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Another question. Timed quests?

Hi again, guys.

I was wondering if there is a list of timed quests? I know a few quests are timed like companion quests, but wondering which / what non-companion quests are timed, if any?

Trying to make sure I don't time out on non-companion quests while juggling companion quests.


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,026
    Some companion quests are timed. They are usually not a big deal, and the timer goes away upon starting the quest usually, rather than actually requireing you to finish it right away. As a general rule, if a party member reminds you to go do something, that's a good sign to go do it.

  • joluvjoluv Member Posts: 2,099
    There are a lot of timers associated with stronghold quests and quests in Ust Natha, too.

  • VeristekVeristek Member Posts: 114
    What about quests in Umar Hills, Windspear Hills, Athklata, etc. that don't involve companion quests or strongholds? Will I get warnings or alerts for non-companion and non-stronghold timed quests?

  • ANOFANOF Member Posts: 63
    Veristek wrote: »
    What about quests in Umar Hills, Windspear Hills, Athklata, etc. that don't involve companion quests or strongholds? Will I get warnings or alerts for non-companion and non-stronghold timed quests?

    For the first Umar Hills quest, if you speak to Delon to find out about it, you can go there at any time. If you're a Ranger and get the cabin as a result of completing the quest, you'll get a series of requests for help with various things. Those you have to respond to within a certain timeframe, otherwise you lose the cabin. You may face other penalties as well, but I'm not sure about that.

    Once the Windspear Hills open up, you can go there at any time to get that quest going.

    As a general rule, if you get alerts or warnings, either from an NPC or anyone else, it's a good idea to deal with it right away.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,026
    Basically, only companion and stronghold quests have timers. And the game will warn you about them. THere aren't any "Surprise! This quest was timed all along!" moments.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,596
    in the original game, and i assume also in ee, to trigger the unseeing eye quest, witnessing the dialogue between the beholder follower and the priest but delaying to go to the helm temple as is requested to you for a long time to get the quest can kill the quest. when you finally go to the temple to get the quest the priest does not give it to you any more.
    i don't know if getting the quest and delaying to solve it also break it.

  • VeristekVeristek Member Posts: 114
    I witnessed the Unseeing Eye preacher outside the temples, but haven't gone inside the temple yet to start that quest. From what I've read, that quest leads to Keldorn. I'm not ready to recruit him yet because I'm in the process of recruiting and doing Evil companion quests first (Dorn, Korgan, Edwin, and Hexxat) which Keldorn would probably walk out on or attack me over.

    So I'd like to know about that quest. Can I talk to the temple priest, then hold off on the quest for 3 - 4 game weeks until I finish Evil companion questlines, then go back and do the quest and grab Keldorn?

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,596
    keldorn has a personal quest, but is not related to the unseeing eye one, even if you find him during the unseeing eye quest. you can with no problem, when you meet him, tell him that you will deal with the eye alone, and go to take him in the radiant hearth headquarters when you are done with the evil toons.
    by the way his quest is nothing special if not for rp reasons, no battles, no loot, only an interesting choice to do
    that will determine if he will continue with you or leave the party forever

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