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Android "Use macros for dialog options"

I use a s5 galaxy and even with ui scale to 1.9 I can easily hit the wrong dialog option. I end up using my on board keyboard for the options.

But I had an idea of using a macro on the quick slot to press 1, 2, or 3. Sadly it only goes to shout and talk. If possible could we have extra macro commands to add keyboard press to it? That way we can use a whole bar for 12 different dialog options.



  • OrganickatOrganickat Member Posts: 5
    Not a perfect fix and have to agree, buttons would be easier as an option.
    In the meantime : edit nwn.ini file and change the UseLargeFont variable from 1 to 0. Makes a big difference on a 6" screen.
    Also if you hold your finger down in the dialog window you can slide up and down the options. Works well when the font size is changed.

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