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The Shadows Encroach (PRC 3.7 with Shadowcasting!)

PRC 3.7.0 is here! This time around, we're releasing Shadowcasting, from the Tome of Magic! 1 brand new magic system, complete with 1 base class, 5 prestige classes, 60 mysteries, 130 feats, 1 template, 5 monsters, and a few other bits and pieces. Enjoy!

For those who don't know Shadowcasting, it's an alternate form of arcane(ish) magic that pulls from the Plane of Shadow, relying heavily on enchantment, duplication, and illusion effects. Or if you're feeling very aggrieved, kill someone, turn them into a creature of shadow, use them as a pet for a bit, then kill them again (Yup, there's a mystery that does this)!

Shadowcaster - The base class, and the best place to start. Lots of mystery options, and bonus feats for picking the right ones.
Child of Night - A stealth focused prestige class that utilizes a lot of concealment and advances shadowcasting
Master of Shadow - The minion prestige class, this one has a pet shadow elemental and advances shadowcasting
Noctumancer - Who doesn't love to dispel magic? This dual-class arcane/mystery combo gets bonus mysteries back for dispelling spells, and can ruin everyone else's caster level.
Shadowblade - For when you want to stab someone in the back from the shadows. Preferably without them being ever able to defend.
Shadowsmith - Need an item? Make it out of shadow and give it an enhancement bonus, all while being very good in melee and stealthy to boot.



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