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Starting a fresh slate with a fresh installation of well-selected mods, BUUUUT...

kev666kev666 Member Posts: 28
Over the last week or two I've learned so frikkin much about mods. Which ones I like, which ones I love, how not to install them.

I had no interest in abandoning my current playthrough but I was putting myself in a precarious position with the haywire mod installation/uninstallation, and decided on a fresh start with a fresh reinstallation of BG2EE. This time I'll install my mods once and stick with 'em. After hours of research and hours of installation (looking at you SCS), I'm using a new game and the console to jump around from area to area just checking on modded areas and characters and making sure they work properly, before I start a proper new game.

I wanted to check out the Illithid's sewer hideout because I have Varshoon waiting for me to collect him, but I can't even enter the area! !

Two mods affect AR0711, some "Freedom's Reign" mini mod idgaf about, and the aforementioned Illithid NPC, about which I do care very much. Removal/and reinstallation, or straight removal altogether of these mods does nothing to change the situation. I can't access AR0711.

I can console in Varshoon just fine and he has all the proper dialogue out the gate, but I was lookin forward to low-level attempting to wreck some SCS/Insane mind flayers down in the dark grimy sewers of Athkatla.

If I can never access this area in exchange for what might be my perfectly modded BG2, I'm ok with that. But what are the chances there are some (or many) other areas I won't be able to access?

Attached - WeiDU.log


  • kev666kev666 Member Posts: 28
    edited March 2019
    JFC I talk a lot. tl;dr,

    I can't access AR0711 and have two mods installed that I know for a fact affect this area. Even with starting a new game with those mods uninstalled, it does nothing to change the fact that I cannot enter AR0711 without the game crashing -- the Athkatlan sewer Mind Flayer lair

    Thank you

    (edited for clarification)

  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,091
    By 'can't access' do you mean you can't open the secret door that leads to the area or the prompt to transition to the area doesn't pop up?

    The door needs the Sewer Key from the Windspear Hills to open. If it's the latter, the issue won't be in AR0711 but the area leading to it, the Temple sewers area (don't know the area code off the top of my head) so you should be checking for mods that mess with that instead.

  • kev666kev666 Member Posts: 28
    Oh goodness I wasn't clear. No, no, my game crashes when I attempt to enter AR0711.

  • UlbUlb Member Posts: 294
    kev666 wrote: »
    .. a fresh installation of well-selected mods..
    kev666 wrote: »
    .. some "Freedom's Reign" mini mod idgaf about..


    If you properly uninstalled those two mods and started a new game, I can't see how these mods could be the culprit.
    What exactly did you do the change-log on? Only those two mods might affect the actual area but other mods might affect the script or (more likely) it might be a creature in the area with a faulty animation or equipment..

  • kev666kev666 Member Posts: 28
    Ahhh, I'm not even going to try to defend the corner you just put me in with those quotes :D

    What exactly did you do the change-log on?
    I'm not sure I understand the question. Holler back when you get a chance as I'd love to figure this out before investing into this new game, into this collection of well-selected mods ;)

  • UlbUlb Member Posts: 294
    You said two mods affected the area in question which kind of sounds as if you ran a change-log on the area file to see which mods actually affected it?
    I was merely pointing out that the source of the crashes might not be related to the area file itself but might either come from the area script (AR0711.bcs instead of .are) or any matter of creature in the area (either the creature animation or an item in the creature's inventory or something else..) which of course means that the number of potentionally responsible mods might be quite a bit higher.

    Now, I think there is somekind of debugging tool which provides more elaborate logs of bg crashes and might be of help here but you'll have to look into that yourself if you're interested in doing that..

  • kev666kev666 Member Posts: 28
    I am all very new to this and sort of self teaching. The only thing I could think to do was determine the AR code of the area that was causing problems and then search my root folder for anything related to that.

    Your idea that it might be a scripting or animation or item causing the error sounds very reasonable considering how many tweaks-style mods I'm running alongside SCS et. al.

    I'll look into this debugging tool and get back to you. Thanks for the direction, honestly anything helps rn.

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