vanilla BG2 area worked perfectly. But accessed in BG2:EE via console I got classic graphical glitches - horizontal lines through area background and through overlay as well. Converting original TIS file via NI as you suggested in your previous post ended up with new TIS file and a bunch of .pvrz files, which is good. But overlay itself get screwed - only those tiles, that are complete are visible. But others - those that were "cut", e.g. around the bridge and rocks, etc., are not visible at all. Is there any way to correct it? Should I correct something else, perhaps in .WEDs?

    Here is screenshot of what I mean:

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