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Samsung Knox and similar systems affecting Droid installs

This is a big concern (well, to me)

End of last week I got myself a stock Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with 32G main memory and a 64G SD Card IE stuff on my tablet (BG, SOD, IWD, BG2 + NWN - not trying PST yet)

What I'd done, I found today, is that I'd put CEP (5.5G) on it as a test

I ran thru a rebuild without CEP and everything installs (I can prob fit PST in there too)

I then tried FTPing CEP to the SD again and watched what was happening via adb shell

It wasn't going to the SD - instead it was eating my remaining main memory so I killed the upload checking df -h noting the numbers. Sure enough as soon as I removed the test CEP I got 2G back

This is something that nwsync may be affected by as well, hence my concern.

I'll run some tests over the next few days to see IF I can get CEP on the SD via a custom app

As I say this is disturbing

In any testing scenario it is vital to get as close to test all scenarios - I sussed this one out in four days, why have BeamDog not found this?



  • ShaidenShaiden Member Posts: 181
    Hi there!

    So just to confirm, your specific concern is that when attempting to install the game, that the game is installing to the primary drive, rather than to your SD? If I'm misunderstanding, please let me know!

    To my knowledge, right now NWN:EE does not support installing to the SD card. I believe they're working / worked on a way around that for the next patch, though I'm not 100% if it's been completed or fully addressed as of yet.

    Did that answer your question? Or am I looking at the wrong issue here?

  • peardoxpeardox Member Posts: 37

    I can be perfectly clear

    NWN installs most of it's crap in /sdcard/Android/data/com.beamdog.nwn... - ok - I get lost on the exact path but it goes somewhere like and MOST will be easy to identify (com.beamdog... sorta gives it away)

    I have 379 files left to go - I'm prob way past my on-board memory

    So - get a basic Motorola and your recommended Tablet

    Guess which don't work

    I am attempting to solve this issue but research takes a long time (unpaid research is the worst type)

  • peardoxpeardox Member Posts: 37

    I just read my post

    In no way do I blame you

    I guess I was talking to Trent...


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