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After the player has cleared the boss in a certain area, I want them to enter a cleared version of that area after that. It is essentially the same area minus the encounters. Since multiple players at various stages of the quest progression could enter this area at the same time I need different instances of it.

I think CopyArea() accomplishes this, but I'm not sure how/when to use it in this process. And, how do I send them to the copy-area?

My first attempt was to check whether the PC has cleared the area OnEnter, if they have, then copy the area, cycle thru its encounters and deactivate them, then transport them there. If that's the right approach, then maybe I just need to know how to get them into the newly copied area.


  • birdman076birdman076 Member Posts: 27
    Why not just do it on the transition into the area (door, trigger, etc). Check a campaign variable set on them or a database item and if its true then send them to the "clean" area instead. It could be setup as a multi-purpose OnEnter script that checks for a variable on the object or area to make certain things happen like show map, teleport elsewhere, same area different encounters, etc.

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